Vorticity gives Mummy Reviews team a pleasant surprise

03/07/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Product Reviews

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They recently put our Vorticity vacuum cleaner to the test and this is what they thought. You can read Alex’s original review post by clicking here

The Morphy Richards Vorticity is a bit of a change for us at Mummy Reviews Towers. We’ve been using a Miele Cat & Dog (or rather “Child detrius”) for the last 6 years, so when Morphy Richards offered us a Vorticity to review, we jumped at the chance.

The Vorticity uses a cunning head with 22 mini cyclones in it for superb deep cleaning but uniquely it doesn’t weld itself to the carpet with the power of it’s suction. This means we can clean our rug without having to weigh it down with a child at each end because the Vorticity doesn’t suck it up.

It’s a bag-less cleaner, which is great for us since with two little kids we’re forever changing bags on our existing vacuum. With this one, all we have to do is empty it out over the bin.

There are plenty of other good features too. The pole is telescopic, so it extends easily for taller people to use. In fact the word easily applies to quite a lot of the features of the Vorticity. It’s very easy to assemble from the box, the buttons are easily operated as they are big and chunky with an audible click when pressed and as its very light, its easy to drag around after you.

If I had to pick out one shortcoming, it would be that the very clever head doesn’t clean right up to the edge. This is probably due to the technology but what it does mean is you have to take the head off to clean right up against the wall. It’s by no means a deal breaker but does make cleaning a little more fiddly than it has to be.

That’s a small niggle though, other than that we’ve been very pleasantly surprised with our Morphy Richards Vorticity. It’s smart, stylish, sucks up dirt like nobodies business but leaves the rugs and fittings where they belong in the process. I would recommend this cleaner for even heavy duty cleaning. It sucks up cornflakes like there’s no tomorrow!

A quick look on Google does reveal a number of different models. We reviewed the Vorticity with a model number of 71083, should you want to look further.

To learn more about the Vorticity’s features and benefits, you can visit the product’s dedicated microsite, or if you fancy  purchasing one online, click here to visit the Morphy Richards website.

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