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Rosie Scribble thinks Vorticity vacuum cleaner is outstanding

By Tom Craik | 03/07/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Product Reviews, Vacuum Cleaners

Top mummy blogger ‘Rosie Scribble’  (who blogs here and tweets here) has been putting the Vorticity vacuum cleaner through its paces over the last few weeks. She loved it, so much in fact, that she thinks it’s the best vacuum cleaner she’s ever used. Check out her review below or click here to read the original post on her blog

If Carlsberg made vacuum cleaners

If Carlsberg made vacuum cleaners they would probably be the best vacuum cleaners in the world. They would be a dream to use, they would suck up the entire contents of your carpet except for stray pound coins which they’d safely deposit next to the missing ear-ring they found earlier, and when the job is done they would make you a cup of tea, give you a foot massage and then prepare you a meal, from scratch, with only fresh organic produce, without you having to lift a finger.

The Vorticity isn’t made by Carlsberg so it lacks the ability to produce a hot meal; it doesn’t make tea, nor does it give you a foot massage, but apart from that it is exceptional.

If I don’t like a product, I say so. This. Product. Is. Outstanding.

It is without doubt the best vacuum cleaner I have ever used. It’s also the most expensive, but you get a lot for your money (and I have a 20% readers discount code at the end of this post).

I’ll buy a vacuum cleaner if it does the job well with the minimum of fuss and if it gets positive reviews. I don’t particularly spend a lot of time looking at all the product details but here are a few things about the Vorticity you should know based on my one-month experience:

  • It’s bagless
  • It’s very easy to empty and easy to clean
  • It is quieter compared to all the previous (albeit cheaper) vacuum cleaners I’ve used
  • It comes with a handful of attachments that help reach those tricky corners that often get missed
  • We haven’t tried it on pet hair but it picked up long human hair instantly and we’ve never achieved that result up until now
  • The head of the vacuum manoeuvres brilliantly and is suitable for all floor types
  • The Vorticity works by having two cyclones in the canister and a further 22 in the floor head
  • The results are excellent.

For those who do like reading all the product details, they are featured on Morphy Richard’s product page.

The main downside is that it takes up quite a lot of storage space, but that is something we can live with. It isn’t particularly lightweight but I didn’t have any major problems lugging it upstairs.

It is also expensive at £149.99 but I think it is excellent value for money nevertheless.

Readers can get 20% off the 71082 Vorticity Vacuum Cleaner by purchasing from the Morphy Richards website and using the voucher code RS8220 when you check out.

Morphy Richards has also launched a social community ‘Home of the House Proud‘ featuring recipes, product reviews, competitions and a list of House Proud Friends you might recognise.

We were sent the Vorticity from Morphy Richards free of charge to review. You have permission to hate me a little bit now.

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Vorticity is a hit with Mum and her boys

By Tom Craik | 21/06/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Product Reviews, Vacuum Cleaners

We got chatting to blogger and freelance journalist Ellen Arnison about her housework strategy and she was keen to put one of our “fancy pants” products through its paces. She’s been giving the Vorticity the family treatment over the last week  and you can read her thoughts below (or see here for her original post).

In some ways it’s been a happy week domestically…

For one, the Panther of News was off work. His notion of idle afternoons saving a virtual universe didn’t quite match the reality, but on the other hand, my vision of having my own husband-shaped Nigella/Miss Moneypenny sorting out the household Stuff wasn’t quite reality either. Still, while I was out cutting a rich seam at the coalface of truth (If you don’t believe me, read about how The X Factor stars were spotted in Airdrie) it was jolly nice to find the homefires had been stoked.

And for two, a very nice man called Tom from Morphy Richards came by the Palace of Bundance and read my post about Housework Half Hour. He said he had a fancy-pants vacuum cleaner (can’t use the H word) that was better than all the others (even the one that begins with D) and that we could have a go for Housework Half Hour.

Much excitement when the box containing the Vorticity arrived. Boys One and Two helped unpack and assemble, or at least they did until they clocked on to the fact it was for them to use. By then though, Boy Three had fallen in love. He wouldn’t let anyone else have a look-in. Great, you’d think, but toddlers are only any good at cleaning one smallish patch of floor for long periods at a time.

So while I like the Vorticity very much – it nippy and light but seems to suck like a good ‘un. We can only use it after Boy Three is in bed, luckily it’s quite quiet and gets the job done fast. Boy Two likes the way the flex winds itself up and Boy One is unnaturally fascinated by the whole vortex thing.

In case you care: Vorticity is a concept used in fluid dynamics. In the simplest sense, vorticity is the tendency for elements of the fluid to “spin”.

