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Spring cleaning sorted!

By Kirstie Jones | 11/03/2016 | Posted in Floor Care

Is it time for the big deep clean of your home now spring has finally rolled around? Now winter’s on its way out having a thorough clean is a great way to pay some attention to those spots that get missed as part of your regular cleaning routine. Don’t miss our top tips on sprucing up your home from top to bottom, plus find out how you can win a Total Clean Fresh Steam Cleaner!


Have a process and a checklist

When you think about all the things that need cleaning in your home, it can be a bit overwhelming. The best way to tackle a deep clean or big spring clean is to have a clear process in mind. Before you even start cleaning, having a pre clean where you focus on decluttering and tidying up will make the cleaning process itself so much easier. Work out the order of how to move through your home and where you’ll clean first. If you live over two floors, starting upstairs and working your way down could be one method. Whichever room you tackle first, it can help to take a top to bottom approach, so start high up and think about dusting ceilings and light fittings and on top of cupboards, then work down to eye level and tackle furniture and worktops, before finishing off with the floors. This method also makes sure any dust you create high up gets cleaned up at the end. Having a checklist can also help you stay on track. We like this free printable list from the Living Well Spending Less blog.

Raid the cupboards

As well as stocking up on cleaning products, ingredients you’ve probably already got in your cupboards can be a good addition to your deep cleaning regime. For example, vinegar and baking soda can be used to get oil-based stains out of carpet. Lemon and salt can be used to clean stainless steel sinks and cream of tartare can help make small appliances like toasters look shiny and new again. 

Have the right equipment

Once you’ve got your checklist and process nailed, check you’ve got all the things you need to carry out the big clean. Think cleaning products as well as the basics like sponges, cloths, bin liners and paper towels. Once you get stuck into cleaning the last thing you’ll want to do is have to dash to the Supermarket for more supplies! The cleaning equipment you use can make a big difference to how efficient the cleaning process is. 

Banish dust from your home with the Morphy Richards Allergy Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner. This lightweight cylinder vacuum has variable suction control for different floor types and an integrated EPA filter, which retains 99.9% of household dust. 

The Total Clean Fresh Steam Cleaner is a great multi-tasker and can tackle a range of cleaning jobs from steaming work surfaces to getting rid of burnt on food on your hob and oven. With quick heat up time of 30 seconds and a continuous fill water tank, you can start steaming straight away and you don't have to turn the unit off to re-fill the tank allowing for more steaming time. Plus when you add your favourite detergent to the floor head it will leave your home smelling great when you’re done!

Once you’ve carried out the big deep clean, keep topped up with the SuperVac 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. The lightweight, cordless model can also be used as a handheld device perfect for tackling curtains, upholstery and hard to reach places.

For your chance to win a Total Clean Fresh Steam Cleaner, simply head over to the Morphy Richards Facebook Page and share your spring cleaning tips!

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Easy Spring cleaning tasks to do this week

By Naomi Biltcliffe | 15/04/2015 | Posted in Floor Care

Everyone is busy these days, trying to juggle work, family, friends and much more besides, and so sometimes a deep clean isn’t always possible. Break down the clean into sizeable chunks by tackling one room at a time and invest in the proper products to help you work through them quickly.


If you only have fifteen minutes here and there, here are five things to prioritise in your living room:

1. Sort your sofa. Remove all of the cushions and vacuum up any hidden nasties with your Morphy Richards Supervac. This gives your living room a good spruce without too much hard work and is so quick and easy to do, you can even fit it in during the advert breaks!

2. De-clutter.  This can be your dresser, the cupboard under the TV or your children’s toy box. Sort into three piles: chuck, recycle and keep. You can only clean properly once you have removed all of the ‘stuff’ which has built up over the past year.

3. Vacuum your rugs and mats. You would be surprised at how much difference a clean rug can make, but a whole room can be transformed in one quick job and it will spur you on to tackle the rest of the house.

4. Clean your curtains. This is particularly good practise if you’re replacing your heavy winter curtains with a lighter set for Spring. Handsticks such as the Morphy Richards Supervac are lightweight enough to reach the full length of the curtain and eradicate all dust and dirt.

5. Spruce up your light fittings. These can be dust traps, but a quick blast with a handstick and there’ll be no more cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. Easy.

What’s your top spring cleaning priority?

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How you can put the 'spring' in your spring cleaning

By Tom Craik | 18/03/2014 | Posted in Floor Care

The mornings are getting a little lighter, the days a little longer and the threat of snow is slowly fading, which can only mean one thing: Spring is around the corner, and with spring comes the time of year to refresh, clean, and clear away the clutter of the year in a frenzy of spring cleaning.

