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Announcing The World Ironing Championships 2011 – In association with Morphy Richards

By Janelle Hardacre | 06/08/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Garment Care, Ironing World Championships

We have linked up with an elite team of extraordinary ironers to launch the first ever World Ironing Championships!

With the help of a top professional ironer, an ironing world record holder and one of our in house ironing experts here at Morphy Richards, we are searching for speedy ironing stars, perfect shirt pressers and the world’s most stylish and creative crease removers to dub as one of the first ever World Ironing Championships.

Can you iron a shirt in next to no time? Then submit video proof and enter the ‘Quickest shirt’ category! Can you press a flawless wrinkle free shirt? Then show us how and submit a video entry for the ‘Quality of Finish’ category. Or, why not enter the ‘Style and Flair’ category and film your creative and imaginative ironing skills!

Take a look at our official World Ironing Championships page to find out how to become a champion and be in with the chance of winning £500 and your very own limited edition and fully operational Morphy Richards Golden Iron!

Could you be one of the first ever World Ironing Champions? Enter now!

Good luck ironers!

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How’s it hanging?

By Janelle Hardacre | 06/08/2012 | Posted in Garment Care, Ironing, Ironing World Championships

We know that for lots of you ironing is one of those necessary evils that just has to be done to keep you and your family looking smart and well turned out. It’s amazing though how many people spend their precious time steaming through their pile, only to find that their smartly pressed garments become scruffy and creased again, simply because they haven’t been put away properly.

It’s all in the hanging and folding. Some garments can be stored in drawers for weeks, where others will become creased again in minutes if folded up. Check out our handy guide on how to store your clothes and keep them perfectly crease free!

  • T-shirts and knitwear should be folded rather than hung up. Avoid squashing too many garments into the drawer though or the bottom of the pile will need another iron
  • Always hang shirts up. We all know how much effort goes into ironing a shirt so it’s good to know that it will remain crease free until you next get a chance to wear it. Avoid using those free hangers you get from the shops and splash out on some thick wooden hangers as these won’t distort the shape of your shirts
  • We’d bet that only the keenest of ironers would press their jeans, so these are fine to be folded up and put in a drawer
  • Most other trousers however will need to be hung up. Make sure to use proper clamp-style trouser hangers and hang the trousers upside down from the bottom. If you don’t have any of these knocking around, use a normal hanger, but wrap a bit of card or a tea towel around the hard edge before folding the trousers carefully in half over it so you don’t end up with a big crease mark
  • Suits are probably the hardest garments to hang well. Quite often suits can be hung up in the wardrobe for months before you get a chance to wear them again and you don’t want it to be creased and distorted for next time. You can either hang the trousers and jacket together or separately. Follow our trouser tips above and make sure the jacket hanger has good support at the shoulders. Also, try not to hang suits in plastic bags for too long as they can start to smell
  • Did you know, the type of iron you have can actually affect whether your lovingly pressed garments become re-ceased again?  Our dedicated team of designers have developed our Comfigrip range of irons with this in mind. Their unique TriZone soleplate technology effortlessly powers through creases and removes excess moisture which means your clothes are less likely to become creased again once you’ve hung or folded them.

Have you got any more golden garment care tips? Let us know! Or if you’re proud of your ironing skills why not try your hand at becoming a World Ironing Champion? Check out how to enter on our official World Ironing Championships page.

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He did it! Ben Walton breaks the ironing endurance world record – 75 hours non-stop ironing to celebrate 75 years of Morphy Richards

By Janelle Hardacre | 16/07/2012 | Posted in Anniversary, Garment Care, Ironing, Ironing World Championships

An exhausted but elated Ben Walton left ASDA in Andover with his head held high this weekend after breaking the world record for ironing endurance. Ben kicked off the record attempt first thing on Wednesday morning and was ironing, day and night, until Saturday morning.

Morphy Richards approached Ben, who already held the ironing endurance world record, to attempt the 75 hour challenge as part of our 75th Anniversary celebrations, as Morphy Richards all started in July 1936 with the manufacture and production of irons.

Ben, who owns a dry cleaners shop in Andover, ironed well over 1,000 items during the record attempt using his trusty Morphy Richards Comfigrip which has been up to the top of Ben Nevis with him as well as the top of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth where he has undertaken ironing stunts this year.

Ben thanked everyone who supported him throughout the four day marathon, including everyone who left good luck messages and words of support on the Morphy Richards Facebook page.

