Tested by Nans – Comfigrip is tried and tested by our house-proud friend

21/06/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Product Reviews

Our new honorary house-proud friend, busy working Mummy and blogger Glowstars, has enlisted the help of her Nan to give Comfigrip a thorough road test. Have a read of her thoughts here, and make sure to check out her fab blog if you get the chance!

Despite being their House-Proud Special Project, Morphy Richards thought it was worthwhile sending me one of their Comfigrip Eco Steam Irons (£69.99) to review. I paled at the thought and sent it to Nan; surely she’d be the better expert on ironing? After all, she’s been doing it for much longer than me.

The Morphy Richards Comfigrip Eco Steam uses TriZone Soleplate Technology; that’s a bit technical for me so instead I’ll tell you that “designed to effortlessly remove tough creases giving a pristine look every time.” It also has an Eco Steam Switch which is supposed to allow up to 23% energy saving whilst ironing. It’s also no-drip, anti-scale and has an auto-standby safety feature. I’m guessing these are all good things to have in an iron. I personally wouldn’t have a clue!

We like

The Comfigrip Eco Steam has a 3m power cord. It might not seem like anything special but I’m constantly scrabbling for a spare extension lead on the rare occasions I actually do some ironing. I can never find one and end up squished into a corner to be close enough to the wall plug.

The water tank has been designed to be easy to fill and it really is – almost like putting a funnel in the top of your iron. The tank is larger than your regular iron meaning you don’t have to fill it as often. It also utilises a no-drip system so that if you use the iron before it reaches the set temperature it won’t leak.

The Comfigrip Eco Steam also has a smooth glide and ironed even cotton pretty well on a medium setting. From my point of view this is a dream; my previous iron was about as effective as a pair of straightening irons from down the market!

For someone as forgetful as me (and more to the point, easily distracted) the auto-standby feature is a godsend. After a minute’s idleness face down (just about long enough to scream at the kids to stop fighting) or eight minutes on its heel (a nappy explosion) the Comfigrip Eco Steam will shut off. It even has an alarm to beep at you! Nan said that she thought it was too quiet to really be noticed and I was all prepared to book her for an appointment with an audiologist until I left the iron on and realised she was probably right. A nice idea but don’t rely on it, the auto-shut off works much better in the execution.

We don’t like

It’s heavy. Of course if you think back to the cast iron irons of old then really, the Comfigrip Eco Steam is amazingly light, but for an older person or someone who’s not so strong, it’s possibly not a good feature. I’m used to lugging around heavy weights (TB still insists on being carried up the stairs to bed!) but even I noticed the weight of the Comfigrip Eco Steam. That said, if this is the only bad thing we can say about it, the iron can’t be bad.

At £69.99 The Comfigrip Eco Steam is pricey, but you’re getting a great iron and wonderfully pressed clothes for the price. It’s definitely made ironing quicker and easier for me. That doesn’t mean I’m going to increase the amount I do though.

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