3 Places in Your Home to Clean Regularly

We know that keeping our homes clean can be an ongoing battle. From sticky prints on the door, to hours of tidying and clearing clutter - it seems like one more piece of hard work in an already hectic life! But what if we told you there were just three key touch points around your home that should be cleaned regularly – not only for sanitary reasons but also for peace of mind? So grab a cup of tea (or coffee!) and let's dive in!

3 Touch Points In Your Home To Clean Regularly

The first touch point to remember to clean in your home is door handles. It's one of those things that we hardly ever think about - until it gets grubby. With constant traffic in and out of doors, all day everyday, it's a key area for dirt, grease, and bacteria to build up. A quick wipe with a microfibre cloth and some warm, soapy water, or cleaning spray, every few days will do the trick.

Light switches are another place in your home that get touched everyday. Regularly cleaning your light switches with a disinfectant (don't spray directly onto the switch) can prevent the spread of bacteria and promote a healthier living environment. Additionally, keeping your light switches clean can also improve their longevity and prevent them from becoming damaged due to a build up of dirt and grime.

Your remote control can harbour a significant amount of germs and bacteria too. From sticky fingers pressing the buttons, to children trying to put it in their mouths, this is an item in your home not to be overlooked each week. Not only does a clean remote help to keep you and your family healthy, clean controls will work better with buttons that are smooth and don't stick. 

Check out the video showing the three touch points in your home to clean regularly: 


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