The Definitive Kettle Buying Guide

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A kettle is just a kettle, right? It’s just another basic kitchen appliance you use to make your morning brew, right? Wrong! 

These days, there’s far more to kettles than basic functionality—especially when you buy a Morphy Richards kettle. 

Here, we present our definitive kettle buying guide designed to help you find the perfect kettle for you, from style to function and everything in between.

Whether it’s at home, in an office, in a hotel room, or somewhere else entirely, getting the right kind of kettle for your needs is important so sit back, relax, and rest assured we’ve got you covered. 

But first, let’s explore how the humble kettle (sometimes also known as a tea kettle) is such a modern-day, multi-functional must-have…

Modern uses of kettles

If you think about it, kettles play a pretty big role in our daily lives.

It’s that inviting cup of tea that pulls us out of our warm beds in the morning. It’s the fast-track way to boil a pan of water for the pasta you can’t wait to eat for dinner. It’s the cosy cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows before bed. 

In fact, kettles aren’t just used for making things like coffee and porridge, they also have a few other nifty uses around the home too.

For example, using boiling water from the kettle to clean is far more efficient and effective than sloshing hot water from the tap into a bucket. 

The History of the Kettle

The water from a kettle is boiling, which makes it better at killing germs and the spout gives you more precision and control than any other kind of vessel that isn’t specifically designed for pouring.

Just be very careful not to scald yourself in the process! 

Boiling water from the kettle mixed with some bicarbonate of soda is also a great way to give your mugs a good deep clean and get rid of stubborn tea and coffee stains.

Whilst the kettle of today is a handy (and some would say essential) home appliance, it’s also played a starring role throughout history. Below, you’ll find a short ‘potted history’ of the kettle…

A history of kettles

These days you can get all kinds of kettles - electric kettles, retro stove top kettles, tea kettles, filter kettles, portable kettles, all-singing-all-dancing kettles - but how did we get here? Where did the story begin for the kettles we know and love today?

Ancient times

The answer to that question: thousands and thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome.

This was when the first iteration of the kettle was thought to have been developed, likely made from metal or clay and heated over open fires to heat and sanitise water for cooking and drinking.

The Middle Ages

During the Mediaeval period, kettles evolved into more purpose-built pots made from iron, copper, or bronze. However, they were still a long way from the kettles and stovetop kettles we know today.

Some had lids and some didn’t, but all were heated over an open fireplace or on a hearth. 

The Industrial Revolution

In the 18th and 19th centuries, cast iron kettles increased in popularity and this was the first time they began to be mass-produced and made accessible for more households.

As this was an era of revolutionising manufacturing processes, kettle designs began to include more safety features, more capacity, better functionality, and advancements toward new heating methods. 

The very first electric kettles

Enter: the electric kettle. 

In 1891, the very first electric kettle was introduced by Carpenter Electric Company in Chicago. It was the very first time a kettle featured a heating element that was a separate part of the appliance.

It’s thought that the very first electric kettle took around 12 minutes to boil, unlike today’s versions which only take a few minutes to bubble up.  

As electricity became more readily available in the mid-20th century, electric kettles started to become more and more commonplace in homes and offices.

In 1922, the Swan company created what was effectively the first commercially-viable electric kettle suitable for mass production. How? By creating the first heating element that could be safely submerged in water. This allowed the water in the kettle to be boiled quickly and consistently.


Today, you can purchase kettles of all shapes, sizes, and prices, which is why the electric kettle is now such a universal household item. In fact, now, it’s unusual to find any kind of kitchen anywhere without a kettle plugged in at the wall.

Some people do still like to use traditional stove top kettles, but this tends to be more of a retro fashion statement.

So, that brings us to the end of our whistle-stop history lesson. Need a quick break? Feel free to go and put the kettle on and make yourself a hot drink before we continue…

Ready? Okay, let’s continue with the complete Morphy Richards kettle buying guide.

The complete Morphy Richards guide to buying a kettle

So, you’re in the market for a brand-new kettle, but you’re not sure where to start. With so many choices on the market, we don’t blame you if you’re feeling a bit bamboozled by them all. But don’t worry, we’re here to steer you in the right direction. 

Things to consider when buying a new kettle


There are a whole array of brands and manufacturers to consider, but it’s always good to invest in the best in the business. That way, you will have peace of mind not only in the quality of the product but also in the customer experience and aftercare.

It’s pretty obvious which brand of kettle we would recommend you buy but hey, the choice is totally yours. Just make sure you choose a brand you can rely on that has been in the industry for many years and still collecting thousands of glowing reviews today. 


Kettles can range from basic to state-of-the-art - all of them do the same job of bringing water to boil but some offer features that make this process quicker, easier, more efficient, etc. 

Research the features of the kettles you like the look of to see what’s on offer and what you think you could benefit from.


