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11/07/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Household Cleaning

Apparently, the UK is being invaded by clothes eating moths, or so said Flic Everett of the Daily Mail yesterday. You can read the full story (and grab some top tips for eradicating pesky infestations) here.

The common clothes moth, who will happily spend months hiding in wardrobes, letting their little ones feast on your threads, is enjoying a resurgence due to us heating our homes all year round, giving them a chance to breed in much higher numbers. Who would have thought?

A good, powerful vacuum cleaner can help prevent moths settling in under beds, upholstery and in wardrobes, and help remove eggs, but don’t forget to empty the contents straight away, or you could end up with a whole new infestation in your bag or canister.

If you haven’t already got yourself a superstar vac, then don’t fear. We’re giving one lucky Home of the Houseproud reader the chance to win a PerformAir Endurance Cylinder vacuum cleaner (pictured below). It’s got loads of great features, like a HEPA filtration system for allergy sufferers, a click-to-clean filter system and  hair and stair tool for picking up human and pet hair effectively.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply upload a picture of your current vacuum cleaner to our Facebook page, and one lucky winner will be selected at random on Tuesda 7th June. Good luck!

P.S. There’s more good news: if you’re not lucky enough to win, then there’s 25% this model on the Morphy Richards website until the end of the month.

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