What type of ironer are you?

21/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Ironing World Championships

Ironing is definitely one of those things you either love or hate. But we’ve found that every ironer broadly fits into one of three categories.

Do you reckon you’re a green ironing lover, an apathetic amber ironer or a red ironing disliker? Why not take our quick quiz below to find out?

1) Do you iron your bed linen?
a) Never b) Occasionally c) Nearly always

2) Do you iron clothes just before wearing them?
a) Always b) Sometimes c) Very rarely

3) Do you watch TV in the living room while ironing?
a) Very rarely b) Occasionally c) Nearly always

4) Do you like ironing?
a) I really dislike ironing b) I don’t mind ironing c) I really like ironing

5) How much are you most likely to spend on a new iron?
a) No more than £25 b) Between £25-£50 c) More than £50

6) If you decide to replace your iron what would be the reason?
a) To replace a broken one b) Find one that’s easier to use c) Find a better model/more features

Mostly a? You’re a Red ironer. It’s safe to say that you don’t like ironing at all and as such try to whizz through your pile as quickly as possible, which can sometimes lead to unsatisfactory results! You only iron when in desperate need, which usually means ironing a garment at the very last moment. Red Ironers are also known to keep the iron on one setting – (high!) and leave it there regardless of what labels recommend. If you’re a red ironer, check to see if you’re using all your iron’s extra functions, as they there to help you steam through your ironing pile as easily as possible! Maybe you just need a helping hand, so why not check out our top tips on how to iron the perfect shirt.

Mostly b? You’re an Amber Ironer and a lot more in tune with the job. You’re usually quite organised with your household tasks and manage to get through your ironing pile each week, sometimes ironing ahead! You find ironing quite stress free, but would rather not spend all day at it. You’re always on the look out for irons which make the job as hassle free as possible.

Mostly c? You’re a Green Ironer and you can’t get enough of it! Or perhaps it’s the fact that you live in a larger household and you have a truly mountainous pile to get through each week. You’re particularly house-proud, wanting everything to look neat and tidy and you even go as far as ironing your bed linen. Green Ironers tend to be older women who can quite often be found ironing in front of the TV.

So, what was your result? Let us know!

All you green ironers are prime candidates for the quality of finish category of our online video competition The World Ironing Championships. Red ironers who are used to hurriedly ironing on a morning before work should have a go at the quickest shirt category or if you want to make ironing a bit more interesting why not have a go at the style and flair category! There is £500 to be won for each category as well as three money-can’t-buy golden irons. Find out how to enter here. Good luck!

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