Tacos In Your Toaster!?

We're always looking for foodie hacks to test and share with our community, and what better than one you can do in your Morphy Richards toaster! Read on to find out how you can turn your tortilla wraps into perfect taco shells.

1. Simply fold your tortilla wrap and place it in your toaster. We recommend our Signature 4 Slice Toaster for this.

2. Set the browning level to a low setting (around 2).

3. When it pops out you've got the perfect shell for your favourite fillings. Check out our delectable pulled pork taco recipe made in your slow cooker here.

Check out the video showing this taco hack in action:


@morphyrichardsuk It’s Taco Tuesday 🌮 and this toaster hack is here to save the day! #loveyourmorphy #hacks #foodhacks #toastertaco #toasterhacks #fyp ♬ original sound - morphyrichardsuk

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