Meet the Morphys: Mags Siddle

By Mags Siddle | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Meet the Morphys

Hi! I’m Mags, and I’m part of the Marketing team. I look after the Garment Care area for the business – and have done for almost 2 years. 

Our Intellidome steam generator and the new-look range of Comfigrip irons are my most recent launches, and I’m infinitely proud of both of them, with their iconic shapes, fabulous colours, and superb features – you just gotta take a look!

Out of work, I’m a typical busy mum, ferrying the kids back and forth, helping in homework and music practice, but when I do get time to myself – after the housework’s done – I spend it in the garden. No matter the weather there’s always something for me to do, and it’s so therapeutic.  I’m not a particularly good gardener, managing to kill off a lot off what I plant, but I have managed to grow, harvest and eat some veggies this year, so a definite improvement!

I’m also a bit of a musician, playing violin & piano and in a previous work life was part of the Company band – entertaining the troops at corporate Fun Days and Christmas parties and giving groups like ABBA and Queen a right run for their money!

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