Saute & Soup Maker

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Saute & Soup Maker

SKU: 501014
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This top-of-the-line device features multiple programmes to suit your taste; choose between chunky or smooth texture, and use the comprehensive 1.6L jug to feed up to 4 from a single soup!

With our Saute & Soup Maker, you get maximum utility with minimal effort. It only takes as little as 25 minutes to prepare a meal of 4 servings, so you can free up more time for your loved ones while still making delicious meals. And with the easy-to-use Blend button, you'll be able to get the perfect consistency that you desire without any hassle. 

Key Features:

  • Effortless Cleaning: Nobody enjoys the aftermath of cooking - the cleaning. That's why our Saute & Soup Maker features an easy-to-clean, non-stick coating. Spend less time on washing up and more on savouring your delicious creations.
  • Generous Capacity for the Whole Family: Gone are the days of cooking in batches! With a large 1.6L capacity, this soup maker comfortably serves up to four people. It's perfect for preparing a meal for the entire family or meal prep for the week ahead.
  • Easy-to-Use LED Timer: Gone are the days of guesswork in the kitchen. The Compact Soup Maker offers an intuitive LED countdown display that ensures you're informed every second of the way. Watch as it counts down to the moment you can enjoy your freshly made, piping hot soup.
  • Tailored Textures with 4 Simple Settings: Soup the way you like it at the push of a button. Choose from chunky or silky-smooth textures, or if you're in the mood for something different, use the juice or blend functions to create other nutritious concoctions.
  • Flavourful Foundations with the Saute Feature: Unlock the depths of flavour by sauteing ingredients like onions, bacon, garlic, ginger, or spices right in the jug. The Saute & Soup Maker’s unique feature extracts the aromas and tastes to give your soups an unrivalled flavour profile before you even add the rest of your vegetables and stock.

Product Dimensions: 1.6L x 0.22W x 0.36H cm

Weight: 2.17kg

Materials: Polypropylene (BPA Free) & Stainless Steel SU3304 

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Functional and Practical

Simple Controls

Easy To Clean

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