Steam Generator Technology in an Iron

Our speciffically designed pump delivers instant continuous steam which is then evenly distributed through 485 steam holes in the Aeroglide soleplate for an effortless glide and flawless finish.

Guaranteed Effortless Ironing


But Mighty

The Saturn Steam gives you the speed and finish of a steam generator within a compact and easy to store iron.


Busting Steam

The built-in pump produces continuous steam which is evenly distributed across the entire soleplate, making light work of your ironing pile.



Temperature is accurately regulated to ensure consistent performance, and steam levels are automatically set to suit the temperature, all easily controlled by the digital display.



To conserve the 350ml water tank this clever iron pauses the steam whilst the iron is rested on its heel.


Vertical Steaming

Continuous steam allows you to vertically steam clothes, curtains and upholstery with ease - on or off the ironing board.


The Way

The unique crease light highlights every last crease for a perfect finish, ideal for dark fabrics, pleats and pockets.


Model: 305000

Watch the Saturn Steam in Action