With a whole house to tackle, you will need a formidable set of tools to get into every nook and cranny, to tackle all the dirt, grime and stains. That is, unless you have a Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Upright and Handheld Steam Cleaner.




Morphy Richards’ 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner is a truly versatile product with nine different cleaning uses for all over your home; including carpets, sealed hard floors, grout, windows and upholstery, leaving virtually no area of your home that  it can’t tackle.

The five metre cable allows you to roam around large rooms, hunting down hidden dust and dirt and the 30 second heat up means no waiting around. As the steam cleaner runs for up to 14 minutes, you will be able to make fast and light work of cleaning your home from top to bottom.

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A clean home before holiday

By Tom Craik | 07/08/2013 | Posted in Floor Care


We’re now fully into holiday season, and we hope that you will all be enjoying a break at an exotic getaway this summer! More often than not, the last thing that you think of in the excitement of going away (but the first thing you think you should have done when you arrive back) is cleaning the house. There is definitely nothing worse than coming home, jet lagged and missing the sun, with the prospect of having to clean your house lying ahead of you.

With that in mind, it’s always advisable to give your house a thorough clean before you go away. Carpets should be the priority due to dust and dirt accumulation but all surfaces should be given a good clean too (especially if you are having to leave pets behind!). This may sound daunting when combined with the inevitable stress of having to pack, but trust us – it is worth it when you get back! Knowing you can come back to a clean, welcoming home is the perfect tonic after a long journey home.



Using a product like the Morphy Richards 9 in 1 Upright and Handheld Steam Cleaner is ideal for this situation, as it can help to clean a whole host of different surfaces in no time at all. It creates steam in just thirty seconds flat and can easily convert into a handheld steamer, meaning that along with its vast array of accessories, you can reach all nooks and crannies and be assured of a complete clean across the home.

The Morphy Richards 9 in 1 Steam Mop is available to buy on our website, and you may spot our advert on your TV screens in the coming weeks. Also, if you have any top cleaning tips, then why not share them with our community on our Facebook wall? 

Walker or Spreader. The perfect vacuuming technique

By Tom Craik | 21/05/2013 | Posted in Floor Care

Taking good care of your carpet not only significantly extends its life, but controls the build-up of dust which can lead to allergens. That does beg the question though, what is the best technique?  Walking behind? Spreading from one point? Backwards?  Forwards? Here are our top tips to getting the most out of your vacuum:


1) Quickly push and slowly pull:
Most vacuums clean better on the backstroke, around 4 times better. Therefore to maximise your cleaning go faster forwards and slower when pulling back.

2) Vary your angles:
Avoid vacuuming in straight lines, changing up the angles ensures the pile is opened removing as much dirt as possible.

3) High footfall areas:
Keep on top of high footfall areas by vacuuming daily to prevent dirt becoming deeply trodden.

4) Plan your route:
Avoid walking over areas you have just vacuumed, sounds obvious but isn’t always easy – plan your exit route.

5) Never Loses Suction:
Our Never Loses Suction vacuum doesn’t lose suction as the vacuum fills like normal vacuums.  It works at maximum efficiency from start to finish.

6) HEPA Filters:
HEPA filters, like the ones in our Never Loses Suction vacuum, ensure that dust and dirt stay in the canister and are not emitted back into the atmosphere, preventing dirt from resettling.  

As well as the Never Loses Suction Complete Clean Vacuum Cleaner, Morphy Richards have a range of vacuum cleaners to suit any household. For more information or even to buy, please visit our website.

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Win a Never Loses Suction Vacuum Cleaner!

By Tom Craik | 24/04/2013 | Posted in Floor Care

It's competition time again, and this month we are giving away one of our smartest ever products - the Never Loses Suction Lift Away Complete Clean Vacuum Cleaner.



Morphy Richards’ new improved Lift Away Bagless Upright boasts Never Loses Suction* Cyclone technology for constant pick up performance, making it perfect for the most house proud of people. 

The product is the first vacuum cleaner in the UK to boast a lift away detachable canister combined with Never Loses Suction* technology. The lift away canister detaches from the main body of the unit giving a cleaning radius of up to an impressive 12.5m, making it ideal for vacuuming those hard to reach places such as skirting boards, stairs and other nooks and crannies.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you think is the hardest place to reach with a vacuum cleaner. Do this before 12pm on Wednesday 1st May, and we will announce the winner on the blog later that day.

Five smart cleaning ideas you never thought of

By Tom Craik | 28/03/2013 | Posted in Floor Care

We are well in truly into the heart of Spring Cleaning season - is your home sparkling more after a much needed clean? If not, to give you a helping hand, we have pulled together five of our smartest tips to make your cleaning as easy as possible, whilst still achieving the same cleaning results.