Ben also used the world record attempt as an opportunity to support a charity that is very close to his heart, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Hampshire. You can still donate to the cause at

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Comfigrip review from Mummy from the Heart

By Janelle Hardacre | 16/07/2012 | Posted in Garment Care, Ironing, Product Reviews, Ironing World Championships

Our lovely new  house-proud friend Michelle who writes Mummy from the Heart is a self confessed ironing lover (and we know she’s not the only one out there!). She’s given the Morphy Richards Comfigrip the ultimate test by seeing how it stands up powering through her family’s rather large ironing pile. You can read her thoughts below, or click here to read the original post on Mummy from the Heart. She’s also giving her lucky readers the chance to win the iron itself.

I often get strange looks when I tell people that I like to iron.  I have started to whisper it now as I realise that it makes me a bit of a leper amongst the group of mums who like to boast about how they never iron anything.  ‘I only buy clothes you can put in the tumble dryer and then shake out’ I hear them say.  Well like I always say, each to their own…..  personally mine never shake out well enough for a perfectionist like me.

Give me a Saturday night of good cheesy TV, preferably X Factor, Casualty and maybe a stand up comedy show and I am a happy girl.  I can easily stand and iron for a couple of hours in front of the TV. Ironing is something I have grown up with, my Mum does not like it too much so it was something I did to earn my pocket money and help out at home.  I love the satisfaction of watching the ironing basket shrink and knowing that anything we want to wear is in the cupboard. As I have got older and busier the things that I iron have diminished, we do get into bed with creased sheets and the tea towels remain crinkled but that matters not to me.  It does matter to me that when my family leave our house we take pride in our appearance and look good in our well ironed clothes.

Shall I show you what a sense of satisfaction looks like to me?  There we go, 20 minutes of ironing mid week to keep the basket down!  Note they are all children’s clothes, they seem to be wear double what dh and I do!

When Morphy Richards approached me and asked if I would like to trial and review one of their irons I said of course, I am more than happy to.  I was sent the latest Comfigrip iron which retails for £79.99.  This iron is full of features, all the usual ones you would expect like extra long cord, self clean, water spray and shot of steam. My favourite feature being the trizone (ceramic) plate which means that the iron glides like on silk on all fabrics, it was a beautiful smooth iron to use.  The extra large water tank and filling hole was also a little extra that made a difference to me. No fiddling around, this is well thought out and easy to use. I think any accomplished ironer would agree that constant steam is a must to get a good precise finish and this iron is great as you can adjust the levels and there is even an eco option so you can save up to 23% energy.

My one qualm with this iron is that it is heavier than ones I am used to and for me it became more uncomfortable to iron after long periods of time. So I would say this iron is perfect for someone who either does not have a lot to iron but wants a professional finish or who irons small amounts on a regular basis rather than someone like me who does a mass iron for a  good couple of hours. On the whole this is a very good iron and I am happy to recommend it, the results from using it are excellent. Lastly, just one more feature that I should mention is the auto-standby, I can imagine this would be fabulous for those with a younger baby who may just demand their attention right now while they are ironing,  You can literally run off and feel happy that the iron will shut off after 1 minute inactive face down and 8 minutes inactive in its upright position.

Here is the iron, pretty stylish right?  Or can you not get as excited about an iron as I can?


So what about you?  Do you like ironing?  Go on, you can admit it here.  This  is a safe place, all us people who actually like to clean and launder can come out the closet and celebrate being just a little bit house proud together. Talking of being house proud, why don’t you take a look at the Morphy Richards site Home of the House Proud. It is full of wonderful inspiration for cleaning, ironing, cooking and other domestic tasks.  At the moment you can enter a fun competition to be crowned the World Ironing Champion, winning a gold iron and £500. Take a look, there are three different categories you can enter, more information here.


Now is the chance for one of you to win the very iron that I road-tested.  So this is an iron that has been used about 5 times and is in perfect as-new condition.  I will send the iron from here at my own expense.

To enter –

  • You need to leave a comment on here with a way I can contact you if you are the lucky winner (email or twitter ID)
  • For an extra entry you can tweet ‘#win a superb iron in @michelletwinmum’s #giveaway’

Terms and Conditions -

  • The giveaway closes at noon on 11 April 2011
  • The winner will be contacted within 3 days of the giveaway closing
  • The prize is not transferable and there is no cash alternative
  • The prize will only be posted to a UK address due to the cost of postage
  • You have read and accept that this is a road-tested iron that has been used 5 times

This is a  review post.  I was sent the iron for the purposes of this review.  My words and opinions are my own and I was not instructed what to write.

