Clarity Soup Maker

SKU: 501050

Clarity Soup Maker

SKU: 501050
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This exceptional soup maker features a unique crystal-clear Tritan plastic body that allows you to see exactly what’s going on so you can adjust the consistency accordingly. It also comes with an automatic safety cut-off feature that prevents overfilling, as well as multiple blending programmes for those more complex soups. A generous 1.6L capacity, this multi-functional soup maker has plenty of room to handle your appetites without causing too much stress in the kitchen. With its clean and clear design and versatile features, the Clarity Soup Maker is perfect for busy households who value convenience and time saving!

Key Features:

  • Generous Capacity: With a spacious 1.6-litre jug, the Clarity Soup Maker caters to families and gatherings effortlessly. Prepare up to four servings of nourishing soup without the need for multiple batches – perfect for busy households or when entertaining guests.
  • User-Friendly Display: Say goodbye to guesswork! Our soup maker features an intuitive control panel with an LED countdown display, ensuring you know precisely how long until your soup is ready to serve. From chunky winter warmers to smooth summer blends, your soup will be cooked to perfection every time.
  • Premium Material for Durability and Safety: Crafted from Tritan Plastic, our jug is not only light, strong, and safe being BPA-free, but also brilliantly transparent, allowing you to watch the transformation from fresh ingredients to velvety soup. Plus, it’s highly resistant to marks and staining, meaning your Clarity Soup Maker will look impeccable meal after meal.
  • Simplistic Cleaning: We understand that cleaning up is the least enjoyable part of cooking. That’s why the Clarity Soup Maker is equipped with an easy-to-clean, non-stick coating and includes an automatic ‘Clean’ program. Spend less time scrubbing and more time enjoying your culinary creations.
  • Keep Warm Functionality: Your delicious soup stays warm and ready for seconds—or latecomers—with the 30-minute Keep Warm feature.

Product Dimensions: 6.6D x 9.2W x 10.7H cm

Weight: 2.15kg

Materials: Polypropylene (BPA Free) & Stainless Steel SU3304 

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Functional and Practical

Simple Controls

Easy To Clean

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