1) Ditch your mop and bucket!

Using a mop and bucket is a timely exercise; whether it's waiting around for floors to dry and refilling buckets it always seems to take longer than it should. It is also a much less hygienic method than alternatives, as mops are often full of bacteria which spread across your floor during cleaning. Using a steam mop allows for a quicker clean and much more sanitary floor. 

2) Don’t use dish clothes or kitchen roll to wipe surfaces!

Using dish cloths or kitchen roll to wipe surfaces merely shifts visible dirt and doesn’t remove potentially harmful bacteria. Further to this dish cloths can be a home for these microorganisms, which means you're likely to be making your surface dirtier! The Morphy Richards 9-in-1 steam cleaner comes with an attachment making wiping surfaces quicker and cleaner than using kitchen roll or dirty dish clothes! 

3) Keep on top of your bathroom by chucking away your chemicals!

The bathroom is the busiest room in the house and notoriously time consuming to clean. Cleaning your bathroom can require a multitude of different detergents, sprays and chemicals for all the different surfaces. Throw all of these away! The Morphy Richards 9-in-1 steam cleaner has special attachments for the entire bathroom and cleans deeper than alternatives, making the cupboard under the sink a thing of the past.  


4) Standard vacuums aren’t good enough for pet hairs!

Pet hairs are always a tough one to get rid of and when your pet is in malting season it can feel like you’re constantly following them around with the vacuum. Morphy Richard’s Never Loses Suction technology makes cleaning up after your furry friends as efficient as possible, leaving your floors spotless in the process!

5) Don’t waste your time polishing!

Wooden surfaces only need polishing around once a year; any more than this can actually cause damage to the surface. The rest of time a simple pass of a steam mop will do, and luckily for you the Morphy Richard’s 9-in-1 has a special attachment to make this as quick and easy as possible. 

Both the 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner and the Never Loses Suction vacuum cleaner are available on our website.

Nine smart ideas in one smart product

By Tom Craik | 20/03/2013 | Posted in Floor Care

Meet the Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner, the ultimate cleaning tool for your home. The 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner comes with loads of accessories making it suitable for cleaning a multitude of occasions around the house:



1. Hard floors

The most effective way to clean any hard floor surfaces is with a steam cleaner, leaving only a sparkling surface behind. Steam cleaners are the best in floor sanitising and decontaminating technology, going deeper than standard mops and vacuums and with no mess or drying left to be done. 

2. Carpets

The Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner doesn’t stop there though and is just as capable on your carpet as your wood and tiles. Getting deeper into your carpet than a standard vacuum would, a steam cleaner picks up the dirt your vacuum can’t, leaving you with a carpet that will look as good as new.

3. Work surfaces

Yet another string to the 9-in-1’s bow is its detachable handle, making it ideal for cleaning work surfaces and those hard to reach places. If you’re tired of constantly buying wipes and cloths for your worktops, invest in the 9-in-1 steam mop and those days will be a thing of the past. 

4. Windows

Never pay a window cleaner again when you have a Morphy Richard 9-in-1 steamer. With a specialised nozzle attachment for cleaning windows you can easily keep your windows sparkling all year round; no need for soggy sponges and buckets of suds any more!

5. Tiles & Grouting

Another specialised attachment allows you to blast away the grime and dirt from between your tiles to make them look as good as new. Mould and dirt in showers and around bath tubs build up over time and can be particularly tricky to remove, but with the Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner’s special nozzle it can be blasted away easily and quickly. 

6. Oven & Hobs & BBQs

Burnt-on food is always a tough one to remove, having to leave strong chemicals overnight and then giving them a good scrub. With the Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner these tough to remove stains can be easily taken off with no need for chemicals or overnight soaking.

7. Upholstery

Curtains and upholstery gather dirt easily and can be a tricky one to clean, often involving a trip to the dry cleaners or new upholstery all together. The Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner has a specialised fabric attachment allowing you to breathe new life into your tired upholstery. 

8. Taps 

Bathrooms are busy rooms and it doesn’t take long for dried toothpaste to rear its ugly head and is particularly difficult to remove. Another attachment of the Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Steam Cleaners allows you to blast away grime build up from around taps and sinks quickly and easily, without the need of strong chemicals and detergents.

9. Clothes

Away from your home interior the 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner can even clean your clothes, making trips back and forth to the dry cleaners a thing of the past. Using the Steam Cleaner on your clothes means you no longer have to wait for clothes to dry, just simply pass over the detachable cleaner and your clothes are ready! 

The 9-in-1 steam cleaner will be available soon on the Morphy Richards website, check our Facebook page for more information.

