The Benefits of Homemade Soup…


Eating SoupIf you’re a regular visitor to ‘Home of the House Proud‘ then you’ll know that we launched our Soup Maker earlier this week (you can read more about the Morphy Richards Soup Maker here). Today we thought we’d tell you why eating fresh soup is so great – it tastes fantastic, costs so little, and is good for you, it’s really hard to fault it to be honest!

Scratch it!

Scratch cooking is the best way to prepare healthy, wholesome food that the entire family loves. It gives you complete control over the food you eat, because it involves cooking from the most basic ingredients and helps you avoid all the preservatives, flavourings, and other nasties found in processed foods.

Batch it!

Batch cooking is great because it allows you to cook up a batch of wholesome food, and pack it away in meal-sized portions that can be refrigerated or frozen, locking away all the taste and nutrients ready to enjoy later in the week.

Don’t waste it!

In the UK we waste up to 8.3 million tonnes of food every year, most of which could have been eaten. Whether it’s forgotten chicken from Sunday lunch, or a lonely tomato tucked away at the back of the fridge, you can always rustle-up a fantastic homemade soup recipe using the leftover food loitering around your kitchen that would normally go to waste.

Soup Nutrition

Homemade soup couldn’t be better for you, and depending on the recipe, can provide a full range of health-giving nutrients including vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate and fibre. But best of all, homemade soup is simply delicious! For an extra vitamin and mineral boost with added fibre, why not include locally-sourced, fresh seasonal vegetables? You can even supercharge your soup with slow-release carbohydrates by including pre-cooked whole-wheat pasta pieces in the recipe.

Soup Maker

If you want to treat yourself to the Morphy Richards Soup Maker, we’re offering you the chance to pre-order (we’re currently out of stock) the new Soup Maker at a discounted price of only £64.99. Simply call the Morphy Richards Consumer Engagement Centre on 0844 871 0960 and quote promotional code DOL2135.

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