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This week has been the hottest of the year so far, and with the unpredictable nature of British weather we can’t guarantee that it will get any hotter! With that in mind, we believe everyone should be making the most of the sun, donning their best flip flops and venturing into the garden for a good old barbecue.

Ensuring you grill your food thoroughly is pivotal to the success of any barbecue, so it takes a great deal of time and attention. This often means other parts of the preparation can get neglected or rushed, which is where we can help. Morphy Richards food preparation items, as well as our slow cookers can do the hard work for you, and more importantly help you to prepare delicious food and drink every time. 

Slow Cooking Ribs



If you fancy some tasty BBQ ribs, then plan ahead and get your Slow Cooker in on the action! Simply pop some pork ribs and a good dose of barbecue sauce into the slow cooker, add a couple of pork stock cubes and coriander and then let the slow cooker do the hard work for you! When they’ve been in there for 8 hours, take them out, add them onto the barbecue and serve. 

If you’re still struggling for space on your grill, you can place your corn in the cob in the slow cooker and save room for the burgers and sausages. Add with melted butter and salt and pepper and leave for 4 hours, then finish on the grill.

Tasty smoothies:



You could even make a round of refreshing smoothies for the whole family as the perfect accompaniment! The Morphy Richards Hand Blender is your dream appliance; simply find some fresh fruit, add in with any other ingredients and hey presto – fruity goodness for all!

If any of these products take your fancy, then they are all available on our website.

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