How To Make Gluten Free Bread

For those following a gluten free diet, it’s no secret that a decent loaf of bread can be hard to find. With this in mind, have you ever thought of making your own gluten free bread? Now, we know that bread can be a difficult recipe to master so to make things easier, we have put together a reliable gluten free bread recipe taken from the Morphy Richards breadmaker instruction manual and can be baked within the Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker! So, let’s get started…

Loaf size: 1 1⁄2 lb (680g)


  • 450g Gluten Free White Bread Flour Blend
  • 7g (2 Level tsp) Gluten Free Yeast 
  • 2x Medium Eggs (beaten) 
  • 6 tbsp Sunflower Oil
  • 1 tsp White Wine Vinegar
  • 345 ml Semi skimmed Milk (between 21ºC - 28ºC)
  • ½ Level tsp Salt
  • 2 Level tdsp Caster Sugar


Step 1: Start by mixing the flour and yeast together in a bowl and set to one side. Then remove the baking pan from the breadmaker and in a large jug, beat the eggs, oil, vinegar and 325 ml of the milk and pour into the baking pan.

Step 2: Add the salt and sugar to the baking pan followed by placing the baking pan into the bread maker. 

Step 3: When applying the settings to the breadmaker select medium crust, 1½lb loaf size and basic programme 1, leave the lid up and press start.

Step 4: Next add the flour and yeast mixture a tablespoon or two at a time whilst the paddle is mixing. This should take about 1-1½ minutes. When all the flour has been added to the pan, add the remaining 20ml milk, scrape any flour from the pan sides with a silicone spatula and close the lid. The mixture will resemble a thick smooth batter.

Step 6: After baking, immediately take the loaf out of the baking pan and let it cool on a wire rack. 

And there you have it, freshly homemade gluten free bread. Shop this fantastic bread maker below. Plus, we have more gluten free recipes readily available for you within our recipe blog page! 

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