Rose Gold Sear & Stew Slow Cooker 6.5L

SKU: 461016

Rose Gold Sear & Stew Slow Cooker 6.5L

SKU: 461016
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The Morphy Richards Sear & Stew Oval 6.5L Slow Cooker (also known as a crockpot) is designed so that you can sear and stew in the same pan, making for less washing up and increased flavour.

With a hob-proof cooking pot, three heat settings, and a 6.5L capacity, this appliance allows you to cook food just the way you like it. Your food is kept nice and snug in the slow cooker thanks to its shatterproof cooking pot with accompanying glass lid – allowing you to check progress without letting out any of that flavourful steam. Not to mention, the stylish rose gold accents boast impeccable contouring that you are sure to love!  

Key Features:

  • Massive 6.5L Capacity: Feeding a crowd or prepping for the week ahead? With an impressive 6.5L capacity, this slow cooker accommodates upwards of 10 starters or 8 main dishes, ensuring that every family gathering or meal prep session is covered with ease.
  • Hob-to-Slow Cooker Innovation: Begin your culinary escapades by searing succulent meats and aromatic vegetables in the cooker's robust hob-proof pot. Crafted for the chef who appreciates efficiency, this one-pot cooking marvel is not tied down to the kitchen. Please note, it is not suitable for Inductions hobs. 
  • A Window to Your Culinary World: Bid farewell to the temptation of lid-lifting with the cooker's elegant glass lid. Keep your precious heat locked in while indulging in the visual delight of your meal's progress—no flavour or temperature is lost to impatience.
  • Effortlessly Stylish Oval Shape: Beauty meets utility in the unique oval silhouette of this slow cooker. Not only does it fit snugly against your countertop, saving precious space, but it also caters perfectly to whole joint meats, allowing an even, tender braise that will melt in your mouth.

Product Dimensions: 32.7D x 37.3W x 24.8H cm
Product Wattage: 240W

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Sear and Stew

Stylish and Efficient

Versatile Cooking: 

When Morphy met Richards

In 1936 Donal Morphy met Charles Richards. Engineer met salesman. Technology met human. Function met form. And with that, they set out to make our lives easier and our homes happier.