If you live in a small flat or house, or there aren’t many people using the kettle, you might want something smaller, which will take up less space in your kitchen and probably be a bit cheaper. 

However, if you have a large family, are planning to put the kettle in a busy office, or just really enjoy hot drinks, you’ll want to look for a kettle that offers a larger capacity. 

Here at Morphy Richards our kettle range includes our Signature kettles which have a capacity of 1.5-litres (that’s about six cups of tea!), through to our larger Jug kettles which have a larger 1.7-litre capacity (which is about 7-8 cups of tea/coffee).

The iconic Morphy Richards Pyramid Kettle is surprisingly capacious, with a capacity of 1.5-litres. 

Rapid boil

Nobody wants to stand around forever waiting for their kettle to boil, which is why it can be handy to look for features that’ll ensure you can make your cup of tea or coffee quicker. 

A great example of this is Morphy Richards’ Rapid Boil feature. Our kettles with Rapid Boil technology utilise a powerful (yet energy efficient) 3kW element to boil water much quicker than other kettles.

Ergonomics and safety

Boiling water is pretty dangerous stuff if you aren’t careful. That’s why it’s important to look out for a kettle that makes using it as easy and as comfortable as possible.

Ergonomic features we include across our collection to make using your Morphy Richards kettle an enjoyable experience include: 

  • 360-degree base for multi-directional docking.
  • Heat-resistant handles.
  • Built-in cable tidy.
  • Easy-view water window.
  • Enhanced spout and easy-fill design.
Energy efficiency

If energy efficiency is a priority for you, look out for kettles that offer features to support this. 

Features we include across our kettle collection to help minimise energy consumption include:

  • Rapid Boil (with a 3kW element).
  • Visible water level windows so you aren’t wasting water or overusing the kettle. 
  • Auto switch-off feature which turns the appliance once the water has boiled.
  • One-cup minimum level indicator. 

Tip - if you’re particularly concerned about your energy bills, why not explore all of Morphy Richards’ energy-efficient kitchen appliances

Limescale filter

An often overlooked - but incredibly valuable - feature is a limescale filter. If you live in a part of the UK that has hard water, then you’ll probably already be aware of the inconveniences hard water can cause. 

Removable Limescale Filter

Being rich in magnesium and calcium, hard water can leave behind chalky, hard deposits known as limescale. Over a period of time, limescale can develop within kettles (usually at the base around the heating element). If you don’t remove this limescale, then you can end up with an unexpected surprise in your cups of tea and coffee! This typically takes the form of ‘scum’ that floats on the top of the tea.

If you want to prevent this, then it’s a great idea to look for a kettle that includes a built-in limescale filter. Here at Morphy Richards, many of our kettles - especially the iconic Pyramid Kettle - come with a removable limescale filter.

Guide - for more information about limescale (and how to prevent it), read Morphy Richards’ limescale guide now.

Automatic switch off

This is an essential safety feature to look for in a kettle. What it does is fairly self-explanatory. Once your kettle has reached boiling point, a switch automatically turns the kettle off, preventing the kettle from boiling itself dry. 

At Morphy Richards all our kettles have an automatic switch off feature, providing you with both convenience and peace of mind!


A kettle is something that sits on your kitchen countertop more or less permanently, which means it needs to look nice and complement your interior design aesthetic too

When it comes to kettle design, you have a constellation of options to choose from. For example, here at Morphy Richards we have kettles in a variety of silhouettes. Our Jug kettles are - you guessed it - redolent of a jug, including a large side-mounted handle and elegant pouring spout.

On the other hand, we have the iconic Morphy Richards Pyramid kettle which has a distinct Mid-Century Modern silhouette. If you’re looking for the most stylish kettle, you’ll not find anything better. 


The next important thing to consider is colour. Do you want something subtle that will blend into the background or do you want a hue that is more bold to stand out on your worktops?

Morphy Richards Metallic Red

We might be biassed, but our favourite shade is the iconic Morphy Richards metallic red! It became truly well known in the 1980s and 1990s, but it remains a firm favourite amongst style-conscious consumers today. 


If you want something with visual appeal, but you don’t necessarily want to go bold with the colour, you could consider choosing a kettle with a 3D pattern texture.

A textured finish can enhance the overall design with additional detailing.

Take for example, our range of ‘vector’ kettles, which feature a raised pattern that adds a further sense of depth and dynamism to the kettle.

Tip: consider treating yourself to a matching kettle and toaster set to give your interior design that polished, professional, Instagram-perfect finish. 


Another design-related feature to think about when buying a kettle are the materials used in its fabrication. 

Look for well-finished metals and/or robust polypropylene plastics on kettles. The use of such materials will mean the kettles will be durable and long-lasting, as well as easy to clean and maintain. 