Keeping your mattress in tip-top condition

By Tom Craik | 06/03/2013 | Posted in Floor Care

Here’s a top tip that some people may not know – the best way to clean your mattress is to vacuum it. Using water and traditional cleaning products may seem like a good idea in theory; however it can simply lead to more problems, with mould forming and nasty smells lingering if moisture is retained in the mattress. Avoid falling into that trap, and make sure that vacuuming your mattress is high on your spring cleaning agenda.


It all sounds great in principle, but it can often be tricky to vacuum those hard to reach places, especially when having to drag a large floor unit around with you. With that in mind, the latest range of vacuum cleaners from Morphy Richards have been developed with Never Loses Suction technology to make your spring cleaning a breeze.

Never Loses Suction Lift Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


The Morphy Richards Lift Away Bagless Upright is the first vacuum cleaner in the UK to boast a lift away detachable canister, combined with Never Loses Suction technology. The lift away canister detaches from the main body of the unit, making it ideal to vacuum all parts of your mattress with ease.

Watch our design and innovation manager, Glynn Hauser, take you through the key features of the vacuum cleaner in this video.

Never Loses Suction Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners 


The Never Loses Suction family also includes cylinder vacuum cleaners. The Never Loses Suction Compact Bagless Cylinder has a total capacity of 1.6 litres and is light in weight and compact, ideal for those people with smaller homes. It has excellent manoeuvrability, empties in just one touch and comes complete with a dusting brush and crevice tool. 

If you are interested in any of the products featured in this post, then they are all available to purchase on our website.

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Smart spring cleaning ideas

By Tom Craik | 01/03/2013 | Posted in Floor Care

That time of year has sprung up on us again, the snow is melting, the daffodils are in bloom and the house needs a good scrubbing. Spring cleaning can seem like a daunting task but here are a few smart ideas to get you through it.


1. Make a Plan

Start by listing out every room of your house. Think about different things in those rooms; the skirting boards, the walls, the windows, behind and under furniture (and the furniture itself). Basically, things that you probably don't clean on a regular basis. If it helps you, walk through your house while making the list.

2. Take it one room at a time

One of the most common mistakes people make when spring-cleaning is moving randomly around the house. One minute you're clearing out the cupboard under the sink - and the next, you're in the bedroom trying to stuff all your winter jumpers into a bin liner. The result? A great big, unsatisfying, exhausting mess! Instead, try to clean methodically from room to room: this will conserve your energy and ensure nothing gets missed out.

3. De-clutter Before Cleaning

It is frustrating to be ready to dust an area only to realize that you have to move 15 knick-knacks, 10 pieces of junk mail, broken crayons and wadded up tissues before you can get started. Save yourself a headache and get rid of clutter before cleaning!

4. Gather your tools

Save yourself trips back and forth for cleaning items and tools by carrying them with you. Choose a container with a handle for easy transporting. Or try customizing an apron with pouches to keep cleaning rags, sponges, and small tools handy.

5. Top Down

One trick when you're spring cleaning is to tackle each room from the top down, this is where the 9-in-1 steam mop is a useful tool allowing you to dust and clean the ceiling, moulding and the light fixtures. Then steam mop down walls, the windows, and doors. When you're done with what's on the walls, move your steam mop on to the furniture. Finally use your steam cleaner on the floors to finish off the room. 

6. Clean from dry to wet

This is really simple; mopping will take twice or even three times as long if you didn’t sweep well first.  The same goes with dust and dirt, so be sure to sweep and get everything “dry” first, before wetting it down and cleaning with water. 

7. Freshen up your curtains

Curtains need cleaning at least once a year to prolong their life and keep them looking as good as new, a perfect job for the Morphy 9-in-1 steam cleaner! Breathe new life into your curtains as easy as your carpet. 

8. Rescue your carpets

Carpets accumulate a lot of dust, dirt and even fungi over time, all of which are unsightly, unhygienic and can be potential health hazards. Up to 80% of carpet dirt is loose and can be removed with regular vacuuming. But to tackle those really stubborn bugs and stains, it's another job for the Morphy Richards 9-in-1 steam cleaner. But be warned: you'll be shocked at how much dirt comes up.

9. Revamp your wardrobe

No, that doesn't mean you can head off for a spending spree on the high street. Now's the time to, literally, clean your wardrobe. Remove everything from your wardrobe and drawers, steam mop them thoroughly inside and out.

10. Don't wait until spring to start working on spring cleaning. 

Take advantage of those cold winter weekends when you're cooped up inside, and start clearing out closets, dressers, and cupboards. If you knock out some of those small tasks ahead of time, spring cleaning will be a breeze.

The Morphy Richards 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner will be available on the Morphy Richards website this month, so stay tuned.

How clean is your house?

