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Appliances to make healthy eating easy

By Tom Craik | 11/01/2013 | Posted in Morphy Richards

The turn of the year marks the time for New Year’s Resolutions, and in many cases the perceived need for crash dieting. It’s estimated that only 20% of New Year diets are successful, so it is much easier to achieve the weight loss you want through eating healthier, and more nutritious food.

Healthy cooking and eating is often seen as being difficult and laborious, however Morphy Richards have created a number of appliances that should make nutritious cooking easier.



The Morphy Richards Intelligrill is a great option for people looking to grill tasty, healthy food quickly and conveniently. Grilling your food ensures that the fat drips off while cooking, lowering the calorie content in the process.

The grill has a temperature probe and digital display combine so that you can accurately monitor food temperature, and ensure your meat is cooked to your exact preferences. It can also cater for the whole family, as the floating hinge means that you can accommodate for all sizes of food up to four people. To watch our design and innovation manager Glynn take you through the products features, click here.




Healthy eating isn’t just about the food you choose, but also the way it is cooked. When steaming, the food never comes into contact with the water, cooking it more gently and allowing its natural vitamins to be retained which usually dissolve in water. This creates a healthy and delicious meal option, and with three separate compartments, it should make any meal a breeze.

Soup Maker


The Morphy Richards Soup Maker is the perfect option for making healthy, homemade soups quickly and easily to meet individual tastes. Having full control over the ingredients that you add in means you can ensure that you are eating a fresh, high quality soup and control your diet.

The 1.6L soup maker is ideal for making great use of your left overs, and you can make yourself a healthy, hearty soup in as little as 21 minutes. With the ability to choose between ‘smooth’ and ‘chunky’, you can ensure your soup is right for you; not only that, the ‘juice’ setting means you can also use your fruit to make delicious smoothies and fruit drinks. For Glynn's walkthrough of the product, please click here.

Our Slow Cookers

Slow cooking continues to increase in popularity and remains one of the healthiest and most cost effective methods of cooking. Using left over vegetables can provide a healthy twist to existing dishes, and Morphy Richards have created a range of slow cookers that should encourage healthy cooking in 2013.

Partition Pot Slow Cooker


The Partition Pot Slow Cooker features a unique, divided pot which allows you to cook two different dishes in the same pot. With a six litre capacity, you can feed up to a family of ten people, making it an ideal option for couples and families alike. For a product video, please click here.

Sear and Stew Slow Cooker


The Sear and Stew Slow Cooker allows for searing and stewing in the same cooking pot, meaning that all the juices and flavours are retained throughout the cooking process. With three different cooking settings, you can create a number of versatile dishes that are sure to complement any New Year’s Resolution.

september news round up

By Tom Craik | 02/10/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Kitchen, Product Reviews, Coffee Makers, Slow Cookers, Morphy Richards

We’re pretty confident about the quality of all our products, which is why we’re love to share with you what other people are saying, whether that’s reviews from bloggers, tests from home journalists or valuable feedback from our customers.

Here’s a brief round-up of the Morphy Richards-related chatter over the last month.

Candis featured a round-up of the best coffee machines around, and Morphy Richards came out on top! 

Our sleek looking Nesta Filter Coffee Machine was ranked the Best Overall Machine, with the writer touting its programmable timer (which allows you to time your caffeine fix for when you rise and shine), and its hot plate, which helps keep the coffee warm for up to four hours after it’s made.

Did you know that as well as looking incredibly stylish, our Accents One Cup is eco-friendly? According to Your Home, the coffee maker is the ideal kitchen gadget for anyone looking to save some space, energy and most importantly, money. 

It’s really easy to make hot drinks with this nifty appliance; all you need to do is fill a cup with water, pour it into the chamber of the machine, and it'll boil and dispense it in 30 seconds. Voila!

Style at Home included Morphy’s Turbosteam Steam Iron in its feature on the best-value irons under £40. The publication loved its diamond soleplate, which makes for smooth ironing and the ability to tackle stubborn creases. 

Praising the powerful steam function, the eco-button and large water tank, the title proclaimed “diamonds are your clothes’ best friend”!

Our Partition Pot Slow Cooker is another popular product with the media. The Woman & Home Feel Good Special called it "a top-notch slow cooker", praising the appliance for doing exactly what its name suggests! 

They loved the fact you can cook different dishes to suit individual tastes and preferences, particularly when it comes to spice. The publication calls it “the perfect solution for couples and families alike”.

So there you have it, some of the lovely, kind things people have been saying about us recently. If you’ve got any feedback on any of our appliances, why not let us know by commenting below?

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Win your share of £100,000 in prizes with Morphy Richards!

By Janelle Hardacre | 19/09/2012 | Posted in Kitchen, Morphy Richards

If you have recently bought a Morphy Richards appliance, you could be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize.

We’re giving away £100,000 worth of prizes to anyone who has bought a Morphy product recently. So if you have, or you’re planning to buy something from us soon, be sure to keep hold of your packaging!