Water can be heavy. Add that to the existing weight of a kettle, and it can make pouring a kettle a fairly demanding physical task for some people. 

If you think weight may be an issue, consider choosing a kettle that has a lightweight design. 

As a reviewer at Tom’s Guide remarked about the Morphy Richards Hive Kettle, it's “the lightest kettle we’ve ever seen”, weighing in at a measly 699 grams (when empty) and 2,180 grams when full.

Cordless design

When you’re pouring out boiling water, you don’t want a power cord restricting your movement or getting snagged on things.

That’s why modern kettles increasingly have a ‘cordless design’. They feature a base which is connected to the power socket, and the separate kettle body which easily separates from - and docks with - the base as and when needed. This means you can pour out your kettle without the hassle of a cord. 

Morphy Richards Kettle Base

Here at Morphy Richards, all our kettles feature a cordless design with a 360-degree base. This means it’s super easy to dock your kettle with the base. Also, the majority of our kettle bases feature a cable tidy, allowing you to store excess cabling within the base. How convenient!

Ease of cleaning

Ideally, you should be cleaning your kettle on a regular basis - especially if you live in an area with hard water. 

With that mind, when choosing a kettle, think about how easy it will be to clean. Different factors will influence this. These include: 

  • Materials - materials such as brushed or polished metals and hard plastics like polypropylene are easy to clean and can be made spotless with a damp cloth.

  • Removable filters - if your kettle features a limescale filter, it’ll be easier to clean if that filter is removable.

  • Separate base - you never want the electrical part of your kettle (e.g. the base and power cable) to come into contact with water. So, the easiest kettles to clean are those that feature a cordless design with a separate base. 

Luckily, all of Morphy Richards’ kettles meet those ‘ease of cleaning’ criteria above!


The price of a kettle varies widely depending on a whole host of things like the brand you’re buying, the features, the design, and whether it’s a new or repurposed appliance. 

To give you a rough idea, the cost of a new Morphy Richards electric kettle ranges from around £29.99 to about £89.99 (correct at the time of writing, April 2024, and subject to change), depending on the style and features.

Prioritise the list of what you want out of your new kettle and set yourself a budget. That way, it will be easier to compromise if you need to keep costs down. 


Another ‘must have’ feature to look for when buying a kettle is a warranty. After all, if you’re investing your hard-earned money into a kettle, you want some recourse in case anything goes wrong. 

If you buy from a trusted, reputable brand (like Morphy Richards! 👋) then your kettle will automatically come with an excellent warranty. Here at Morphy Richards, we offer a two-year warranty on all our kettles. 

Tip - if you’d like an extra year of warranty on your Morphy Richards kettle for free, all you need to do is register it with us. Registration is quick and easy, so what are you waiting for?!


It’s all very well us providing you with some hints and tips on buying a kettle, but what do other people think?

Believe it or not, there are scores of journalists out there whose job is to review everyday household appliances - like kettles!

So, if you want a third-party opinion on a kettle, check out the various magazines and websites that are available on the web.

Start Googling, and you’ll soon find that Morphy Richards kettles are regularly ranked amongst the best in the UK. Amongst the outlets to heap praise upon Morphy Richards kettles are BBC Good Food, Tom’s Guide, and The Independent and many others. 

How long should a kettle last?

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because how long a kettle lasts depends on a whole host of different factors including:

  • Manufacturer or brand.
  • Quality of the product. 
  • How old the appliance is.
  • How often it is used.
  • How well it is maintained.

However, you should be able to rely on your kettle to last for around 5-10 years if you invest in a good quality appliance and look after it well. If you really give your kettle the TLC it deserves, it could last even longer than that.

Regular descaling, cleaning, and avoiding overheating can help extend the lifespan of your kettle.

However, if your current kettle really is on its last legs, then have we got some options for you…

Different types of Morphy Richards electric kettles 

Now you know what kinds of things you should be considering when shopping around for a new kettle, allow us to introduce you to our collection of electric kettles. 

All of these kettles are available to buy directly here, and we regularly offer great deals and discounts if you sign up to our newsletter (just scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up). 

Pyramid kettles

Morphy Richards Pyramid Kettles

Shop Now

The Morphy Richards Pyramid kettle has been a popular choice for many, many years - and for good reason too. We’ve created a number of different Pyramid kettles, all of which offer the same features as our standard Venture Pyramid design:

  • The classic pyramid-shaped silhouette with vintage charm.
  • A combination of timeless style and modern technology.
  • 3kW heating element, which underpins our Rapid Boil feature. 
  • 1.5L capacity (make up to 6 drinks at once).
  • A removable limescale spout filter.
  • A comfortable, heat-resistant carry handle. 
  • Built-in cord tidy to keep your countertops clear of clutter. 
  • Easy-view water window.
  • Versatile colourways, including the signature Morphy Richards metallic red.

