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20/06/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Product Reviews, Vacuum Cleaners

We recently made contact with writer, artist and top Mummy Blogger Josie George after she had an accident with her vacuum cleaner, and sent her a Vorticity to try out and review. You can read the orginal post here, but this is what she thought:

I had always wondered what I would do in a time of really great crisis. I guess you can never quite predict your own coping mechanisms when faced with a situation you haven’t experienced before.

Turns out, when I’m REALLY stressed? I clean. A lot.

I know. I’m as surprised as you are quite frankly. Ironic I would turn into the world’s greatest housewife NOW isn’t it?

Now this is absolutely the last review post for a while as I made a promise a while back that I would only review things that I absolutely needed or that would be a treat for Kai, but I have been lucky enough to have been given some much-needed replacement things lately and this is one of them.

This story begins with a silly tweet in which I complained that my vacuum cleaner had punched me in the face. And it had, left a bruise and everything, but that will teach me for trying to over-enthusiastically extend a stiff attachment on a cheapy £20 vacuum (Edit: all innueundo absolutely accidental there).

Enter the rather clever and opportunistic @MRLoveYourHome, representing Morphy Richards, offering to give me a fancy new one to save me a future black eye. It’s worth noting here that Morphy Richards managed a really great bit of blogger outreach here. Tom from MR had obviously been following my blog for a while and knew enough about my lifestyle to tailor his pitch sensitivily. Plus, his tweet made me laugh which is always a winner in my book. So 10/10 Tom.

Anyway, enter into my life the Vorticity – a rather cool looking white and orange vaccuum cleaner with a unique floorhead that features 22 mini cylcones that make it extra sucky and a HEPA filtration system.


Now, I was all set for me and Kai to make a video of the awesomeness that is my new best friend and partner in stress-busting cleanathons, but I had forgotten that Kai is mortally afraid of vacuum cleaners (and food processors) so after a few screamy attempts I have had to give up and write this review instead.

And, well, I love it! It’s looks cool and is very nippy with the swivel head negotiating round all of the house’s nooks and crannies and under furniture easily. My favourite thing is that because of the way the suction works, it automatically adjusts when you move from carpet to laminate, which is handy in my house as I have both. It’s bagless, which means it keeps its suction and is very easy to empty and clean. It comes with two attachments, the brush tool is fab for the stairs, although the whole unit is quite heavy so takes a bit of arm strength to hold as you do it. It’s good and robust too which makes you feel less guilty when you’ve bounced it off the skirting boards a few times.

The weight would be my only criticism really, along with the fact that it seems to work loads better on laminate than on my rather old and notoriously difficult to vacuum carpets. But the fact that my house is spotless says an awful lot. The fact that it’s so easy to use means I actually USE it. And, well that’s a first for me.

So thanks Morphy Richards.

The Vorticity retails at about £199 and you can watch a video made by the Morphy Richards team featuring its main features here.

I would encourage to have a quick look at MR’s online community featuring recipes, cleaning tips, competitions and opportunities for community involvement.

A big thanks goes out to Josie for such a kind review. We’d encourage all Morphy Richards customers to have a read of her blog and follow her tweets here, whether your a mother or not. She runs a weekly writing workshop on her blog which is really useful resource for anyone looking to get into that area, and it’s an all round lively, amusing read.

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