Not quite sure how that applies to the dry stuff that goes into the cleaner, but however it does it, it does it well.

But nice man Tom, how are you going to help us solve our new problem of Boy Three’s passion for your machine?

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Vorticity review on Sleep is for the Weak

By Tom Craik | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Product Reviews, Vacuum Cleaners

We recently made contact with writer, artist and top Mummy Blogger Josie George after she had an accident with her vacuum cleaner, and sent her a Vorticity to try out and review. You can read the orginal post here, but this is what she thought:

I had always wondered what I would do in a time of really great crisis. I guess you can never quite predict your own coping mechanisms when faced with a situation you haven’t experienced before.

Turns out, when I’m REALLY stressed? I clean. A lot.

I know. I’m as surprised as you are quite frankly. Ironic I would turn into the world’s greatest housewife NOW isn’t it?

Now this is absolutely the last review post for a while as I made a promise a while back that I would only review things that I absolutely needed or that would be a treat for Kai, but I have been lucky enough to have been given some much-needed replacement things lately and this is one of them.

This story begins with a silly tweet in which I complained that my vacuum cleaner had punched me in the face. And it had, left a bruise and everything, but that will teach me for trying to over-enthusiastically extend a stiff attachment on a cheapy £20 vacuum (Edit: all innueundo absolutely accidental there).

Enter the rather clever and opportunistic @MRLoveYourHome, representing Morphy Richards, offering to give me a fancy new one to save me a future black eye. It’s worth noting here that Morphy Richards managed a really great bit of blogger outreach here. Tom from MR had obviously been following my blog for a while and knew enough about my lifestyle to tailor his pitch sensitivily. Plus, his tweet made me laugh which is always a winner in my book. So 10/10 Tom.

Anyway, enter into my life the Vorticity – a rather cool looking white and orange vaccuum cleaner with a unique floorhead that features 22 mini cylcones that make it extra sucky and a HEPA filtration system.


Now, I was all set for me and Kai to make a video of the awesomeness that is my new best friend and partner in stress-busting cleanathons, but I had forgotten that Kai is mortally afraid of vacuum cleaners (and food processors) so after a few screamy attempts I have had to give up and write this review instead.

And, well, I love it! It’s looks cool and is very nippy with the swivel head negotiating round all of the house’s nooks and crannies and under furniture easily. My favourite thing is that because of the way the suction works, it automatically adjusts when you move from carpet to laminate, which is handy in my house as I have both. It’s bagless, which means it keeps its suction and is very easy to empty and clean. It comes with two attachments, the brush tool is fab for the stairs, although the whole unit is quite heavy so takes a bit of arm strength to hold as you do it. It’s good and robust too which makes you feel less guilty when you’ve bounced it off the skirting boards a few times.

The weight would be my only criticism really, along with the fact that it seems to work loads better on laminate than on my rather old and notoriously difficult to vacuum carpets. But the fact that my house is spotless says an awful lot. The fact that it’s so easy to use means I actually USE it. And, well that’s a first for me.

So thanks Morphy Richards.

The Vorticity retails at about £199 and you can watch a video made by the Morphy Richards team featuring its main features here.

I would encourage to have a quick look at MR’s online community featuring recipes, cleaning tips, competitions and opportunities for community involvement.

A big thanks goes out to Josie for such a kind review. We’d encourage all Morphy Richards customers to have a read of her blog and follow her tweets here, whether your a mother or not. She runs a weekly writing workshop on her blog which is really useful resource for anyone looking to get into that area, and it’s an all round lively, amusing read.

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Amazon reviewers go mad for Vorticity

By Tom Craik | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Vacuum Cleaners, Product Reviews, Floor Care

Since giving the Amazon Vine community a taste of the new Vorticity vacuum cleaner, we’ve had some fantastic feedback from their trusted reviewers. Here’s what J. Aitken, from Glasgow, thought after taking it for a test drive:

I am a bit of a technophobe so when reviewing I have to err on the practical side. The machine was easy to assemble and the instructions clear, though orange against white is not the best colour combination for this purpose. It is easy to transport around the house, fairly lightweight and easy to store. It is much quieter than my previous machine but has a much better level of suction. Carpets were cleaned in no time, and the cleaning out of the cylinder was very easy. All in all this is a first rate product which was streets ahead of my previous vaccuum cleaner, and I can recommend it unreservedly. Potential purchasers might note, that once bought, if you register on line you get a free 5 year guarantee, which is an additional advantage.