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Mountain top ironing!

By Janelle Hardacre | 03/07/2012 | Posted in Garment Care, Ironing, Ironing World Championships

Our record breaking ironing friend Ben Walton is not content with his ironing endurance world record, so he has set himself another ambitious ironing challenge! Ben is aiming to iron atop the highest peak in the UK, Ben Nevis.

Ben will climb up to the summit of Ben Nevis, iron and ironing board in tow, all in a bid to add ironing altitude endurance to his current world record title.

Ben is taking on this impressive ironing feat to raise vital funds for Bliss, the UK charity for premature and sick babies, which has a special place in Ben’s heart.

Check out Ben’s Just Giving page for more about his story and more importantly to donate!

Take a look at Ben’s tips on how to iron a shirt and find out how to enter The World Ironing Championships here.

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World Ironing Championships – Linford Christie shows how to iron with style and flair

By Janelle Hardacre | 25/06/2012 | Posted in Garment Care, Ironing, Ironing World Championships

Linford Christie is well known for his cheetah like skills on the running track, his envious collection of medals and his stint in the outback on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. But did you know one of his favourite past times is ironing? Yes, Linford Christie is passionate about pressing and won’t let anybody else go near his ironing pile. So much so that Linford is coming out of retirement and is back into training for The World Ironing Championships in association with Morphy Richards.

Check out Linford talking about his passion for competition and showing us how to iron a shirt like a champion with the ultimate style and flair.

Do you think you could give Linford a run for his money? Upload an entry video for The World Ironing Championships and you could win cash as well as a magnificent golden Morphy Richards iron (as modelled by Linford himself!)

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Intellidome review – Army Rumour Service

By Janelle Hardacre | 22/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Ironing World Championships

As part of the World Ironing Championships competition we have been calling on ironing specialists in the military to demonstrate their passion for pressing and their top ironing skills. Pristine garments are a must for our friends in the armed forces so we called on MrBane from The Army Rumours Service to put the Morphy Richards Intellidome steam generator through its ultimate paces. Check out his review below:

It’s a hard one to admit but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only soldier in this mans army that secretly (Or openly!) enjoys a good bit of ironing. Those sharp creases, the tender strokes, the steam, the heat, the passion…. Eh…. The…. Aye, anyway.

The other half was amazed one day when she mentioned she wanted an iron put down on the wedding list and I went off on one, saying that you can’t just leave a decision like that to anybody. It’s all about researching the right product and getting the most for your money. Things like the Steam Shot, the water tank size, does it have vertical steam? Can it spray? What’s the steam output?

Serious business this ironing malarky.

The everyday soldier, being a master of adapting and overcoming may find many varied and often inventive and unique solutions to the problem of ironing. Certainly on parade, we’ve all seem someone that looks like they’ve tried the old mess tin of boiling water..

Or look like they’ve just set about the kit with a big stick..

However, there are better, easier solutions and so it is that I find myself in possession of a top of the line £200 Morphy Richards Intellidome steam generator iron. Certainly a step up from a Tescos Value £13 model! (Not that I’d ever degrade my uniform by sullying it with such trash)

Point to note here is that it’s offered for £199.99 however you can get the same model off of Amazon for £139.99. A solid saving of sixty sheets and it brings the Intellidome into the realm of feasible and affordable when you consider than a top of the range normal iron can cost anywhere from £60 – £89.

What’s it all about then?

There are certain features you want to keep your eyes peeled for when going after a new iron, and below I’ve broken down the most important parts with a note on how the
Intellidome matches up.

The Steam Shot

A standard iron an ability which allows it to ‘fire’ shots of steam at the garment you’re ironing as well as maintaining a steady flow of steam to aid in the working out or working in of creases. When looking at the figures you want the highest steam shot you can find as this is how much steam is generated when you press the shot button. Good for really hitting a stubborn crease. You can average anywhere from 70g to around 180g per shot depending on the quality of the iron.

With the Intellidome it doesn’t operate on this system as it’s a continuous steam generator. It produces up to 4 bar pressure when using the steam function. That’s spad loads of steam. To see just how much steam, have a look:

The Steam Output

This is how much continuous steam the iron will put out. This softens the fabric and helps to really smooth out any creases. It’s the same as getting a massage in that the warmer the hands massaging you (Ooeh!) the more you’ll relax and lose the tension in the muscles. (Or gain tension..Just depends what muscles and whos hands!) Higher the Steam Output the better. You can start from anything down to 25g per minute Steam Output and head up to 40g per minute or more, again all quality dependant.

