Smart gift ideas for Mother's Day

08/03/2013 | Posted in Kitchen

So Mother’s Day is round the corner and florists around the country are busy sculpting the perfect bouquets, but why not treat her to something that lasts, something smarter and something more useful? Below are a few smart ideas to help you find the perfect gift for her this Mother’s Day:

The Ultimate Healthy Cooking Tools



How about an Intelligrill Stainless Steel Health Grill for the special woman in your life? Perfect for grilling meat healthily, the Intelligrill comes with an in-built drip tray to make washing up easier, giving her the gift of time. The grill also contains an in-built temperature probe allowing food temperature to be monitored accurately throughout the cooking process, giving her peace of mind.



Whilst you’re here why not combine your Intelligrill with and Intellisteam, the smart way to cook your non-meat ingredients. The unique intelligent timer ensures that all your steamed ingredients are perfectly cooked and that the whole meal is ready to serve at the same time. The steamer is fit for the dishwasher, making washing up the thing of the past.

The Ultimate Time Saver



Slow cooking has increased in popularity and continues to do so, so why not treat her to the smartest ones available? Our two slow cookers would be the perfect gifts for her – the Sear & Stew and the Partition Pot Cooker.

Both products are innovative in their own right; the Sear & Stew allows searing and slow cooking in the same pot, ensuring all flavours and juices are retained with ease. Meanwhile, the Partition Pot has a unique divided pot which means you can cook two different dishes at the same time in the same cooking pot.

The Ultimate Heart Warmer



Nothing quite compares to the comfort of hot, homemade soup wrapping around you like a big hug. With the Morphy Richards Soup Maker making soup is easy, all you have to do is add your ingredients, select your preference from chunky or smooth and voilà!

All of the products featured can be purchased online on the Morphy Richards website.

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  1. Carole Gibbs says:

    26/03/2013 at 9:05 am

    I feel purchasers of this product should be warned that care should be taken with certain ingredients. For example, lentils can stick and burn in the maker and cause damage. Further, on three occasions now my soup maker has gone through the whole cycle, with no errors showing, and yet the soup is lukewarm and not fully cooked. Why? I feel it is hit and miss! My friend's soup maker, which I recommended her to purchase, has had to be replaced because one of the elements burnt out due to, again, lentils sticking on the bottom of the container. I was fortunately watching my soup maker and prevented this happening to me as I could tell something was wrong. A very expensive item that should, I feel, perform better. When it is working it is fantastic!

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