Win a Flavour Savour….. and enter our ‘£4 Slow Cooker Challenge’

By Chris Bennett | 06/08/2012 | Posted in Kitchen

To celebrate the launch of our ‘£4 Slow Cooker Challenge’, we’ve got one of our fantastic Flavour Savours (4.5 litre) to giveaway to one lucky visitor to ‘Home of the House Proud’. 

At this time of the year, there’s nothing better than enjoying hearty, wholesome food to warm you up.  Slow cooking is one of the healthiest and cost effective ways of cooking, allowing you to use cheaper cuts of meat and left over vegetables – the long cooking time tenderises cheaper cuts of meat releasing sumptuous flavours. What’s more, slow cookers use a lot less energy than conventional ovens, which means more money in your pocket.

Slow cooking is great for busy households – you just have to place all of the prepared ingredients into the slow cooker (depending on your Slow Cooker) select the time/temperature and away you go until the timer sounds. Slow cooking is so convenient, you can set it off on a morning before work and a delicious meal will be ready for dinner by the time you return in the evening.

If you regularly use a slow cooker or think slow cooking sounds right up your street, we’ve got a tasty treat for you with our ‘£4 Slow Cooker Challenge’.

We want you to create a main meal (the main component) to feed a family of four using your slow cooker. Here’s the interesting bit, you can’t spend any more than £4 when creating it.

Because we’re kind people here at ‘Home of the House Proud’, we will let you have a number of ‘free ingredients’ that don’t have to come out of the £4 budget. These ingredients are as follows: Salt, Pepper, Herbs, Stock, Oil and Water (obviously). Think you’re up for the challenge?

Once you’ve cooked up your treat, it would be great if you could send us your recipe along with a picture of your dish so we can share it with visitors to Home of the House Proud’, please submit it along with your photo here or e-mail it to us at Please remember to state the cost of each ingredient when you submit it to us. If you’re a blogger yourself, it would be great if you could post it on your blog too.

From all of the entries, each month we’ll select an entrant at random to win £200 worth of Morphy Richards products, however, you must have fulfilled the criteria – the ingredients don’t exceed £4 and it can feed a family of four.

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