By Tom Craik | 22/02/2013 | Posted in Floor Care

Spring cleaning probably isn’t at the forefront of your mind just yet, but the key time is creeping up on all of us. Ever since Christmas, houses have been accumulating dust and dirt without us even realising and spring gives us all the chance to dedicate time to getting our homes back in tip-top condition.


The problem is, there are lots of different surfaces to clean, and the dirtiest are often the hardest to reach. For instance, according to a recent survey, 58% of people ignore the most difficult spots when cleaning to save time. Luckily for you, we have a number of floor care products that will finally make those tough spots accessible and leave your floors and house looking sparkling clean this spring.


9-in-1 Upright and Handheld Steam Cleaner:



The 9 in 1 Upright and Handheld Steam Cleaner from Morphy Richards is a truly versatile product with nine different cleaning uses for all areas of the home; including carpets, work surfaces, windows  and upholstery. Creating steam in just 30 seconds, it is the perfect appliance for this year’s spring cleaning. The product will be available on the Morphy Richards website next month, so stay tuned.

Never Loses Suction Vacuum Cleaner:


Morphy Richards’ Lift Away Bagless Upright boasts Never Loses Suction Cyclone technology for constant pick up performance, making it perfect for the most house proud of people. The product is the first vacuum cleaner in the UK to have a lift away detachable canister, meaning it is ideal for cleaning carpets in harder to reach places. 

To watch a video of our design and innovation manager, Glynn, putting the Never Loses Suction through its paces then watch this video.

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Win the 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner!

By Tom Craik | 29/11/2012 | Posted in Floor Care



Steam cleaners are often falsely associated with having the sole purpose of getting unwanted, stubborn stains out of the carpet.

Whether it’s a clumsy red wine spillage at a party, or an unwanted “gift” from a pet, we clamour to dust the cobwebs off the steam cleaner to avoid a domestic incident. However, steam cleaners are much more versatile than that, and have many everyday uses.

The Morphy Richards 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner is a lightweight, manoeuvrable steam cleaner ideal for all floors. Using the steam cleaner for floors (both hard and carpet), as well as general surfaces and doors is the best way to ensure a spotless finish on a day-to-day basis.

The instantaneous steam boiler also means that steam is produced in 30 seconds flat, and the large 400ml tank means you should spend less time re-filling.

What’s more, the detachable handheld helps you clean those hard-to-reach places with ease, meaning that any time you stretch for those nooks and crannies, you can be confident of a spotless finish. A fast and thorough clean? Who wouldn’t want that!

To see the steam cleaner in action, watch this video of Glynn, our design and innovation manager, exploring its features.

To celebrate the launch of the 2-in-1 Steam Cleaner, we are giving one away to a lucky reader! All you have to do is to share with us your finest cleaning tip by dropping a comment below, and we’ll pick a winner at random on Thursday 6th December.

For more information about the steam mop, check out our website.

94% of Argos customers would recommend Vorticity to a friend

By Tom Craik | 06/08/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Household Cleaning

Customers that have bought the Vorticity vacuum cleaner from Argos have been unanimous in their enthusiasm for the product and  94% of them would recommend it to a friend.

Denise from Devon, who gave the cleaner 5 out of 5 stars, said:

“This is an amazing vacuum cleaner. My old one had a short lead and would lose suction really quickly. This one has a very long lead, so I don’t need to keep changing plugs and the suction power is fantastic. It’s really easy to empty it and clean the filter. It’s a little bit weighty, but the ‘roller ball’ wheels make it really easy to pull around.

I went to the Morphy Richards website where you can watch videos about how everything works – it helped me decide to buy this product – and I’m so glad I did!!! I would highly recommend buying this vacuum and I would certainly buy one again.”

Mere Male from Sussex was equally impressed:

“First impressions are very good after less than a month of use. Suction is superb and the ability to remove dirt from both tiled floors and carpets, including the stairs, is most effective. It appears to be essential to keep the cleaning head flat on the floor for optimum results. The filter is extremely easy to clean and emptying out the dust collected is a doddle.
We purchased this to replace an extremely expensive, internationally acclaimed up-right cleaner which, whilst a “Rolls Royce” of cleaners, has proven much too heavy for general use in our pretty basic semi-detached house and so far we are delighted.”

Unique Lady from London much prefers the Vorticity to her previous machine:

“I brought this to replace my Dyson which had finally packed up after a lot of years serv ice. This model was on offer and I decided to take the risk….I will not be buying Dyson again, this is quieter, more efficient at cleaning on both my wooden and carpeted floors and half the weight to move around. An excellent purchase and would recommend.”

