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Meet the Morphys: James Meddick

By James Meddick | 29/01/2013 | Posted in Meet the Morphys

“Hey I’m James Meddick, one the Design & Innovation Engineers. I’ve worked at Morphy Richards for nearly 4 years, predominantly in the Household Cleaning category.

The role has largely involved designing and developing one of the company’s most eagerly anticipated products of 2010 the Vorticity vacuum cleaner.

I studied my 4 year ‘Design for Industry’ degree at Northumbria University and throughout my career I have developed in-depth understanding of the traditional design process together with leading edge Industrial Design and Engineering skills.

I have a keen interest in product design and consumer electronics and find great interest keeping up-to-date with all of the latest technology and future trends. The automotive industry is a great interest of mine and I enjoy keeping up to date with new models and designs and pay great attention to automotive styling and equipment.

I’m also fascinated with films and special effects, especially digital animation and computer-generated imagery. I enjoy all sports including mountain biking, basketball and squash. I regularly attend the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

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House Proud ‘Innovator’ Review – Mummy from the Heart, Age UK Flavour Savour Slow Cooker

By Janelle Hardacre | 25/07/2012 | Posted in Product Reviews, Meet the Morphys, AGE UK

This month we’ve asked our Innovators to call on their mums, dads, grandparents and friends to test out products from our new Age UK range. Here, Michelle from Mummy from the Heart tells us what her mum thought of the Morphy Richards Flavour Savour slow cooker. Click here to see the original post.

Morphy Richards made my Mum a very happy lady just before Christmas as they sent her a 4.5 litre Flavour Savour digital slow cooker to try out and report back on. Mum is not much of a writer so she has asked me to write up her thoughts and I was also lucky enough to get a go with the slow cooker and to try a couple of meals cooked in it.

For ages both my Mum and I have wanted a slow cooker, so this was the perfect opportunity for us to try out a few recipes. The Flavour Savour is a really nice model as it has 3 functions: quick brown to seal your meat, fast stew to cook for between 1 hour 30 mins and 1 hour 45 mins and traditional slow cooking for between 4 hours and 11 hours.

Firstly Mum used the fast stew function to make a spicy sausage casserole. Firstly she used the brown function to brown off the sausages and drained off any excess fat.  Then all the other food got put into the same pot and the fluid put into the cooker  as well and it was then left to cook for 1 hour 45 minutes.  Once cooking finishes the cooker automatically goes into keep warm mode and holds the food at a constant temperature for up to 2 hours.


Browning the sausages


At the start of the cooking process


Sadly she forgot to take a photo of the finished meal but it was very good I am told!

Plus Points for the Flavour Savour Slow Cooker
  • Large steel cooking pan which is lightweight and easy to carry due to the handles.  It can also be used on a gas or electric cooker hob.
  • Stay cool handles on the pan and lid. The lid is also glass so you can see how your meal is cooking.
  • Simple digital display settings.
  • Cord storage in the base for smart storage.  You can also store the base in the cooking pan if you wish.
  • It has  stylish exterior and does not look out of place left out on the work surface.
  • Versatile that it can be used for fast or slow cooking.
  • Excellent browning function for meat and onions, keeping down mess and minimising the pans used.
  • Dish and lid are dishwashable and came clean very easily.
  • Easy to understand and follow instructions
I asked Mum the question we all want to know, what could be better or where was the flavour savour slow cooker not up to scratch and I have to be honest she could not fault it and could give me no reason why it was not an excellent buy.  The only comment she had was to shop around and find a good price as that would make it even better!
Then when I was down at Mum and Dads just after Christmas we tried out the slow cooker function and had a beef and tomato casserole A few more pictures for you:
Yet again we forgot to take a photo when the stew was finished and we had to take a photo of the last dregs once we had all eaten.  Do you get the feeling that we all like our food?
I have to say that the flavour savour makes a superb meal and with the very minimum of fuss.  I was really pleased, as was Mum who give it a 5/5.

The 4.5 litre Flavour savour retails for £89.99 and the larger 6.5 litre model is £99.99.  I have to say that the 4.5 litre easily made enough food for 6 adults to eat a good portion. You can check out the full specification on the Morphy Richards website or head over to their blog Home of the Houseproud for some super recipe ideas and great deals.

Morphy Richards have teamed up with Age UK to put together a portfolio of products that are suited to the older generation.  Making it easier for them to perform everyday functions that younger people take for granted.  Whilst my Mum is officially an OAP she is in fact a very fit and active woman.  However I am pretty sure that if my Nan, at 84 tried to use the flavour savour she might find the pan too large and too heavy for just her living alone. The super thing about this range is that Morphy Richards are making a donation to Age UK for every item sold.  I can heartily recommend the Accents One Cup water boiler that I trialed a few months back and then gave to my Nan.  I saw her just after Christmas and she told me it was a godsend at 4am when she can not sleep and wants a quick cuppa!

