Meet the Morphys: James Meddick

By James Meddick | 29/01/2013 | Posted in Meet the Morphys

“Hey I’m James Meddick, one the Design & Innovation Engineers. I’ve worked at Morphy Richards for nearly 4 years, predominantly in the Household Cleaning category.

The role has largely involved designing and developing one of the company’s most eagerly anticipated products of 2010 the Vorticity vacuum cleaner.

I studied my 4 year ‘Design for Industry’ degree at Northumbria University and throughout my career I have developed in-depth understanding of the traditional design process together with leading edge Industrial Design and Engineering skills.

I have a keen interest in product design and consumer electronics and find great interest keeping up-to-date with all of the latest technology and future trends. The automotive industry is a great interest of mine and I enjoy keeping up to date with new models and designs and pay great attention to automotive styling and equipment.

I’m also fascinated with films and special effects, especially digital animation and computer-generated imagery. I enjoy all sports including mountain biking, basketball and squash. I regularly attend the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

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