If you would like to explore the Vorticity in more detail, visit the product website here

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DEPTH Testing at Morphy HQ

By Tom Craik | 06/08/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Household Cleaning, Product Reviews

Our products embark on quite a journey to get from concept to reality and one of the most crucial stages in that development process is a rigorous testing regime to ensure that the highest quality standards are met. At Morphy Richards, we take this very seriously indeed!

DEPTH is our dedicated research and testing lab (it stands for Design Engineering Product Technology Hub) and it’s where all the behind-the-scenes magic happens. Opening in 2009, it’s since been instrumental in keeping us at the forefront of industry innovation across a number of different product areas.

As well as being an advanced testing centre, it’s home to an innovation workshop for prototyping and model making, and a boffin-friendly brainstorming centre, making it a one stop shop for state-of-the art product development.

Housing 16 different testing machines (including two robotic arms) and various state of the art electronic control devices, we can test up to a 156 products at any one time.

To truly get a sense of what goes on, you have to see it in action. In the video below, our design and innovation manager explains how the Vorticity vacuum cleaner was tested before hitting the shelves and how the concept of its revolutionary floorhead was developed.

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Jo Beaufoix reviews Vorticity vacuum cleaner

By Tom Craik | 06/08/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Household Cleaning, Product Reviews

The lovely Jo, who writes at Jo Beaufoix, has been trialing the Vorticity vacuum cleaner over the last week or so and, going by her review below, she’s been having lots of fun. You can read the original post here

Morphy Richards give blogger a new pet

I am cleaning my house with a dinosaur.

No really I am.

It stalks from room to room destroying everything in its path.  It has decimated the dirt on my stairs, gobbled my living room carpet to cleanliness, and slicked the dust from my laminate floored kitchen like a small child’s finger oe’r the top of a French Fancy.

It has also sucked up one of Miss E’s socks, several beads, a paper clip and pretty much a whole head full of hair ( yep, still moulting).

Except it isn’t really a dinosaur.

That would be silly.

But I blame Morphy Richards for that as they have given it a dinosaur-like name…in my head.

NO not Barney.  Tsk!

This is a velociraptor

This is a vorticity vacuum

I prefer the vaccuum.

A few facts:

The Morphy Richards Vorticity Vacuum differs from other vacuums in that it uses air in a completely different way.

No really!

Its defining feature is the floorhead, which uses the power of 22 mini cyclones to draw in ambient air and force it down, dislodging particles of dust, dirt and other undesirables from in between carpet fibres and floorboards.

The bagless cylinder uses cyclonic technology to prevent the filters from clogging, keeping suction at a constant high level. It also uses a HEPA filtration system, which traps 99.7% of dust and other allergens that often escape into the air after cleaning, which is great for allergy sufferers.

Prices start at £199.99 and I think it’s pretty fantastic.  It’s easy to use, looks kind of cool and has made a real difference to my carpets.

In short, it sucks, but in a good way.

P.S.  Click below to see the the Vorticity’s features explained

P.P.S  I was gifted the Velocity by the lovely folks at Morphy Richards.  I declined the velociraptor.

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Exploring the Vorticity vacuum cleaner’s bagless system

By Tom Craik | 06/08/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Household Cleaning

Bagless vacuum cleaners are fairly ubiquitous these days, but have you ever stopped to wonder how they work internally? In the video below, our design and innovation manager explains how the Vorticity’s unique cyclonic technology helps maintain suction for longer.

To learn more about the Vorticity vacuum cleaner and it’s various features visit our dedicated product website

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Getting the most out of your Vorticity vacuum cleaner

By Tom Craik | 06/08/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Household Cleaning

Vacuum cleaners tend to deteriorate over time like any other machine and can drastically lose suction if not properly maintained.

We understand that there’s nothing worse than seeing your once flawless contraption wilt, moan and fade away under the weight of your workload, so we’ve made every effort to ensure that the Vorticity is as easy to maintain as possible.

In the short video below, our Design and Innovation Manager explains how regular emptying and maintenance can ensure your cleaner works at full efficiency for as long as possible.

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Vorticity review on Time Management Mum

By Tom Craik | 06/08/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Household Cleaning

A busy Christmas period is liable leave your carpets, upholstery and surfaces caked in dust, dirt and grime and it’s often a mammoth task to get your place looking ship shape afterwards. Our new friend Nadine Hill put our Vorticity vacuum cleaner to the test on her festive mess and kindly took the time to share her thoughts on her blog, Time Management Mum.

She writes about time management, getting things done, personal development and empowering other women, so after you’ve read her review post, make sure to check out the rest of her blog. Maybe you’ll pick up some useful tips that you can apply to your own lives.

We’ve reproduced her review below, but you can read the original entry here.

Review: Morphy Richards Vorticity Plus a Massive 50% off for my Readers!

