How Does A Soup Maker Work?

At Morphy Richards, we understand the importance of simplicity without compromising on taste, and our range of soup makers exemplifies this ethos. In this blog, we'll take a look into the inner workings of our soup makers, uncovering the magic behind their ability to effortlessly create delicious, homemade soups and answer the common question “how does a soup maker work?”. 

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How Does a Morphy Richards Soup Maker Work?

Our soup makers simplify the process of preparing delicious homemade soups by combining cooking and blending functions into one convenient appliance. First, ingredients and liquids are added to the soup maker's chamber. Then, the desired settings for consistency are selected using the automatic programs. The soup maker then uses the built-in heating element to heat the ingredients to a precise temperature, allowing them to cook thoroughly while preserving their nutrients and flavours…yum!

For example, the Morphy Richards Large Soup Maker showcases multiple features that you are sure to love when diving into your soup making venture.

How To Use A Morphy Richards Soup Maker

So, you’ve invested in a Morphy Richards Soup Maker and are getting ready to trail your first chosen recipe! Before you start, it is important to give your soup maker a quick clean before its first use. 

Following this, remove the soup maker lid but be careful not to touch the blending blade! Then, place all of your ingredients inside the soup maker jug and add the liquid to the maximum or minimum lines. Next, securely fasten the lid back in place and using the ‘Mode’ button, select the required programme, then press the ‘Start/Stop’ button to begin the cooking process. 

Is It Worth Buying A Soup Maker?

The short answer, yes! With our soup makers, you can effortlessly whip up delicious homemade soups, broths and even smoothies in a matter of minutes, all with the simple touch of a button. With that being said, let’s take a look at a selection of the best soup makers on the market and delve into what makes them worth buying. 

 1. Morphy Richards Large Soup Maker

One of our favorite features of the Morphy Richards Large Soup Maker is the Easy-to-Use LED Timer,  gone are the days of guesswork in the kitchen. This soup maker offers an intuitive LED countdown display that ensures you're informed every second of the way. Watch as it counts down to the moment you can enjoy your freshly made, piping hot soup!

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2. Morphy Richards Perfect Soup Maker

When it comes to seamless preparation, the Morphy Richards Perfect Soup Maker is a definite game changer! The integrated scales simplify your prep process so you can follow our tasty recipes and weigh your ingredients directly in the maker for impeccable results every time.

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3. Morphy Richards Saute & Soup Maker

Looking for a soup maker that sautes your ingredients for you? Then look no further than the Morphy Richards Saute & Soup Maker! The saute feature extracts the aromas and tastes to give your soups an unrivalled flavour profile before you even add the rest of your vegetables and stock.

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Why Does My Soup Maker Burn On The Bottom?

Top tip: if you find that your soup is catching at the bottom, check the temperature isn’t too high and simply give your soup a stir a few times during the cooking process!

How to Clean a Burnt Soup Maker

Top tip: if your soup has caught at the bottom or your soup maker, you’ll need to make sure it is cleaned properly ready for its next use. To do this, simply fill your soup maker with hot, soapy water and leave it to soak for approximately 15-20 minutes followed by cleaning it with a coarse sponge. 

Buy The Best and Buy Direct

There’s really no better soup maker than a Morphy Richards soup maker. If you’re looking to ‘make room for a Morphy’ in your home, then why not buy direct? 

Order today, and you can benefit from free delivery (on orders over £60) and flexible ways to pay (such as Klarna Pay in 3). Plus, our soup makers come with a two-year warranty (with one year extra when you register with us).  

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