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Many of us have put off the big clean-up and de-clutter in favour of catching the April rays  - we Brits need to make the most of any sun that we can get I suppose. In any case, we’ve put together these quick tips to inspire you to pick up your feather duster and delve into your wardrobe in the hope of domestic perfection.

We know that most of you don’t have time to set aside a week for an intense scrubathon, which is why our suggestions are designed to help you achieve maximum house beautification without crippling you in the process.

Preparation is key

First of all, here’s a few general tips to consider before you begin

1. Formulate a Plan of Attack

Before jumping right in there all mops and brushes blazing, take the time to prioritise which areas of your house need most work, and draw up a list of five, ten or fifteen mini-projects. That way you won’t get overrun and disheartened once you get down to the nitty gritty. To make it even more manageable (and super efficient), you might want to draw up a daily cleaning schedule so you can do a bit a day, and most importantly reward yourself afterwards.

2. De-clutter each area before cleaning

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to deep clean an area of your house while navigating old magazines, assorted bric-a-brac and kids’ toys, moving them from place to place as you go. Do yourself a HUGE favour by clearing out each area of the house beforehand.

3. Delegate, delegate, delegate!

In her guest blog post earlier this month, top author Danielle Raine emphasised delegation as one of the keys to a successfully managed house. So whether you need to bring in professional help for the really tough bits, bribe incentivise your children with pocket money or sweet treats, or get your partner to pitch-in in the name of matrimonial harmony, it could make a massive difference to the amount of time you spend and how well you do it!

No time? Blitz these areas!

Freshen up your floors and carpets

A clean carpet can be the difference between a snug, spotless living room and a dirty, dank den, and they can look particularly worse for wear after winter, accumulating months’ worth of filth and grime.

Around 80% of carpet dirt and dust is loose and can be removed with a good quality vacuum cleaner, such as our Vorticity. You should vacuum your carpets at least once every couple of weeks to keep dust and dirt levels to a minimum, and more regularly if you’ve got pets. A spring clean is a great chance to vacuum areas that you often overlook, such as under sofas, beds, in crevices and corners, in storage spaces and spare rooms.

A deeper clean is often needed to get rid of those stubborn marks and stains and many people use their spring clean as a chance to get their carpets shampooed, whether that’s done professionally or by themselves.


Your furniture is likely to have taken some stick over the winter too and, with all that festive partying, probably more than a few spills. However, with a little care and attention over one afternoon, there’s no reason why you can’t have it looking like it’s fresh out of the showroom.

First of all, take all your loose cushions outside and give them a good beating to remove any excess dust. Set them to one side and then use your vacuum cleaner to clean up any crumbs and loose dirt on the top of your sofa and all those pesky bits that drop down the sides of the cushions.

Use your cleaner’s crevice tool to get into those tight areas, and around the base of the sofa where dust accumulates. If you’ve got leather sofa’s then it’s best to use a soft tool, such as the Vorticity’s dusting brush, to avoid any damage.

Curtail your curtain dirt

Curtains are one of the things that are often neglected when cleaning the home, mainly because all but the most domestically efficient aren’t  in the know about how to clean them safely and properly.

They can be an expensive investment and you should give them a clean every year to keep them looking fresh and to prolong their lifespan. Make sure you give your windowsills, doors and blinds a good scrub too. When curtains rest against these surfaces, which are often damp, they can accumulate mildew, which can damamge the fabric.

Not all curtains are washable, but if they are, you’ll be able to use your washing machine (on a delicate setting) and iron them at home. Let them dry naturally outside, where they can be hung straight and iron them when they’re slightly damp, as you’ll get significantly better results.

So what are you waiting for? Give it ago, and let us know how you get on! Whether it’s a spring cleaning success story
or a nightmare experience, we’re all ears.

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