Delivery Timescales during the Festive Period

During the festive period delivery time scales may be longer than usual. Below are the standard and express delivery expected delivery dates.

 Standard Delivery
 Express Delivery
Order Date Estimated Delivery DayOrder Time
Estimated Delivery Day
Saturday 17/12/2016
Wednesday 28/12/2016All day
Tuesday 20/12/2016
Sunday 18/12/2016Wednesday 28/12/2016All day
Tuesday 20/12/2016
Monday 19/12/2016
Wednesday 28/12/2016Before 12 midday Tuesday 20/12/2016*
After 12 middayWednesday 21/12/2016*
Tuesday 20/12/2016Thursday 29/12/2016Before 12 midday
Wednesday 21/12/2016*
After 12 middayThursday 22/12/2016*
Wednesday 21/12/2016

Thursday 29/12/2016All day
Wednesday 28/12/2016
Thursday 22/12/2016Friday 30/12/2016All day Wednesday 28/12/2016
Friday 23/12/2016
Friday 30/12/2016All day
Thursday 29/12/2016
Saturday 24/12/2016Wednesday 04/01/2017All day
Thursday 29/12/2016
Sunday 25/12/2016
Wednesday 04/01/2017All day
Thursday 29/12/2016
Monday 26/12/2016Wednesday 04/01/2017All day
Friday 30/12/2016
Tuesday 27/12/2016
Thursday 05/01/2017
All day
Friday 30/12/2016
Wednesday 28/12/2016
Thursday 05/01/2017All day
Friday 30/12/2016
Thursday 29/12/2016
Friday 06/01/2017All day Saturday 31/12/2016
Friday 30/12/2016Tuesday 10/01/2017**All dayWednesday 04/01/2017
Saturday 31/12/2016
Tuesday 10/01/2017**All dayThursday 05/01/2017
Sunday 01/01/2017Tuesday 10/01/2017**All dayThursday 05/01/2017
Monday 02/01/2017Tuesday 10/01/2017**All dayThursday 05/01/2017
Tuesday 03/01/2017Wednesday 11/01/2017**All dayThursday 05/01/2017
Wednesday  04/01/2017Thursday 12/01/2017**All dayFriday 06/01/2017
Thursday 05/01/2017Tuesday 17/01/2017**Before 12 middayFriday 06/01/2017
After 12 midday
Saturday 07/01/2017
Friday 06/01/2017Tuesday 17/01/2017**Before 12 middaySaturday 07/01/2017
After 12 middayTuesday 10/01/2017

* Not guarantee to be delivered before Christmas

** Could be delivered earlier

Delivery Timescales and Areas

We deliver to anywhere within the UK including Northern Ireland. We guarantee delivery of all in stock items within 7 - 10 working days of receipt of your order.

Spares/Accessories Delivery Charges

Our charging structure for delivery charges are as follows

Orders up to and including £10 - £3.58
Orders over £10.00 - £5.87

This is applies to the total order value in your shopping basket

Product Delivery Charges

There are 2 levels of delivery for products on this website

24hr Delivery
24hr Delivery is charged at £4.99
Orders will be delivered next day if placed before midday
24hr Delivery is not available for spares and accessories orders or orders containing both a spare and a product.
24hr Delivery is not available on Cookware orders
Orders to Northern Ireland may take up to 2 days

24hr Delivery Days

Order Day Order Time
Delivery Day
Monday Before 12 midday Tuesday
After 12 midday Wednesday
Tuesday Before 12 midday Wednesday
After 12 midday Thursday
Wednesday Before 12 midday Thursday
After 12 midday Friday
Before 12 midday
After 12 midday
Before 12 midday
After 12 midday
Any time
Any time

Free Delivery

Free delivery is available on product orders. This can take up to 7 working days to be delivered.

NB If you order a product and a spare or accessory in the same order you will not be charged delivery.

Delivery Address

As part of our measures to deter fraudulent credit card transactions we will only deliver to the registered credit card address.

Delivery Queries

If you have any queries relating to your order you can contact our Consumer Care Team, quoting your order reference number, who will be happy to answer your queries.