The Intellidome has a Steam Output of 90g which is double Morphy Richards top of the range standard iron. That’s a hell of a lot of steam at a steady rate!

The Water Tank

Fairly obvious this one. The bigger the water tank the more water you can put in, the longer you can iron before you have to refill. A full set of combats done properly can easily see off half a tank of water in a standard 200-300mil tank. The tank sizes vary massively but can be as low as 150mil on some models.

With the Intellidome it’s got 1.5litre capacity which is more than enough to do four of five sets of combats (properly!) before a refill is required.


The higher the wattage the quicker the iron heats up and the quicker you can crack on with it. Again it varies wildly on the model and you can see 1300W on the cheapest model on the market. Remember, the quicker it heats up the quicker you can get it done and dusted! (Unless you want to savour the experience and really take your time over it!)

The Intellidome once again almost doubles that with 2200W for rapid heating.

So that’s the basic information you want to be checking for when looking to purchase an iron and the Intellidome smashes all forms of standard iron in that respect. There are however lots of other extras and features that you can find which all make the experience a lot easier.

The Intellidome gives us a vertical steam option which means you can iron stuff that’s hanging up, but as some of us seem to struggle ironing stuff that’s flat perhaps this wont be a massively used function. Reminds me back to Basic when one of the lads wanted his collar flattened whilst he was wearing it. Bit of tender vertical ironing, good, almost done, I’ll just give it a burst of steam to… Oops… Sorry mate!

So that’s the facts, but how does the Intellidome actually fare for use then?

Taking it to trial it was the first time I’ve ever had to read an instruction manual to work an iron however it’s straight forward enough and if I managed it, I’m sure the rest of you can!
The power cord could do with being a bit longer but it’s manageable. Looking at the pictures below you can see it at more or less full stretch. with a measured 1.8m length. On top of that you’ve also got the cable length for the iron itself which is more than adequate.

I’ve took the time to read some of the reviews written on the MR website about this product and some people have complained of it being heavy when it’s filled… Man up!! The unit empty isn’t a problem to lift. The cradle rest for the iron can be used as a handle, although you have to try and hold the iron in the same hand to stop it falling off but otherwise it’s a light enough load even when filled.

There have also been comments on dripping. I couldn’t see the problem myself. It’s a clip lid on the top for the water and yes, if you decide to tip the unit up whilst it’s filled then you may get leakage. Moral of the story? Don’t tip it up when it’s filled with water!!

It took about three or four minutes to warm up with a full 1.5 litre load which isn’t bad. If you think about it, if you’re using this beast then you’ve got a load you’re going to work through so the few minutes wait is a fair trade off for the amount of uninterrupted ironing you’ll get done.

The iron itself whilst you’re using the steam mode can cause dampness on the clothing due to the sheer amount of steam being produced but that’s not really a problem, you just iron it until it’s dried again.

The Intellidome is also a stainless steel based model instead of ceramic and it’s all about personal perferance here. I sometimes find on stainless steel that it’s easier to make a mess of the soleplate. Then again, it is shiny shiny.

Packing of the ID is straightforward enough. In the box it comes in it’s securely fitted between styrofoam but once it’s out and about it’s only the unit itself. There’s no form of storage provided unless you stick it back in its original packaging box.

The cables can be secured via a handy little pull out holding rail which you push the cables down into the rail and it pushes back to hold them tight against the base unit. Then they sort of hang there in a mess, but at least they’re not trailing everywhere.

I am dissapointed there’s no securing mechanism to keep the iron seated securely whilst you’re shifting the whole unit around. It may fall off if you angle the unit too much or if the cable gets caught.

The casing appears to be mainly palstic and it may not survive the knocks you’d expect a normal iron to. I’m pretty sure if I dropped it off the edge of the ironing board that it’s going to have issues dealing with it. The big risk is on the tank itself cracking if dropped. However by the sheer nature of the thing you’re going to take a lot more care over it, so hopefully it should never get dropped in the first place.

With regards to ‘onboard features’, the Intellidome has an LCD display on the rear of the base unit which gives you a decent amount of feedback and control. You can adjust the steam level through Low – Med – High – Off as well as receive warnings over filter cleaning and low water.