Venture Retro Pyramid

Morphy Richards Venture Retro Pyramid Kettle

Shop Now

This is the most popular Morphy Richard kettle ever! It offers all the same features as our other Pyramid kettles, with a smooth surface and the addition of chunky, retro metal accents.

The Venture Retro Pyramid Kettle is available in a series of timeless colours, including white, silver and black; colourways that are perfect for homes of all types of decor and design.

Accent Gold Pyramid

Morphy Richards Accents Gold Pyramid Kettle

Shop Now

If you like our standard Venture Pyramid kettle, but you’re looking for something to match gold accents in your kitchen design scheme, you’ll love our Accent Gold Pyramid kettle. This version adds a touch of luxury to the look and feel of your space and features a luxurious matt finish along with brightly chromed metal parts.

Vector Pyramid

Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle

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Our Vector Pyramid kettle offers all the same features as its Pyramid collection counterparts but with a 3D pattern textured finish. This adds visual appeal and an additional layer of depth and character.

Jug kettles

Morphy Richards Signature Matt Kettles

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We have a number of different versions of Jug kettles in the collection, all of which feature:

  • An enhanced spout designed for precision and no spills or splashes.
  • 3kW element, Rapid Boil feature. 
  • Easy fill system.
  • Easy-view water window.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of Morphy Richards Jug kettle in more detail so you can find the perfect one for you.

Signature Jug

Morphy Richards Signature Jug Kettle

Shop Now

Our collection of electric kettles features our Signature range, which we confidently dub ‘the ultimate kitchen centrepiece’ for its sleek, traditional silhouette. All the Signature Morphy Richards kettles have a generous 1.5L capacity and 3kW element for rapid boiling. 

The easy-view water window and one-cup minimum level indicator mean you’ll never overfill or underfill your kettle, which optimises your time as well as the efficiency of the appliance itself. 

The built-in cord tidy keeps cables under control, while a no-splash spout prevents spillages, and a 360-degree base means you can dock your kettle from any direction.

Our Signature kettles are available in a range of classic matte colourways, including a stylish steel grey with copper accents. Calming blue lights add an extra touch of style and serenity to these kettles. 

Hive Jug

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This sleek, modern silhouette (with a 1.5L capacity) is embellished with a subtle honeycomb-style 3D texture, which makes it particularly perfect for creating that farmhouse chic, cottage-core aesthetic. 

Tip - the Hive Jug Kettle is part of a wider Hive Range so you can easily buy a set of appliances that are perfectly matched.

Equip Jug

Morphy Richards Equip Jug Kettle

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Our Equip Jug kettle is the tallest in the collection and provides a super generous 1.7L capacity, which means you can make even bigger brew rounds without having to boil the kettle so many times.

Kettles with larger water capacities are also useful when you need bigger volumes of boiling water—cleaning or filling large cooking pans, for example.

It also features a 360-degree base for multi-direction docking, a built-in cord tidy, and a removable limescale spout filter.

To top it all off, the Equip Jug Kettle features a 1950s/60s futurist style design. Sleek and minimalist, but with characterful curves. 

Tip - this kettle is part of the Equip range which also includes matching toasters, coffee machines and kettle and toaster sets.

Motive Jug

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Our Motive Jug kettle features the same stainless steel body as the other designs in the range but with the addition of cool chrome detailing.

It also features a contemporary transparent on/off switch and a Strix safety feature designed to automatically switch the appliance off after boiling. The auto switch-off also helps make the kettle (and the boiling process) more energy efficient.

Illumination Jug

Morphy Richards Illumination Jug Kettle

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Want to add a bit of additional warmth to your kitchen? Then you’ll love our range of Illumination Jug Kettles. Designed to create an ideal focal point, the Illumination Jug provides a calming blue glow whilst the boiling program is in operation. 

Aside from that, you’ll find all the other features you’d expect on a Morphy Richards kettle, including a 3kW heating element and Rapid Boil technology, easy-view water window, 360-degree base and more.

Tip - the Illumination Jug Kettle is part of the wider Illumination range of appliances. 

Looking for the best electric kettle? You’ve just found it 

Our varied collection of electric kettles is sure to have something to tick all of your boxes, from functional features through to aesthetics, design, and kitchen decor. 

Whether you’ve got your eye on one of our popular Pyramid kettles or you quite like the look of something else, now’s the time for the exciting bit - shopping! 

We offer free delivery on any order over £60 and multiple shipping options for you to choose from. If you want to spread the cost of your new kettle, then we offer Klarna which allows you to spread payment across three, interest-free instalments.

Shop kettles at Morphy Richards now

For more home appliance buying guides, inspiration and recipes, explore the Morphy Richards blog

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