Paddyette was impressed with the sleek design of the product as well its convenience, functionality and suction power:

When recently choosing a new vac I was initially after a Dyson (just due to the reputation usually attached). I decided to have a look at the rivals first and came across the Morphy Richards Vorticity. I’m so glad I opted for this now as it has proved to be a brilliant product. I liked the styling of this vac – having something stylish to look at helps to take the pain away from the chore of hoovering! It was very straight forward to assemble when it arrived. The instructions were very easy to follow. It’s easy to manoeuvre – the design allows you to turn corners with ease. There are attachments to suit every household need eg; stair tool. It suits all floor types. And the new technology of suction power is very powerful. It is also very easy to empty. All in all a top quality vac that I would 100% recommend.

Here’s a link to the Vorticity 71081 DC’s Amazon page, where you can read the full set of reviews and buy the product.

If you’re a blogger and you would like to review our Vorticity, please let us know commenting on the post or by using the contact form in the ‘Get in Touch’ section. Alternatively you can submit a review through by clicking on the ‘Write a Review’ button, or if you bought it on Amazon like these guys, why not share your thoughts there?

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New Mummy test drives the Vorticity

By Tom Craik | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Vacuum Cleaners, Floor Care, Product Reviews

At Morphy Richards, we love mummy bloggers, and it’s great to know what they think of our products. We sent out a Vorticity to busy mum and top blogger Carol Smith, who writes at New Mummy and her product review blog New Mummy’s Tips .

She took it for a test drive and rather liked it – this is what she thought:

I love twitter, I really do, you meet great people and get the best pitches from people!

One day I was complaining about housework (nothing new there) when I got sent this great tweet

@Caroljs If ur ever in a housework mood, we’ve got new products that could make life easier. Wld you consider reviewing this sort of thing?

OK so it’s not quite “we’ll send a team of cleaners over” but I was intrigued. The tweet from a very nice man who was running the @MRLoveYourHome account, which is the twitter account for Morphy Richards and their blog Home Of The House Proud

This is what they sent me….

Vorticity Vacuum Cleaner

The Vorticity Plus Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

This is what Morphy Richards say about the Vorticity….

At Morphy Richards we know people regard vacuuming as a chore. People have less time these days for housework, but still want excellent results. So we have developed Vorticity; a new spin on vacuum cleaners. With its intuitive and simple design it really does give our deepest clean ever.

This bagless vacuum cleaner comes with a groundbreaking floorhead which uses the power of a cyclone where you need it most. It uses the power of 22 mini cyclones to gently dislodge dust and dirt with ease. And Vorticity’s unique new head design glides across any floor surface for our deepest ever clean.

This brand new technology means there is the power of a cyclone where you need it most.

Apart from being on the heavy side (my excuse for not cleaning the stairs) I found that myself really liking this vacuum.

It is really powerful, its picks up everything first time which means no going over the same area. The head swivels slightly which means it vacuums right up to the edge of the wall without having to switch to the attachments. You can tell the difference when you move from wood flooring to carpet, you can feel the power.

The handle extends really easily and the head fits under my sofa perfectly which means again no taking the floorhead off and adding the attachments. I have never found vacuuming so quick and easy.

Other features I like is the handle clips onto the front of the vorticity so it keeps nice and tidy, the cable automatically retracts and is a decent length. The attachment clips on to the handle and doesn’t fall off!

It has a 2.75 litre capacity which is rather large and to empty it you just twist and pull the canister off and empty it, so simple.  It’s pretty quiet for a high power vacuum.

It’s not cheap at £219 .99 but sometimes it pays off to invest in decent equipment, and this is a good investment.

Would I buy it? Yes


Here’s a link to the original post on her blog.

If anyone else would like the opportunity to review the Vorticity, or any of our other products, give us a shout, either as a comment or by using the contact form.

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Vorticity tips – accessories and features

By Tom Craik | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuuming the house from top to bottom can be a thoroughly tricky business – all those nooks and crannies, stairs and upholstery can be a nightmare to navigate, and because of this they often get avoided.

We had this in mind during the Vorticity’s design process and, by developing a number of intuitive attachments, we’ve made the vacuum cleaner and its accessories extremely versatile and simple to use.

See below for a short overview of each of the tools and what they are useful for.

Crevice tool

We know how difficult it is to navigate hard-to-reach areas like corners, skirting boards and coving, and these areas often accumulate large amounts of dust and dirt. The Vorticity’s crevice tool can be added directly to either the hose or the handle to improve stability and allow you to tackle these areas with ease.

Dusting brush

Shelves, tables, benches, lampshades, keyboards – these areas and objects all accumulate dust and dirt, but require a more delicate touch to keep them looking great. The Vorticity’s dusting brush features soft bristles so you can keep objects and surfaces dirt and dust free without any damage.


