Illumination Jug Kettle Black

SKU: 108020

Illumination Jug Kettle Black

SKU: 108020
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Make your kitchen centrepiece the Illumination Jug Kettle! This stylish, sophisticated kettle comes with a stunning blue illumination that is guaranteed to bring a touch of brightness and cheer to your kitchen.

It offers an impressive 1.7L capacity, easily allowing you and all your friends and family to get their caffeine fix without having to refill it again and again. With its 3kW element and rapid boil feature, you can have boiling hot water ready in no time at all - great for busy mornings or when you crave something warm in the evening! And thanks to the easy-view water window you can make sure you’re not using up more energy than necessary. With a unique 360-degree base design you can dock the kettle from any direction - making it easy for everyone to use! Get your Illumination Jug Kettle now and relish in a comforting cup of tea every day.

  • Calming blue illumination during boil
  • 3kW element and rapid boil feature for faster brews
  • 1.7L Capacity makes up to 6 drinks per boil
  • Easy-view water window to help save energy
  • 360-degree base for easy docking from any direction

*Please note that due to our paint processes, there may be a slight colour variation in our matching products. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a 100% colour match.

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