Chipotle Jackfruit Tacos


Chipotle Jackfruit Tacos

Servings: 4
Time: Prep, 15 Minutes.
Cooking 3-6 Hrs


  • 3 x 400g tins of jackfruit in water, drained

  • 2 tablespoons chipotle paste

  • 350g cherry tomatoes, sliced in half

  • 1 brown onions, peeled and sliced into strips

  • 2 long red chillies, sliced into long strips

  • 4 fat cloves of garlic, finely

  • 1 teaspoon soft brown sugar

  • 1 teaspoon dry oregano

  • 600ml vegetable stock

  • salt and pepper to taste

  • 8 Mini tortilla wraps


  1. Drain and rinse the jackfruit. Pull apart with 2 forks and tip into the slow cooker.

  2. Stir the tomatoes, chillies, garlic cloves, oregano and onions. Mix the tomato paste, sugar and chipotle paste together then add to the slow cooking.

  3. Pour in the vegetable stock and stir well. Cover and cook for 3 hours on high or 6 on low. Remove the lid for the last 30 minutes to allow the sauce to thicken.

  4. Prepare any accompaniments and gently toast the tortilla wraps on a dry frying (wrap in a clean tea towel to keep warm) serve your chipotle jackfruit with the wraps soft tacos and any accompaniments.

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