Why soup is perfect for you

30/05/2013 | Posted in Kitchen

Let’s be honest, nothing quite compares to the comfort of hot, homemade soup on a cold day, taking away the bitter edge and letting you drift away to a warm wonderland.

Want to know why soup is perfect for you? We’ve listed all the reasons why we think your Morphy Richards Soup Maker should become your best kitchen friend, helping you to keep any cold snap at bay with quick and easy soup making.



Soup is easy

First of all, let’s lay to rest the idea that making homemade soup is daunting and time consuming; with a soup maker it’s quick and easy. Delicious, healthy soup recipes are simple to follow, quick to create as well as completely customisable. All you have to do is add your ingredients, select your preference from chunky or smooth and voilà!

Soup is versatile

Whether you like it chunky or smooth, spicy or mild, hearty or light, the Morphy Richards Soup Maker allows you to make homemade soup your way at the flick of a switch.

Soup is healthy

The Morphy Richards Soup Maker allows you to control exactly what goes in your pot, removing excessive salts and fats. Healthy doesn’t mean bland either; adding your favourite herbs and spices to the soup maker creates delicious flavours with low calories.

Soup is mobile

The spout on the Morphy Richards Soup Maker makes it easy to pour your beautiful homemade soup into a container and take it to the office for a comforting meal during a hard day’s work. Alternatively you can put it in the freezer and save it for another cold day.

Soup is medicine

It’s common knowledge that soup makes you feel better when you’re sick. Whether it’s scientifically proven or not, we don’t think anyone can deny that when you have a cold or the flu, nothing is quite like a hot bowl of homemade soup.

Soup is perfect

Soup is a meal that brings so much to the table, all made easier through the use of a soup maker. We hope you agree the evidence is conclusive and soup is a perfect January meal.

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  1. Setomay says:

    28/03/2013 at 4:50 pm

    I do know exactly what you mean! I nrloalmy do it after I have done the school run on a morning. Things like this stew literally take 15mins tops to prepare and then of course you can be smug for the rest of the day knowing dinner is cooking away! Plus, once the monkeys come home from school, it is one less thing to do, especially when they the children are usually tired and at their, shall we say, trickiest'

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