twinmummy1, Essex

By Chris Bennett | 19/06/2012 | Posted in Product Reviews

Pros: Easy to use, Large size for families, Looks great, One pot cooking, Several functions, Very easy to clean
Cons: Can spit when simmering

The easiest, most versatile slow cooker that I have had :-)

Base stores within the pan so it doesn’t take up too much cupboard space but looks good enough to have out on the worktop all the time if you wish.

I use it mostly for casseroles and soups and love the fact that it can be cooked from start to finish in this pan — the browning function is inspired!

Only gripe is that when using it on the simmer function the lid lifts with the steam and it can spit — easily remedied by putting the lid on leaving a small space for steam to escape as you would with a saucepan on the hob.  I love it and use it almost daily!!

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