Whiz through your ironing pile with help from Morphy Richards

19/09/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Garment Care, New Product

If you’re looking for the perfect leaving home essential for your youngster heading off to uni, Morphy Richards has the answer – its new Breeze Steam Iron with Stainless Steel Soleplate.

Every parent wants their children to look presentable all of the time and they’ll have no excuse not to make an effort, if you purchase this new, great-value Breeze steam iron from Morphy.

The iron is well designed and boasts 35g variable steam, so it’s still powerful enough to help speedily iron stylish shirts and dresses before a night out. Even if they don’t know how to iron, it has a 100g stubborn crease boost as well, so you can be sure they’ll always look well groomed when they’ve used it!

As well as coming up with a fantastic appliance that’s perfect for students up and down the country, we’ve also got a few top tips on how to iron to help them out – especially if they’re not a dab hand with one already.

  • When using a steam iron, always start in the middle of the item of clothing and work outwards, in an up and down motion – this will ensure a pristine finish
  • Check the temperature instructions on clothing before ironing it! This is vital, as you don’t want to burn a hole in any pieces of clothing
  • If you’re ironing something dark or a woollen garment, use a damp cloth on top of the material as this will help prevent any shininess
  • Shirts are notoriously difficult to iron, but if you make sure they’re almost dry – instead of completely dry – it’ll get rid of the creases more easily. If the shirt’s too dry to start off with, the creases will be even more stubborn and may even come back!
  • To really cut your ironing time, make sure you use a reflective ironing board – this will help to iron both sides at once. If you don’t have this type of board, you can cheat by putting some tin foil under the ironing board cover and it’ll also do the trick
  • Unsurprisingly, the best way of keeping your newly ironed clothes crease free is to hang them up immediately – make sure you do that straight away to keep away the wrinkles

We hope these top tips will help make your ironing experience more enjoyable and, more importantly, less time consuming.

With these tips in mind, your children should have crumple-free clothing for the whole of their uni lives! So what are you waiting for? Get the ultimate steam iron now for the bargain price of just £19.99 on this website

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