Walker or Spreader. The perfect vacuuming technique

21/05/2013 | Posted in Floor Care

Taking good care of your carpet not only significantly extends its life, but controls the build-up of dust which can lead to allergens. That does beg the question though, what is the best technique?  Walking behind? Spreading from one point? Backwards?  Forwards? Here are our top tips to getting the most out of your vacuum:


1) Quickly push and slowly pull:
Most vacuums clean better on the backstroke, around 4 times better. Therefore to maximise your cleaning go faster forwards and slower when pulling back.

2) Vary your angles:
Avoid vacuuming in straight lines, changing up the angles ensures the pile is opened removing as much dirt as possible.

3) High footfall areas:
Keep on top of high footfall areas by vacuuming daily to prevent dirt becoming deeply trodden.

4) Plan your route:
Avoid walking over areas you have just vacuumed, sounds obvious but isn’t always easy – plan your exit route.

5) Never Loses Suction:
Our Never Loses Suction vacuum doesn’t lose suction as the vacuum fills like normal vacuums.  It works at maximum efficiency from start to finish.

6) HEPA Filters:
HEPA filters, like the ones in our Never Loses Suction vacuum, ensure that dust and dirt stay in the canister and are not emitted back into the atmosphere, preventing dirt from resettling.  

As well as the Never Loses Suction Complete Clean Vacuum Cleaner, Morphy Richards have a range of vacuum cleaners to suit any household. For more information or even to buy, please visit our website.

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