Supercharge Your Cleaning Routine with Supervac


Our iconic Supervac range just got even better, with brand new models designed to give you your easiest clean yet. Combining the power of a corded vacuum with the ease of a cordless model, the new collection is our most powerful ever.

Like all our Supervac cleaners, the new Supervac Deluxe 18V and 32V models offer an easy cleaning solution – they’re lightweight and easy to manoeuvre for hassle free cleaning throughout your home. Lugging a heavy vacuum up the stairs is a thing of the past with the Supervac Deluxe cleaners.


Both models are versatile and can be used in three different ways to suit wherever you’re cleaning. In upright mode, easily and quickly tackle all floor types, with different power settings available for different floor surfaces. Both models feature an easy to clean brush head, allowing you to easily get rid of tangled hair and built up dirt. The 32V model also features an innovative backsaver feature, allowing for easy cleaning underneath low-lying furniture, so no more bending down or having to rearrange your living space for a thorough clean!


The Supervac Deluxe models also allow for easy cleaning up high, with extended reach mode allowing you to tackle high up dust and dirt with ease and without overstretching. When tackling smaller spaces such as the inside of your car, simply swap to handheld mode for a quick and easy way to clean without being held back by wires or a heavy machine.

The new Supervac Deluxe 18V can run for half an hour and is available for £179.99, while the ultra-powerful 32V model has an impressive one-hour cleaning time and is available for £229.99.

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