Many thanks to Janelle, who has been a superb contact over the last year whilst I have been aMorphy Richards House Proud Innovator.  I am enjoying working with such a great brand.

Disclosure:  This is a review post.


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Meet the Morphys: Annaliese Curtis

By Chris Bennett | 24/07/2012 | Posted in Garment Care, Ironing, Meet the Morphys

Here at ‘Home of the House Proud’, we like to introduce to you some of the people that work so hard to make sure that the products we bring to market are top quality and really do make your everyday household tasks easier. Today, we’re going to introduce Annaliese.

Hi, I am Annaliese and recently joined the Morphy Richards Marketing Team as a Category Consumer Manager looking after the Garment Care Category. What that means in non-marketing speak is I work on our iron and steam generator product range, making sure that we understand consumers’ needs through research and market trends and develop products that deliver against those needs and then tell people about them!

Morphy Richards is a household name and has been around for 75 years, so there is a lot of heritage and knowledge here. There is a lot of science behind our products too and they are all extensively put through their paces at our on-site testing facility, so the journey of bringing a new iron to market is very thorough and impressive. After 6 months here I have got a good knowledge of how our products are built and what makes them unique. It is a great place to work and you can see why our customers have loved us since the 1930s!

When I am not engrossed in the world of ironing, out of work I am a full time Mummy to my adorable 2 year old daughter and regularly find myself covered in paint or cake mixture as I help her create her next masterpiece! Aside from being a Mummy I love to travel and use my languages where I can. I speak fluent French and near fluent German, but there is not much call for that around the office! My favourite places I have visited are Malaysia, Switzerland and Borneo and next on the wish-list are Russia and New Zealand, although I might need to wait a while! I also enjoy going to gigs and pretty much once a month find myself at the local arena bopping along to some band or other!

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Meet the Morphys: Rebecca Holland

By Chris Bennett | 24/07/2012 | Posted in Meet the Morphys

Hey, I’m Becks and I am the new Assistant Category Consumer Manager across the Breakfast Occasions and Work Top Cooking categories at Morphy Richards… so basically working on all things in the kitchen.

My role within the team is to ensure that all our products meet our customers’ expectations in both performance and desirability, so this involves researching consumer insights, having an input on product development and then planning and delivering a marketing plan.

Currently I am getting to grips with all of our products in the range and new up coming product ranges with the help of a great team, I am not much of a culinary expert so I am looking forward to taking lots of Morphy Richards products home to challenge my self (and I will no doubt be expected to provide the boys with their lunch).

I love marketing and my new job is keeping me very busy but once the weekend comes you can’t beat a few cocktails with the girls and a chilled out day with lots of films. I occasionally frequent the gym and dance class, but this tends to results in a gossiping session with one of the girls … so it’s safe to say I don’t often break a sweat!

Once I have settled in I will report back with an update!

To meet more of the wonderful folk at Morphy HQ, click here.

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Meet the Morphys: Julian Adkin

By Julian Adkin | 21/06/2012 | Posted in Meet the Morphys

I’m Julian, my team and I are responsible for maintaining product quality at Morphy Richards.

I have been with Morphy now for just over two years, joining the home appliance industry from electrical power contracting, where I had roles in procurement and quality control.

My team work hard to ensure only the best quality products reach the consumer. We do this with a factory presence, pre-shipment inspections and extensive life testing within the UK.

My team support a purchasing policy of buying at only established quality suppliers and working with that small group to continuously improve quality.

When not working I have a busy home life with a family that includes a wife, three daughters and a granddaughter.

I maintain a golf handicap in the mid-teens and play social badminton once a week.We have a family obsession for the Nottingham Panthers ice hockey team and spend too much time and money following them around the country often ending in tears.

I support both Nottingham football teams, Forest and County getting to see them as often as I can.

I am Nottingham born and bred and still live there, this means that I have a two hour commute every day. The drive enables me to plan the day on the way to work and review the day on the way home… while of course concentrating on the driving!

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Meet the Morphys: Mike Shaw

By Mike Shaw | 21/06/2012 | Posted in Meet the Morphys

Mike ShawI am Mike and am the latest addition to the Morphy Richards clan!  I have joined Morphy as Category Consumer Manager within the Worktop Cooking category, quite a long title I know but basically I lead the Worktop Cooking team ensuring we are bringing great products to market that really meet the needs of todays consumers.  I was very excited to be joining Morphy Richards and have the pleasure of working within a company that is a true household name in the UK.  I remember Morphy Richards products in my home when I was growing up and was the owner of a Morphy iron before joining the company although it possibly doesnt get used as often as it should!

As you would expect I now have a breadth of Morphy Richards products that I am slowly starting to get to grips with.  Slow cookers, steamers and bread makers were all foreign to me before joining however I have to say how impressed I am with the depth of product that we offer and the real quality of products I am responsible for – Morphy has been going for nearly 75 years and I can honestly see why people stay loyal to our brand.

