Sear & Stew 6.5L Hinged Lid Slow Cooker

SKU: 461020

Sear & Stew 6.5L Hinged Lid Slow Cooker

SKU: 461020
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Our 6.5L Sear & Stew is the perfect solution for speedily whipping up a sumptuous feast. Whether it’s a big bowl of chilli for the whole family, a stew to keep you fed all week or a spicy curry for when friends come over, our 6.5L Sear & Stew is your single one-stop-pot to slow cook from start to finish.

  • Removable hinged lid makes stirring and serving easier
  • Hob proof cooking pot with cool touch handles
  • Choose from 3 easy settings - low, medium or high
  • Cooking pot is dishwasher safe and shatterproof

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