Welcome! To get started, read this to learn more about me and this post shows you the pictures!

**This is a Product Review Post**

Product Name: Vorticity Vacuum by Morphy Richards
Buy Online Here: See at the end of the post for a special discount!
Here’s a link to the general product site
Price: £199.99 or £219.99 depending on the spec
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The blurb: It’s a vacuum cleaner called Vorticity and it differs from other vacuums on the market in that it uses air in a completely different way. It’s defining feature is the floorhead, which uses the power of 22 mini cyclones to draw in ambient air and force it down, dislodging particles of dust, dirt and other undesirables from in between carpet fibres and floorboards. This means that even dirt that is stuck on gets sucked up.
This vacuum will make the cleaning less of a chore and should dramatically speed up the process. Work-at-home mums and business owners don’t want to be bogged down by housework when they should be getting other things done and investing in a good quality vacuum cleaner could help minimise time spent doing this.

Initial Thoughts: Well – I love a good challenge so when I read that this vac will suck up even stuck on dirt, this was my focus! I started glaring at my carpet with a beady eye to find dried cat vomit, the kids discarded pez sweets or some muck from my builder husbands boots’ to tackle – all of which are usually staples on my living room carpet. But on the day I wanted to trial the vac, there was nothing! Only the usual carpet dirt- biscuit crumbs and bits of shredded tinsel from my daughter’s cheerleader pom poms – this wasn’t a challenge! This was dirt that moved! Anyway FYI – the Vorticity sucked it up! There was also a gobstopper sized bit of artificial Christmas tree that one of the cats had pulled off and was using as a play toy. Normally I would pick up any larger bits of debris before running the vac over the rest of the floor, but today I wanted to throw something at the vac, and it just swept over the bit of tree and neatly sucked it up – no getting stuck in the tubes for this vacuum!! Result!

I Liked: I loved the way the vacuum looked. I know it shouldn’t matter what something looks like as long as it does the job, but it was a bit trendy, which made me happy! The floorhead nozzle with the cyclones in it was really easy to manoeuvre, especially in awkward places and I could get right under some of my higher furniture that shows the carpet, which I couldn’t do with my usual upright vac without having to dismantle it to use the hose attachment. The vac itself was a little heavy to carry, but when you have it in the room, the hose is long enough to do what you need to without moving too much, and it is on wheels too so it follows you round. It is just if you carry the vac upstairs for example, it’s heavy, but I suppose most vacs are. I loved how easy it was to empty and I was amazed by how much dirt was in the chamber. Now before you cast me as a sloven housekeeper who never cleans, and therefore has loads of dirt, I should say that I have a cleaner who comes weekly, so the house is kept up to standard!

I wasn’t Keen: I trialled the vac on my kitchen floor too, where there were a few bits of dried on dirt. Some crusty Weetabix dropped by my 3YO and some other dried up spill, but I have to say this was where I was a little let down by the Vorticity. It wouldn’t pick up these bits and it was a wooden floor – I’d imagine, a lot easier to collect from than a carpet. I had to dislodge the bits of dirt with my fingernail before the Vorticity sucked it up. To be fair, dried on Weetabix is like cement, but my dishwasher copes with it on bowls so I was kind of hoping the Vorticity would win on Weetabix too, sadly it didn’t.

Overall: This vacuum was really good. It did the job quickly and neatly and was easy to use. There was just one thing I was confused about when setting it up in the first place. I clicked all the parts into place according to the instructions, but on the bit where the hose meets the body of the vac, it didn’t ‘click’ into place, just sat there so I was unsure if I’d done it right! Everything worked ok and nothing fell apart whilst cleaning but I would have liked a satisfying ‘click’ when I pieced it all together! The things that please some people eh? But R&D people – if you are reading, this would have made me feel more satisfied.

Time management is a big passion of mine – I love to get things done more effectively and with less fuss – especially boring things like cleaning. Let’s face it – who would rather clean the house than snuggle up with the kids on the sofa watching a Disney DVD with a bowl of microwave popcorn? So products like this help me create more time to do what I really want to be doing. I love how we are living in more enlightened times now where big companies listen to us mums who are using their stuff, and not just pushing products onto us in a ‘sell, sell sell’ mode. The nice chap who does PR and Social Media for Morphy Richards, Tom, told me about their blog and social community portal which I have ‘Liked’ on Facebook. I want to hear what other real people think and any tips, and you can get that here so if you want a nice home, check it out!

I’ve negotiated a fantastic 50% discount on this vacuum for the readers of Time Management Mum! There are two models of this vac, and here are the links to each and the codes you use at the checkout…

For the 71080
Use the code TMM8050

For the 71081

Use the code TMM8150 (expired)

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Even more Morphy Richards Innovators have their say!

