What's New on our Website

We thought it was about time we gave our website a little bit of a facelift and here are the results. As there are quite a few changes below is a list of a few of them to help you navigate round.



Product Listings


Product Details

We have improved the way you search for products and spares. You can now search for a using the product name or model number and using the spares name or model number. If you know the product or spare you're looking for you can see it in the search results and add it straight to your shopping basket.
   You can now filter product listings on a number of attributes depending on the type of product you're looking for. You can even compare up to 5 products so you can find the one best suited for you. If you find the one you want you can then add it to the shopping basket without having to look at the product details.
  We have added lots of new things to our product detail page.You can now zoom in to a picture, watch the product video, leave a review or even ask a question about a product. You can also see other products in the range and view the spares for each of the products.

 Register a Product


Check Out

We will now be collecting all our product registrations on this website. The benefit to you is that you can log back in at any time to see the date you registered the product, the purchase date and the length of the guarantee period straight away. We will also be automatically registering any product bought directly from this website so you don't need to remember to register at a later date.  More information about product registration   We have reduced the amount of pages you have to click through when buying a product or spare. Plus we now automatically register all products bought on this site for the extended guarantee when you check out.