Morphy Richards Mailing Bags

We Use d2w Technology

At Morphy Richards, we are committed to sustainability, which is why we use d2w masterbatch technology for our mailing bags. This innovative technology transforms ordinary plastic at the end of its useful life, in the presence of oxygen, into a material with a different molecular structure.

By the end of this process, our mailing bags are no longer plastic. They change into a material that is biodegradable by bacteria and fungi in the open environment.

With over two decades of scientific research supporting it, d2w technology is ideal for single-use plastics like our mailing bags, ensuring they are eco-friendly and sustainable. Experience the difference with Morphy Richards' commitment to a greener future.

    Stages of biodegradation with d2w technology:

    1. d2w® masterbatch is added at the manufacturing stage.
    2. Film containing d2w® is extruded and then converted into bags or packaging.
    3. The product behaves like conventional plastic during its intended service life.
    4.  After its service life, the bag or packaging may end up in the open environment.
    5. The d2w® then takes effect and the product begins to degrade in the presence of oxygen.
    6. The product will degrade and biodegrade in a continuous, and irreversible process, leaving nothing but carbon dioxide, water and humus.

    Additional Value With d2w:

    • Added Value with d2w.
    • Only 1% inclusion rate.
    • Works with virgin and recycled plastic.
    • Works with PE & PP.
    • No change to the manufacturing process.
    • Product does not lose any of its original properties
    • during its useful life.
    • Our customers receive full support from Symphony’s
    • Technical and Marketing teams.

    See It In Action:

    Tested to the following international standard:

    ASTM D6954

    Complies with:

    • British Standard: BS 8472
    • French Accord: T51-808
    • Saudi Standard: SASO 2879
    • UAE Standard: 5009:2009
    • Mexican Standard: NMXE-E-288-NYCE


    Disclaimer: The information provided is general information. For specific applications, please consult our Technical Department. The buyer is responsible for advertising and labelling of products made with d2w, and for compliance with all applicable laws and codes of practice in the place where such products are to be supplied, advertised, or used.

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