All you need to do is head over here to enter your product serial number – found on the base of your product – and your unique prize code, which is on the sticker outside the box.

You could get your hands on our Intellisteam steamer, the Morphy Richards Flavour Savour, which boasts 3 in 1 cooking functions allowing you to seal, fast stew and slow cook, or even the Premium Plus Stainless Steel Breadmaker.

Every single entry wins, so make sure you enter your details as soon as you can to find out what prize you’ve won!

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Diamond Discount from Morphy Richards

By Janelle Hardacre | 26/07/2012 | Posted in Anniversary, Garment Care, Ironing, Morphy Richards

As we all gear up for the jubilee weekend celebrations, Morphy Richards has been taking a look back through the archives at the products the British public would have been using in their households at the time of the Queen’s coronation.

Here at Morphy Richards we pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality home appliances that make everyday lives easier and although products and innovations have moved on over the years, this has been the same over the 75 years that Morphy Richards has been manufacturing products.

We were delighted to receive a letter from one of our customers this week about how her Morphy Richards iron has been serving herself and her mother well for decades and after more than 50 years it’s still going strong. Having been purchased in the 50s its likely to be one of the oldest working irons in the UK. She kindly sent us the model to have a look at and it was fantastic to see what good condition it was in, even the box and the guarantee were still intact.

It was quite fitting to learn about the existence of the iron so close to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as we have recently launched our latest range of irons which feature real diamonds in their soleplates. The Diamond Soleplate is now featured across most of the Morphy range and provides incredible durability and ‘glideability’ so you can iron your garments with ease time after time, to the pristine finish you would expect from Morphy Richards.

The Comfigrip Steam Iron Diamond TriZone Soleplate also has a whole host of other innovative features to help you steam through your ironing pile with ease including the Trizone Solplate, antidrip and auto shut off.

To mark the Jubilee celebrations, you can pick up our top of the range Comfigrip Steam Iron Diamond TriZone Soleplate with a huge 40 per cent off. Just go to and enter BLOG6840 at the checkout.

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Stuck for wedding gift ideas? Let Morphy Richards help you out

By Janelle Hardacre | 26/07/2012 | Posted in Kitchen, Morphy Richards

The wedding season is very much in full swing now and if your nuptials are coming up soon, we might be able to help you compile your gift list.

It can sometimes be hard to think about the things you want to put on your wedding list. That’s why here at Morphy Richards, we’re keen to give you a helping hand.

You want practical things on your wedding list, so you make sure no one feels like they’re wasting their money. Plus, the bonus of creating a list is that you’ll only end up with things you want, rather than an eclectic mix of everything.

We’ve come up with some suggestions that you can find on the Morphy Richards website which are bound to help you out for many years to come.

For the colour-conscious couple

If you and your spouse-to-be are keen to make sure your matrimonial kitchen is as colour co-ordinated as possible, the Morphy Richards Colour Boutique range is bound to be right up your street. There are 12 different shades to choose from and they all add a touch of elegance to any kitchen!

The toasters in the Colour Boutique range are a stylish addition to any kitchen, with their curved and trimmed exterior. Meanwhile, the kettles boast chic retro styling, six-cup capacity and boil-dry protection.

For the kitchen-savvy duo

If you and your betrothed are whizzes in the kitchen, you should definitely put some of the Morphy Richards food prep range on your wish-list.

The stylish Accents Red Hand Mixer is the perfect addition to any kitchen, as it can help you whip up everything from meringues to mousses. There are five speed settings and you can even change the beaters for dough hooks, to help you get really adventurous in the kitchen!

Another fantastic, must-have gadget is the Accents Hand Blender Set. Whether you want to make soups, sauces or salad dressings, it’ll definitely help you out with one of its eight-speed settings. There are mini chopper and balloon whisk attachments, so you’ve got a great deal of versatility with it.

So there you have it, just a few great Morphy products to add to your wedding list!

Don’t forget, if you’re getting anything from our gorgeous Colour Boutique range before June 30th, you can get 35% off! All you need to do is enter this code: CB35BLOG at the checkout stage on the Morphy website.

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Get healthy in time for summer with the Morphy Richards Intelligrill!

By Janelle Hardacre | 26/07/2012 | Posted in Kitchen, Morphy Richards

Here at Morphy Richards, we’re very excited that it appears summer is finally making an appearance here in Blighty!

And that can mean only one thing; everyone up and down the country will be trying to perfect their beach bods and we’ve got something which will help you all out.

The Morphy Richards Intelligrill Stainless Steel Health Grill is the perfect kitchen gadget if you’re trying to get in shape.

The Intelligrill will help you cook all meat, fish and even vegetables to perfection. It’s big enough to fit four portions of food, so it’s perfect for the average-sized family. There’s a quick-reference temperature guide on the top, which helps you decide what temperature your Intelligrill should be at, depending on what you’re cooking. It also features an easy-to-read digital display, showing you the actual food temperature, so you can be sure it’s thoroughly cooked all the way through.

