Guaranteed ultimate steam power with Auto-Clean Power Steam Elite


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Introducing our most powerful steam generator. Ultimate steam power eases through creases. Ideal if you have a mountain of ironing to face and want great results, fast. With a huge 6.5 bar pressure delivering 200g of crease busting steam plus a 310g steam boost it will remove creases in even the toughest of fabrics and you can iron multiple layers too. Great if you have duvet covers and sheets to iron - just fold and iron one side to cut your ironing time in half. You can also use it to steam curtains, dry clean only items and freshen up upholstery.

The unique auto clean feature takes the hassle out of steam generator maintenance - it cleans itself. Limescale is automatically flushed from the boiler - all you do is pour it away. There is no need for filters either. Removing limescale will give you guaranteed longer lasting ultimate steam performance.

Limescale affects products where water is heated and can result in drips, messy marks on clothes or even cause the iron to cease working. People living in hard water areas will notice these effects much more quickly than those in soft water areas where the effects will be slower. Wherever you live it’s essential to either clean your iron or buy filters or sometimes both to help maintain your products performance.

Take the hassle out of cleaning

There are many models in the market that state self clean or manual clean and there is usually manual intervention required. With the Auto-clean from Morphy Richards the only thing you’ll need to do is pour the limescale away. It’s really simple and saves time.

Auto-clean takes the hassle out of cleaning your steam generator and keeps it working like new for longer. Cleaning your steam generator reduces limescale build up which maintains performance and extend the lifetime of your steam generator.

The auto-clean steam generator will recognise when it needs cleaning. The cleaning process takes place when the iron is cool. You’ll know when it’s due as the descale light will illuminate but you won’t need to do anything. When you next plug in the steam generator it will clean itself whilst it heats up.

The process of auto-clean is that it will draw clean water from the water tank to flush out limescale from the boiler. It will then deposit the limescale water into a separate compartment within the water tank. All you then need to do is pour it away when you’ve finished ironing.

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