Ever fired up the Ol’ Faithful iron only to have the first bust of steam s**t white crap all over your uniform? That’s limescale buildup which the Intellidome tackles via a removable filter in the base of the unit. The filter itself needs to be replaced and you can order spares from MR via their hotline. Of course, you could just be a posh arrse and use only the finest bottled water for your ironing needs!

You’ve also got a boiler clean function which allows you to use tap water to clean the limsecale buildup inside the boiler thus further prolonging the lifespan of the kit and as for emptying the unit there’s a drain plug in the base to make it as easy as possible. Just hold it over a sink or place it on a drainer board and away you go.

What about the practicalities though?

When buying a new iron I spend between £40 and £60 on one. I’ve probably gone through four in my time serving. Would I have been better off investing in the Intellidome? Maybe. Though the reason I’ve gone through that many irons is because they get chucked in the kit bag and dragged off all around the world on exercise and training (Never on Ops! Who irons their combats on Ops?!). I sure as hell couldn’t just sling the Intellidome in the bag. If I did, I’d be leaving my webbing and helmet behind to make room for it.

Overall then, it’s got the bells, the whistles, and little flags to wave. It is expensive and it’s a fair old size. Is your average soldier going to buy it? I wouldn’t think so. Is it worth the money? Depends entirely on your outlook and what you intend to do with it. Lots of kids? Would make life easier. Running a small shady sideline in kit ironing in the block for the lads at £3 for two sets of combats? Nipped. Personal use? Only if you want to be really indulgent.

Still though, makes my room feel like a sauna of somewhat dubious repute.

2200W Intellidome Pressurised Steam Generator Iron kindly supplied by Morphy Richards

Here’s a link to the original post on the Army Rumours Service forum.

If you’re a blogger and would like to trial our Intellidome (or any of our other products), give us a shout, either as a comment or by using the contact form.

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The World Ironing Championships on BFBS Radio

By Janelle Hardacre | 21/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Ironing World Championships

Richard Hatch Logo

Tune into BFBS this week as DJ Richard Hatch will be entering The World Ironing Championships and giving away a fab Morphy Richards Comfigrip iron to one lucky listener!

Our official World Ironing Championships spokesperson, Greg, was on air last week to  explain everything you need to know about entering the competition and encourage all our friends in the British Forces to get ironing!

Check it out here if you missed it…(please note, the mispelling of the word ‘championships’ is not from us!)

Enter your video into The World Ironing Championships now and you could be in with the chance of winning £500 and a strictly limited edition Morphy Richards golden iron.

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What type of ironer are you?

By Janelle Hardacre | 21/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing World Championships, Ironing

Ironing is definitely one of those things you either love or hate. But we’ve found that every ironer broadly fits into one of three categories.

Do you reckon you’re a green ironing lover, an apathetic amber ironer or a red ironing disliker? Why not take our quick quiz below to find out?

1) Do you iron your bed linen?
a) Never b) Occasionally c) Nearly always

2) Do you iron clothes just before wearing them?
a) Always b) Sometimes c) Very rarely

3) Do you watch TV in the living room while ironing?
a) Very rarely b) Occasionally c) Nearly always

4) Do you like ironing?
a) I really dislike ironing b) I don’t mind ironing c) I really like ironing

5) How much are you most likely to spend on a new iron?
a) No more than £25 b) Between £25-£50 c) More than £50

6) If you decide to replace your iron what would be the reason?
a) To replace a broken one b) Find one that’s easier to use c) Find a better model/more features

Mostly a? You’re a Red ironer. It’s safe to say that you don’t like ironing at all and as such try to whizz through your pile as quickly as possible, which can sometimes lead to unsatisfactory results! You only iron when in desperate need, which usually means ironing a garment at the very last moment. Red Ironers are also known to keep the iron on one setting – (high!) and leave it there regardless of what labels recommend. If you’re a red ironer, check to see if you’re using all your iron’s extra functions, as they there to help you steam through your ironing pile as easily as possible! Maybe you just need a helping hand, so why not check out our top tips on how to iron the perfect shirt.

Mostly b? You’re an Amber Ironer and a lot more in tune with the job. You’re usually quite organised with your household tasks and manage to get through your ironing pile each week, sometimes ironing ahead! You find ironing quite stress free, but would rather not spend all day at it. You’re always on the look out for irons which make the job as hassle free as possible.

