Yorkshireman, Basildon, West Yorkshire

By Chris Bennett | 19/06/2012 | Posted in Product Reviews, Vacuum Cleaners

Vorticity Plus Vacuum Cleaner

Pros: Good if you have pets, Hard floors, Quiet, Sea grass flooring
Cons: Small mats lifted
Best Uses: All floors

I have been using this cleaner for some time now and also have a Dyson cylinder cleaner, This is better for the following reasons it has more suction for starters I think it must be head design. I have some modern floor coverings sea grass in particular and it really does get it much cleaner than the Dyson ever did. It is heavier than the Dyson but I am mainly using this upstairs where the sea grass is. I also have two cats and the Vorticity picks up hairs better than the Dyson too its also easier to store and empty. Its a great cleaner for laminate floor boards Carpets and alternative floor coverings like sea Grass mainly because the head design boosts the way it picks up even without a spinning brush at the end. And it looks nice too and is very robust and well made. As you can tell from this review I am very happy with this cleaner.


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