There’s a floating hinge on the Intelligrill, which means it will fit a variety of cuts from thick sausages to rump steaks – making it easy to grill anything and everything. And, one of the best features is the removable cooking plates, which make for very easy cleaning.

The cooking plates on the Intelligrill feature especially designed grooves to ensure any excess fat is drained away from the food while it’s cooking, so you can be sure you’ll have a healthy meal.

According to the British Heart Foundation, you can really reduce your saturated fat intake if you opt to grill your food, instead of frying it. As well as helping you get in shape then, grilling your food will also help boost your heart health.

So there you have it; if you’re hoping to get in shape for the summer, the Morphy Richards Intelligrill is a must-have item for your kitchen.

And, at the moment, there’s a fantastic off giving you 40% off the Intelligrill if you sign up to the Morphy Members Club on Facebook. For more information, just head over to our Facebook page.

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Even more Morphy Richards Innovators have their say!

By Janelle Hardacre | 26/07/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Kitchen, Morphy 'Innovators', Morphy Richards, Product Reviews

It’s Innovators time here again at Morphy Richards, and we’re keen to show you once again which products our latest batch of recruits have been busy trying out.

We’re eager to share even more of their reviews with you, so you’re able to get a frank and honest opinion of our latest products.

Domestic Goddesque received the new Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron Diamond TriZone Soleplate to trial and she was particularly impressed by the Eco Steam Switch and its energy saving credentials. The blogger praised the fact the Morphy iron glided “effortlessly” across her clothes. And, “the easy-fill water feature [makes] ironing even easier”, she said.

The Comfigrip Iron also made its way over to Inside the Wendy House, who claimed to be a bit of an “iron novice”. She was impressed by the durability of the product and said the “turbo boost, constant steam and pressing plate work together to relax the fabric, tackling creasing and avoid re-creasing”. Overall, the blogger was impressed by the ease with which she managed to do her ironing – a very happy reviewer!

Being Mrs C, meanwhile, received the Morphy Richards Never Loses Suction Lift Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. The “suction power itself is outstanding”, the pleased blogger said, adding that the “lift away canister is a stroke of genius”. It means you have “all the advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner for the main parts of the house, but the convenience of a cylinder vacuum cleaner for the stairs”, she said. All in all, she was extremely happy with the cleaner – “the cleaning power is faultless and the flexibility of the design means that it works well in all home scenarios”.

The Morphy Richards Colour Boutique Kettle and Toaster set, to add a splash of colour and brightness to our Innovators’ homes, was sent out to several of our Innovators, and here is what a couple had to say. received  the kettle and toaster in Blue Sparkle and she loved the fact the kettle had a retro shape and feel to it. “It boils quickly and is generally easy to use,” the blogger said, adding that it feels like a “well made, good quality appliance too.” “The toaster is even better looking than the kettle,” she enthused. The performance of it is good and “frankly we couldn’t fault it in use,” the blogger concluded.

Casa Costello opted for the Morphy Colour Boutique range in Red Sparkle for her kitchen. “The design is truly beautiful,” the blogger said, again praising the retro styling of the range. Her other half, meanwhile, praised the fact “the wide neck is perfect to fill up from the tap one-handed”!

If any of these Morphy products sound right up your street, now you’ve read the reviews, you should take advantages of our exclusive voucher codes to get great discounts. When you from the Morphy Richards website, you can get 35% off the Colour Boutique range with CB35BLOG, £100 off the Never Loses Suction cleaner with NLS100BLOG and 40% off the Comfigrip iron with BLOG6840. Just enter your voucher codes at the checkout to get your discount.

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Wake up to breakfast bright and early and celebrate Farmhouse Breakfast Week

By Janelle Hardacre | 24/07/2012 | Posted in Morphy Richards, Kettle

Returning for it’s 13th year, this week is all about the importance of enjoying a healthy and fulfilling breakfast to energise your day. You can find out all about the campaign here

There’s no denying that life can be hectic and our mornings can often feel stretched even on the best of days. Tearing ourselves away from our beds in winter is an accomplishment, so here’s a few tips for motivation!

  • Breakfast eaters tend to be slimmer than those who regularly skip
  • Eating breakfast can lower cholesterol levels
  • Eating breakfast gives people a more positive outlook with reductions in stress and a more positive outlook on the day overall!
  • Plus it can improve concentration and performance at work

So what does this year’s theme ‘shake up your wake up’ mean? Simply making little changes in your morning routine to allow time for an exciting and varied breakfast will set you up for a better day. There’s nothing wrong with jam on toast but allow yourself an extra couple of minutes and treat yourself to some creative toast toppers, special smoothies or even a healthy fry up. Do you usually set your alarm for 7:30? Set it for 7:20 and look forward to breakfast every morning.

If your senses need energising even further, then check out the UKs most popular kettle and toaster sets from Morphy Richards’ new Colour Boutique range. The sets  are available in twelve vibrant and stylish colours which are sure to help brighten your eyes in the morning whilst providing taste to the kitchen as well as helping you prepare your creative and tasty breakfasts! Check out page 923 of the brand new Argos catalogue to see the full range of fab colours.

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