How To Make The Most Of Your Steam Generator


For the steam-gen converts among you who’d never dream of using an ordinary iron again, you’ll know just how much easier it is to tackle a huge pile of ironing when you’ve got the added boost of steam power. To help you love using a steam generator even more, we’ve got five top tips on using a machine such as our most powerful steam gen, the Auto-Clean Power Steam Elite, to up your ironing game to expert levels!


Tackle Multiple Layers

With 200g of pressurised steam power, the Auto-Clean Power Steam Elite can easily tackle folded fabrics and penetrate through multiple layers. Try folding up larger items such as bedsheets to cut down on the time it takes.

Use A Steam Boost

For the most difficult to iron fabrics or when you’re faced with dried in, embedded creases, you can use a steam boost, providing even more power to help soften the fabric fibres. The Auto-Clean Power Steam Elite has a steam boost offering 310g of added pressure, to give your ironing a surge of power when you need it.

Swap Simply Between Fabrics

Whether you’re tackling lighter fabrics like summer dresses or kids school uniforms, or you’re taking on tougher materials that are more difficult to iron such as denim, you can cut through creases in any garment in no time thanks to the power of steam combined with a Ceramaslide Soleplate like that on the Auto-Clean Power Steam Elite – you’ll glide through your ironing pile in no time.

Try Vertical Steaming

If you’ve ever been faced with having to get creases out of a delicate garment, you might have tried hanging it in a bathroom to help the steam do its thing. With a powerful steam generator, you can create the same effect in much less time! Simply allow the steam to pass lightly over the item of clothing in question to help the creases soften away. You can also use the steam-gen in vertical mode to clean and refresh the upholstery around your home. 

Maintain Your Machine

To keep your machine working at its best and to maintain the maximum amount of steam pressure, it’s important not to let limescale build up inside. The unique, completely automatic self-cleaning function of the Auto-Clean Power Steam Elite means you’ll never have to worry about this again and will always be able to iron like a pro every time.

Have you been converted to using a steam-generator iron? Let us know if you’ve tried the Auto-Clean Power Steam Elite on the Morphy Richards Facebook Page.

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