Warm up with Morphy this winter

18/12/2012 | Posted in Electric Blankets

It’s time to face the facts. We are in the middle of December, and unfortunately that means that we're going to have unreasonably cold weather for a substantial period of time. Regrettably, we have no say in the matter!

Luckily for you, Morphy Richards have a number of heated blankets and throws that can help you keep warm in a toasty bed in the cold, winter months and not have to worry about the cold outside.



Morphy Richards Heated Underblankets are a fantastic way of guaranteeing a warm and cosy night’s rest, even with the wind rattling the windows outside. They have a number of different heat levels so you can get the temperature just right, and even have features that allow for extra feet warmth. That means there’s no need to wear your warmest socks in bed anymore! They are also machine and tumble dry safe, so you can safely wash them without worry.



If an underblanket isn’t for you for whatever reason, then why not try a Morphy Richards heated mattress cover? Again, with four different temperature settings then you’re unlikely to go wrong, allowing you to tweak the heat depending on just how cold it is outside the duvet.  The ultra-thin wires are also so inconspicuous that you won’t know they’re even there whilst you are snoozing away.

Don’t just put up with the cold in bed this winter, take some action with an electric blanket. Check out our range of heated blankets and mattress covers on our website here

Make sure you have a great night’s sleep this winter with Morphy Richards. Also, make sure to visit our Xmas Smart Ideas Facebook application for some exclusive discounts on Morphy Richards products just ahead of Christmas. Click here to visit the page.

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