Compact Soup Maker

SKU: 501021

Compact Soup Maker

SKU: 501021
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This hand-held piece of equipment gives you the satisfaction and convenience of creating delicious bowls of soup with ease. The simple one-touch functions make it easy to use, while its 1L capacity allows you to prepare up to four starters or two large portions.

With a dual programme giving you the option between chunky or smooth soups, our Compact Soup Maker opens up a world of culinary possibilities. Furthermore, thanks to its non-stick coating, cleaning it is super easy in between uses. 

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-Use LED Timer: Gone are the days of guesswork in the kitchen. The Compact Soup Maker offers an intuitive LED countdown display that ensures you're informed every second of the way. Watch as it counts down to the moment you can enjoy your freshly made, piping hot soup.
  • Functional and Practical Design: Don't be fooled by its small footprint - the top-down design of this Compact Soup Maker packs a punch with a 1-litre capacity jug. It's the perfect size for small households or individuals, making up to three servings of delicious soup in one go. Plus, its sleek form factor means it fits seamlessly into any kitchen space without taking over your countertop.
  • Simple Controls for Your Culinary Adventures: Whether you're craving a rustic, chunky vegetable soup or a silky smooth cream of mushroom, our soup maker has got you covered with its dual programme settings. Just chop your ingredients, select your preferred programme, and the soup maker does the rest. Customise your creation to match your taste buds, and watch as your fresh ingredients become a gourmet experience at the touch of a button.
  • Effortless Cleaning Process: We believe that cooking should be a joy, not a chore. That's why our Compact Soup Maker is designed with an easy-to-clean feature in mind. Once you've savoured your sumptuous soup, simply give the jug and blade a rinse and a light scrub. It's as easy to clean as it is to use, ensuring that it's always ready for your next soup-making session.

Product Dimensions: 5.8D x 8.7W x 8.7H cm

Product Weight: 1.7kg

Materials: Polypropylene (BPA Free) & Stainless Steel SU3304 

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Functional and Practical

Simple Controls

Easy To Clean

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