When I am not getting to know the ins and outs of my new range I like to spend my spare time socialising with friends, enjoying a good beer or three…I can highly recommend having a go at the Real Ale Trail for a laugh on a Saturday afternoon/evening!!  My girlfriend lives up in Newcastle so I spend a lot of time up in the North East and I certainly know the A1 and average speed checks like the back of my hand.  I also try to keep fit as much as possible, I go to the gym three or four times a week and enjoy running and weights.  I play five a side when I can and have recently been learning to rock climb in time for for next spring when I can get out into the Yorkshire Dales, Everest can wait until Autumn!!  

I am from the Wirral originally, which when I tell people is usually followed by ‘where!?’ and then ‘so your a scouser’.  I am well accustomed to this reaction having lived in Yorkshire since going to Uni in Sheffield, and I must admit the Yorkshire folk are certainly not shy in cracking out a rendition of Harry Enfield’s ‘calm down calm down’ at any given opportunity…all good fun!

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Meet the Morphys: Jamie Sellors

By Jamie Sellors | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Meet the Morphys

I’m Jamie Sellors and I’m one of the Design and Innovation engineers here at Morphy Richards. My focus is mainly Garment Care (irons and steam generators).

I love working at Morphy, it’s great knowing that so many people have a product that I have worked on and influenced.

I’ve been at Morphy for just over two years in what has been a 10 year career in product design. My general thoughts and manifesto (for want of a better word) is that “design is a tool that should be used to enhance life” which is why I feel right at home here at Morphy as the company shares a similar ethos to some extent. Unfortunately, I’m unable to tell you about the current project that I’m working on and developing, however, what I will say is ‘watch this space’ as it’s very exciting!

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Meet the Morphys: Karina Bacon

By Karina Bacon | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Meet the Morphys

Karina Bacon

I’m Karina and I work in the Consumer Engagement Centre at Morphy Richards. I’ve been with Morphy for nearly 4 years and since starting in June 2007 I have moved up in the Company. I originally started on the administration side of the business dealing with customers by letter/email on a day to day basis. I then became more connected with our customers dealing with them directly over the phone (so you may have even spoke to me), answering queries on the entire Morphy Richards range as well as placing orders for products and accessories.

I have recently become the Senior Assistant of the Home Trial Team ensuring that the products we launch are of high quality. I find my job interesting as I now get the chance to work more closely with our excellent products! I have to say my most favourite product at the minute is the Vorticity, it’s great!

Most of my spare time out of work is spent dancing. I have danced since being a toddler and really enjoy it. I take part in dance shows each year and have a Christmas show coming up shortly. I have previously taken part in Grease, Fame and recently Oliver and hope to continue my tours.

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Meet the Morphys: Dan Reeves

By Dan Reeves | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Meet the Morphys

Hi, I’m Dan and am the Category Consumer Manager working as part of what we call the ‘Breakfast Occasions’ team which looks after all things kettles, toasters, coffee and tea machines.

I’ve been here 18 months which feels like two minutes, but in part that’s down to the people I work with at Morphy who genuinely make it a great place to work.

My job is to take a lead role within the category team in delivering products based around consumer insight and trends, undertake research and develop marketing plans to support their launch. The most rewarding part of the role is seeing the products on shelves and the positive feedback we get which makes it worthwhile.

I’m passionate about what I do and always looking for new and different things that could work for Morphy which generally means I don’t switch off when away from work.

Outside of Morphy I like to keep myself busy with activities, learning new things or going to new places. Travel is a big part of my life and when I had more time to do so, I went travelling but now it’s limited to my holidays. There’s something about experiencing different cultures and environments that can’t be beaten – and it actually helps me with my work too (I really don’t switch off!)

After going to Uni at Leeds, I stayed up there and enjoy the trappings of city life but also love to get out into the great outdoors where possible to go walking but also keep fit with a fair bit of running thrown in with some squash and swimming.

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Meet the Morphys: Mags Siddle

By Mags Siddle | 20/06/2012 | Posted in Meet the Morphys

Hi! I’m Mags, and I’m part of the Marketing team. I look after the Garment Care area for the business – and have done for almost 2 years. 

Our Intellidome steam generator and the new-look range of Comfigrip irons are my most recent launches, and I’m infinitely proud of both of them, with their iconic shapes, fabulous colours, and superb features – you just gotta take a look!

Out of work, I’m a typical busy mum, ferrying the kids back and forth, helping in homework and music practice, but when I do get time to myself – after the housework’s done – I spend it in the garden. No matter the weather there’s always something for me to do, and it’s so therapeutic.  I’m not a particularly good gardener, managing to kill off a lot off what I plant, but I have managed to grow, harvest and eat some veggies this year, so a definite improvement!

I’m also a bit of a musician, playing violin & piano and in a previous work life was part of the Company band – entertaining the troops at corporate Fun Days and Christmas parties and giving groups like ABBA and Queen a right run for their money!

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