By Janelle Hardacre | 26/07/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Kitchen, Morphy 'Innovators', Morphy Richards, Product Reviews

It’s Innovators time here again at Morphy Richards, and we’re keen to show you once again which products our latest batch of recruits have been busy trying out.

We’re eager to share even more of their reviews with you, so you’re able to get a frank and honest opinion of our latest products.

Domestic Goddesque received the new Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron Diamond TriZone Soleplate to trial and she was particularly impressed by the Eco Steam Switch and its energy saving credentials. The blogger praised the fact the Morphy iron glided “effortlessly” across her clothes. And, “the easy-fill water feature [makes] ironing even easier”, she said.

The Comfigrip Iron also made its way over to Inside the Wendy House, who claimed to be a bit of an “iron novice”. She was impressed by the durability of the product and said the “turbo boost, constant steam and pressing plate work together to relax the fabric, tackling creasing and avoid re-creasing”. Overall, the blogger was impressed by the ease with which she managed to do her ironing – a very happy reviewer!

Being Mrs C, meanwhile, received the Morphy Richards Never Loses Suction Lift Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. The “suction power itself is outstanding”, the pleased blogger said, adding that the “lift away canister is a stroke of genius”. It means you have “all the advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner for the main parts of the house, but the convenience of a cylinder vacuum cleaner for the stairs”, she said. All in all, she was extremely happy with the cleaner – “the cleaning power is faultless and the flexibility of the design means that it works well in all home scenarios”.

The Morphy Richards Colour Boutique Kettle and Toaster set, to add a splash of colour and brightness to our Innovators’ homes, was sent out to several of our Innovators, and here is what a couple had to say. received  the kettle and toaster in Blue Sparkle and she loved the fact the kettle had a retro shape and feel to it. “It boils quickly and is generally easy to use,” the blogger said, adding that it feels like a “well made, good quality appliance too.” “The toaster is even better looking than the kettle,” she enthused. The performance of it is good and “frankly we couldn’t fault it in use,” the blogger concluded.

Casa Costello opted for the Morphy Colour Boutique range in Red Sparkle for her kitchen. “The design is truly beautiful,” the blogger said, again praising the retro styling of the range. Her other half, meanwhile, praised the fact “the wide neck is perfect to fill up from the tap one-handed”!

If any of these Morphy products sound right up your street, now you’ve read the reviews, you should take advantages of our exclusive voucher codes to get great discounts. When you from the Morphy Richards website, you can get 35% off the Colour Boutique range with CB35BLOG, £100 off the Never Loses Suction cleaner with NLS100BLOG and 40% off the Comfigrip iron with BLOG6840. Just enter your voucher codes at the checkout to get your discount.

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A Big Welcome to Our New ‘Innovators’!

By Chris Bennett | 26/07/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Garment Care, Ironing, Kitchen, Morphy 'Innovators'

We’ve had a busy few weeks here at Morphy HQ, reading all of the great entries that we’ve received from food and mummy bloggers to become a Morphy Richards ‘Innovator’ for the next 12 months. Our ‘Innovators’ do a very important job by testing and reviewing our latest appliances and giving us the valuable feedback that we need in order to make them even better!

With the support of Sally Whittle and her team at the Foodies 100 (which Morphy Richards sponsors) and the Tots 100, we asked bloggers to submit an entry around the following, whilst looking for individuality, personality and great writing:

  • Top Tips for Housework…
  • Domestic Disasters…
  • Kitchen Inventions…

In total, we received over an incredible 130 entries – thanks to everybody that took the time to write an entry! We have painstakingly narrowed down all of the entries to 25 bloggers, who will become our new ‘Innovators’. Our ‘Innovators’ are…. *drum roll please*

Seasider in the City

Make It, Bake It

At Home with Mrs M

The Crazy Kitchen

Made by the chef

The Vegetarian Experience

Ramblings of a Suburban Mummy

Turquoise Lemons

The Five Fs

Casa Costello

London Unattached


Lavender and Lovage

Over a Cuppa

The Gingerbread House

Bad Fiction

Being Mrs C

Me and My Kiddywinks

A boy with Asperger’s

Knees Up Mother Brown

Inside the Wendy House

This is Me. Sarah Mum of 3


Domestic Goddesque

Slummy Single Mummy

A big thanks again to all that entered. Those bloggers lucky enough to be selected will be hearing from us via e-mail over the next couple of days.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be selected, worry not, we will be running a whole host of activity through our sponsorship of the Foodies 100 that you’ll be able to get involved in. Alternatively, we’d love you to sign up to the ‘Morphy Members Club’ on Facebook.

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