Mostly c? You’re a Green Ironer and you can’t get enough of it! Or perhaps it’s the fact that you live in a larger household and you have a truly mountainous pile to get through each week. You’re particularly house-proud, wanting everything to look neat and tidy and you even go as far as ironing your bed linen. Green Ironers tend to be older women who can quite often be found ironing in front of the TV.

So, what was your result? Let us know!

All you green ironers are prime candidates for the quality of finish category of our online video competition The World Ironing Championships. Red ironers who are used to hurriedly ironing on a morning before work should have a go at the quickest shirt category or if you want to make ironing a bit more interesting why not have a go at the style and flair category! There is £500 to be won for each category as well as three money-can’t-buy golden irons. Find out how to enter here. Good luck!

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Arctic ironing!

By Janelle Hardacre | 21/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Ironing World Championships

While lots of us are surely bored of the Arctic weather conditions there are some people who would never let a bit of snow get in the way!

Lots of you are going ironing mad for our video competition, The World Ironing Championships and this latest entrant is no exception!

Why not upload your video to be in with the chance of winning £500 and a golden iron! There are three categories, quickest shirt, quality of finish and style & flair. You can enter as many as you like!

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Win a Comfigrip Iron this Sunday with the World Ironing Championships

By Janelle Hardacre | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Ironing World Championships

 Planning on ironing the kids’ school uniforms on Sunday? Want to have some fun whilst doing it? If you do, then we’ve got the perfect competition for you!

If you enter the World Ironing Championships on Sunday (28th November) then you’ll be in with a chance of winning a fantastic iron from our latest Comfigrip range (shown below*). 

A winner will be drawn randomly from all of the entries that we receive on Sunday – the iron must be won! For more information on the World Ironing Championships (in association with Morphy Richards), click here.

Happy ironing and good luck!

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Ironing Diva Enters The World Ironing Championships

By Janelle Hardacre | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Ironing World Championships

We’ve had some very strong contenders indeed for the golden iron and £500 prize money but this has to be one of our favourites! Check out this entry for the style & flair category. That’s one way to make ironing a bit more A-list!

The competition is still well and truly open so upload your ironing videos now to be in with the chance of winning £500 and a bespoke Morphy Richards golden iron. If style & flair is not the category for you there’s always quickest shirt or best quality of finish.

Check out the official World Ironing Championships page for full details on how to WIN!

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Meet the Official Ironing World Record Holder!

By Janelle Hardacre | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing World Championships, Ironing

We could only work with the world’s best to help us launch The World Ironing Championships which is why we went straight to the top to recruit the man who set the world record for the Longest Ironing Marathon.

In 2008 Ben Walton from Andover ironed an incredible 923 garments in 60 hours, to a record breaking standard! Ben steamed through hundreds of garments as two official adjudicators watched on to ensure each garment was ironed to the highest quality. He was allowed just a 5 minute break each hour which he could accumulate into a maximum half hour break.

As well as gaining this fantastic accolade, Ben also raised over £5000 in sponsorship which went towards buying an incubator at Winchester’s Royal County Hospital.

Now, ironing idol Ben is helping us out with our competition to find the world’s best ironers. Entrants are in with the chance of winning £500 and a money-can’t-buy golden Morphy Richards iron, as well as the official title of World Ironing Champion!

Why not get a head start by checking out Ben’s top tips for achieving the very best quality of finish in the quickest time possible when pressing a shirt.

Check out our official competition page to find out how to upload your video entry and WIN!

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Don’t miss out on your chance to be a World Ironing Champion!

By Janelle Hardacre | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing World Championships, Ironing

Have you entered your video into The World Ironing Championships yet?

Show us your top class ironing skills and you could be in with the chance of winning £500 and a golden iron!

Why not upload your video now for one of the three championship categories

  • Quickest shirt
  • Quality of finish
  • Style & flair

Check out this rather creative entry into the style & flair category!

What do you think? Can you compete and become a champion? Check out the official World Ironing Championships page to find out how to enter now. Good luck!

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Could you be a World Ironing Champion?

By Janelle Hardacre | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Ironing World Championships

Entries are rolling in now for The World Ironing Championships in association with Morphy Richards.

Check out the latest entry for the quickest shirt category! 57 seconds ain’t half bad.

Can you produce a crease free shirt in less time? Enter now to be in with the chance of winning £500, a fully functional Morphy Richards golden iron and of course the title of World Ironing Champion 2011!

Maybe you’re a perfectionist and more suited to the best quality of finish category. And don’t forget the style & flair category for all you imaginative ironers!

Click here to find out how to enter.

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