Create quick and easy snacks straight from your microwave in a fraction of the time, without compromising on taste

National Deskfast Day
National Deskfast Day
National Deskfast Day - Poached egg

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Mico cookware provides a quick and easy solution to create perfect snacks, straight from your microwave, at a snip of the time it takes to cook conventionally.

The perfect toastie 2 times faster than a sandwich press

How it Works

Crispy baked potatoes 3 times faster than oven cooking

How it Works

Perfectly poached or fried eggs 3.5 times faster than pan cooking

How it Works

How it Works
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Check out our Mico recipes below or head over to our blog for more versatile ideas


Medium browning in a 800W-900W Microwave:2 mins 30 secs + 2 mins 30 secs


  • Bread, pitta bread etc.
  • Your choice of filling


  1. Assemble your Mico Toastie (ensuring hot plates are aligned).
  2. Butter outside of bread and place on bottom plate. For best results, use bread specially made for toasting.
  3. Add ingredients onto bread (with ingredients 1cm in from the edge). Add top slice of bread with butter facing upwards.
  4. With clips on the lower assembly compress top assembly down and pull the clips upwards until they ‘lock’.
  5. Place in microwave oven on a microwavable plate. Enter correct cooking time and start.
  6. Flip your Mico Toastie midway through cooking.
  7. Remove with oven gloves. Unclip both sides and serve.


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