Turkey & Pasta Bake with Roasted Vegetables & Rustic Wholemeal Bread – Home Made Cook of the Year Recipe

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Over the last couple of days, we’ve had a great entry to our ‘Home Made Cook of the Year’ competition from Mrs Jill Wade (from Surrey). Jill has sent us a recipe for her favourite Turkey & Pasta Bake with Roasted Vegetables & Rustic Wholemeal Bread; you can see the entry below. The recipe came to £7.50 and Jill read about ‘Home Made Cook of the Year’ in Diabetes UK’s latest edition of Balance.

Ingredients for Rustic Wholemeal Bread (makes 4 small loaves)

100g x Wholemeal Bread Flour

100g x White Bread Flour

100g x Seeds & Grains Granary Bread Flour

2x Tsp Dried Yeast

2x Tbsp Pumpkin Seeds

2x Tbsp Sunflower Seeds

2x Tbsp Sesame Seeds

1x Tsp Salt

300ml x Warm Water

Poppy Seeds to Decorate


  • Make bread dough (in breadmaker if available) – after 2nd proving, divide into four rustic shaped loaves on a baking tray
  • Wash with warm water and sprinkle with poppy seeds
  • Cover with tea towel for final rising, then bake in hot oven (200c fan) for approx. 20 minutes

Ingredients for Roasted Vegetables

500g x Butternut Squash

4x Medium Parsnips

4x Medium Carrots

½ x Red Pepper

3x Red Onions

8x Garlic Cloves

Sunflower or Olive Oil

Rosemary Sprigs (from garden)

Salt & Pepper

Paprika to Sprinkle


  • Peep parsnips, scrub carrots and cut into fingers. Cover with cold salted water and bring to the boil. When cooked through, drain the vegetables
  • Cut onions, pepper and butternut squash into chunks and spread onto a baking tray with plenty of sunflower/olive oil. Add the other vegetables and make sure everything is coated well with oil. Season with salt & pepper, paprika and intersperse with rosemary sprigs
  • Roast in hot oven (200c fan) for 30 – 40 minutes, turning occasionally to make sure parsnips crisp
  • Squeeze garlic cloves and remove garlic cloves and rosemary sprigs before serving

Ingredients for Pasta Bake

300g x Penne Pasta

1x Red Onion

300g x Unsmoked Bacon Rashes

350g x Turkey Breast Fillet

2x Tbsp Plain Flour

Black Pepper

Fresh Thyme (from garden)

1x Stock Cube

25g x Butter

300ml x Skimmed Milk

75g x Grated Cheese

1x Slice (or crust) Wholemeal Bread (made into breadcrumbs)


  • Cover penne pasta with plenty of salted boiling water, return to simmer then switch off and leave to swell for approx. 10 minutes
  • Chop onion finely and soften chopped bacon rashes in large covered sauté pan on a medium heat
  • Cut turkey breast into small pieces then coat in plain flour with a good measure of black pepper and thyme leaves – but no salt. Add a little sunflower oil to the pan if necessary then sauté turkey pieces until flour is absorbed and edges of turkey pieces are beginning to brown
  • Crumble stock cube over meat and add boiling water to cover, stirring to mix in and simmer gently for approx. 5 minutes
  • Melt butter in a jug in the microwave; add flour and milk (but no seasoning). Heat and whisk thoroughly to make up thin béchamel sauce – add to meat in pan – then check seasoning – probably will not need any salt, but may need more black pepper
  • Drain pasta and combine with meat in sauce and transfer baking dish. Sprinkle over ½ cheese then breadcrumbs, then rest of cheese
  • Bake in hot oven (200c fan) for approx 20. mins to heat through and crisp topping

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