Stairs and upholstery have to take a lot of wear and tear in the home, particularly if you have a large family. Vacuuming regularly will not only help to keep these areas looking great, it will also help to make them last in the long run.

The Vorticity’s mini floorhead is the ideal tool for this job and uses the same unique technology as the main floorhead, but on a smaller scale. Air is drawn into cones creating mini cyclones in the floorhead which agitate and dislodge dust, dirt and hair from the depths of the carpet and from in between the floorboards.

Bleed valve

Lighter suction is advisable to avoid wear and tear on delicate upholstery. By rotating the bleed valve on the handle, you can reduce suction to tackle areas like these carefully and thoroughly.

Where can I find out more?

To learn more about the Vorticity, check out the product website here. You’ll be able to explore its features, technology, more hints and tips, and if you like what you see, you can buy one online.

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Collectors and the world of household appliances

By Tom Craik | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Vacuum Cleaners

Collecting is an innate desire for many of us and you often see it from an early age – kids collect action figures, dolls, models and even football stickers. Yes, I have fond memories of standing in the playground with a group of friends frantically making deals in the hope of being the first to adorn that year’s booklet with the full set of Premier League stars!

Of course adults do it too. I have a friend who collects rare comic books and my dad’s got a friend who collects drinks coasters from bars and restaurants.  And I’m sure everyone knows of at least one stamp collector.

And what do we do with our prized collections? We display them – whether it’s in a glass case, a booklet, or products in their original packaging.

Scientists think it’s a throwback to an earlier time in our evolution when we used to hoard food. Maybe it is…or maybe it’s just a matter of personal pride. An extensive collection can show off how long someone has been in a given field of expertise, how well travelled they are, or how much drive and commitment they have.

We’ve been noticing that there’s a big community built around collecting household items, especially in the US. For example, today @niffur Tweeted us this video of a 12-year-old boy who has one of the largest collections of vacuum cleaners in the entire world!

We’ve been noticing that there’s a big community built around collecting household items, especially in the US. For example, today @niffur Tweeted us this video of a 12-year-old boy who has one of the largest collections of vacuum cleaners in the entire world!

He’s a member of the Vacuum Cleaner Collectors Club and you can find their online home here. It’s full of pictures of people’s crazy collections and geeky insights into the world of vacuum cleaners old and new. Unfortunately there’s no UK equivalent on the web, but we’re sure there’s a thriving UK community out there somewhere…

So if you’ve got a collection of household appliances, or simply have a few old items lying about, please get in touch. We’d love to hear what motivates you and see what you’ve collected over the years.

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Introducing Vorticity – Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

By Tom Craik | 19/06/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Vacuum Cleaners

Vorticity – Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
For the last few years, the design boffins at Morphy Richards HQ have been working around the clock, racking their brains and searching the deepest recesses of scientific theory to develop the next generation of vacuum technology. But where do you go next after bagless technology, cylinders and cyclones? The answer is in the floorhead!

The Vorticity’s floorhead takes the idea of the cyclone and puts it right where you need it most, using the power of 22 mini cyclones to dislodge dust, dirt, hair and other undesirables from the depths of carpet and from in between your floorboards. And rather than having separate heads for your carpet and hard floors, the floorhead is adaptable enough to glide across any surface and leave it spotless.

Allergy sufferers, it’s got you covered too! An antibacterial HEPA filter in the vacuum traps and retains the dust particles that make your life difficult.

If you fancy learning more, visit the Vorticity product page or join our community of houseproud individuals at our Facebook page.

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Yorkshireman, Basildon, West Yorkshire

By Chris Bennett | 19/06/2012 | Posted in Product Reviews, Vacuum Cleaners

Vorticity Plus Vacuum Cleaner

Pros: Good if you have pets, Hard floors, Quiet, Sea grass flooring
Cons: Small mats lifted
Best Uses: All floors

I have been using this cleaner for some time now and also have a Dyson cylinder cleaner, This is better for the following reasons it has more suction for starters I think it must be head design. I have some modern floor coverings sea grass in particular and it really does get it much cleaner than the Dyson ever did. It is heavier than the Dyson but I am mainly using this upstairs where the sea grass is. I also have two cats and the Vorticity picks up hairs better than the Dyson too its also easier to store and empty. Its a great cleaner for laminate floor boards Carpets and alternative floor coverings like sea Grass mainly because the head design boosts the way it picks up even without a spinning brush at the end. And it looks nice too and is very robust and well made. As you can tell from this review I am very happy with this cleaner.


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