Five Day Meal Plan


Thinking what to make for dinner can be stressful at times, and can lead to uninspiring meals. Planning your meals for the week ahead, can give you routine and structure to your week. Also it can make the weekly food shop a little easier knowing what you'll need for the week. So, why not give our five day meal ideas a try and let us know how you get on.




A soft delicious Italian dumpling. This recipe is simple and easy to make!

Recipe - Gnocchi





Spaghetti Carbonara 

This simple and easy recipe is a favourite dish enjoyed by all the family. With only 5 ingredients you can be enjoying this in just 15 minutes.

Recipe - Spaghetti Carbonara




Roasted Chicken Tikka 

A twist on the classic roast chicken. This tikka twist is sure to be a new favourite in your household. 

Recipe - Roasted Chicken Tikka




Vegan Chilli 

Is always a popular choice when the slow cooker comes out. The beans go so soft and tender, so much better than when I cook it on the stove! I spent no more than 10 minutes preparing all the veggies, then popped it in the slow cooker.

Recipe - Vegan Chilli



Deep-Pan Pizza 

Pizza is the perfect Friday night treat. This deep-pan pizza recipe is delicious and much better than any takeaway alternative. 

Recipe - Deep-Pan Pizza


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