Steam generators – More than just an iron!

13/07/2012 | Posted in Ironing, Garment Care


More and more of you are deciding to plum for a steam generator rather than a traditional steam iron. But did you know that steam generators can do more than just help you steam through your ironing pile quickly? We’ve found that one in five of you use your steam generators for tasks other than ironing.

Although steam generators are often more pricey than traditional steam irons, the investment is worth it due do other handy uses they have in the home.

Here’s some of the other useful functions that you might not expect from Morphy Richards steam generators. They can…

Deodorise furniture – The powerful steam output can be used to get rid of nasty smells in household furniture

Steam curtains vertically – The steam generator can be held vertically to steam curtains and get a crease free look, without having to mess around with taking them down

Kill dust mites – Use the steam generator on mattresses and furniture to kill off dust mites which are commonly found in the home

Refresh suits – Instead of paying for expensive dry cleaning services, steam generators can be used to clean suits and other dry clean only garments for free in your own home

Iron bedding on the bed – Save time and energy by ironing your freshly washed bedding once the bed is made

If  you’ve never used a steam generator before, you’ll be amazed at how much time it can save you, and you won’t compromise on finish either. That’s why so many people that switch to a steam generator say they would never go back to using a traditional steam iron.

Check out Morphy Richards’ range of steam generators here including the Morphy Richards Intellidome.

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