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Check out the latest review from one of our ‘House Proud Innovators’, Pippa from A Mother’s Ramblings. This month our crack team of mummy blogger reviewers have been putting the Morphy Richards Shirtmaster ironing board through its paces. You can read the original review here.

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My Sister and I are like Chalk and Cheese. Growing up I was blonde and she was a brunette, she is slender and apart from a brief period in 1996 I wasn’t, I liked school and she didn’t, she would have to wear dresses and the latest fashions and I would wear what I liked, I hate ironing and my sister doesn’t…
When Morphy Richards let me know that this month, as part of the Morphy Richards House Proud Innovator scheme, that they were sending a Shirtmaster Ironing Board out I panicked a little I mean I really hate ironing and it really isn’t something that I could really review properly unless I were to review it as a fake surfboard, or a high coffee table. And even though it was excellent as both and made a really cool padded shop counter in a game of shop with Top Ender and Big Boy I thought a proper review of the actual ironing benefits would be needed. Luckily my crazy sister (crazy because she likes ironing) told me that her ironing board was on it’s way out and so I was able to make a deal with her that she could have the new Shirtmaster Ironing Board in return for a review!


The Shirtmaster is bigger than the average ironing board (well mine and my sisters old one) and this is apparently really good as my sister started to jabber on about how it would mean she could iron the whole of a T-shirt in one go and went upstairs to get one of hers to demonstrate. She was still harping on about the benefits of the Shirtmaster when she came back downstairs, but by this point my eyes had glazed over and I just nodded a few times at her and started taking photos as she started preparing the T-shirt on the ironing board. As she is a skinny madam it was too narrow to fit on the square end so she put it up the other end.


My Sister explained how the less you had to move a garment on the ironing board the better, as it meant you would be able to cut down the time on ironing and seeing as she irons everything (tea-towels, underwear, bed sheets and of course clothes) and has three children (with a fourth on the way) this would be a great help. Kitty (that’s my sisters name) then went on to talk about how a “normal” ironing board isn’t really the right shape for ironing bed linen or clothes on, as the main part of the board isn’t really wide enough for lazy ironers (she looked at me rather pointedly then I don’t know why as I’m not a lazy ironer I just don’t iron ever) to just lay an item on flat as this one is. Apparently this is another benefit.

The narrower neck of the ironing board is good for children’s clothes (of which there are plenty at my Sisters house) and for waistbands and as I pointed out for her to stand closer to the ironing board with her pregnant belly. She gave me an odd looking grin and sighed “Yes Pippa that’s right” at this point so I don’t think that is a benefit.

My sister was obviously really excited about the Shirtmaster ironing board and kept smiling at me and the board and so I thought I had better ask some semi-serious questions about it. I asked Kitty to show me the other features of the Shirtmaster, she said it has a steel mesh which is good for when your using a steam iron as the mesh surface allows steam to pass easily through without creating a moist spot on the board’s surface. Apparently if I ironed ever I would know this could be an issue. The padded top which seemed thicker than other ironing board covers is from an underlay that gave a better surface to iron on and would stop the heat from her iron going through to the metal shirtmaster and would stop the mesh pattern from showing up on her ironing. This is one of those benefits she was harping on about when she went upstairs to get a top to iron.

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If you buy a Shirtmaster Ironing Board (and face it even I quite like it and I hate ironing) from the Morphy Richards website and give the code HPI1554 you get a 40854 Comfigrip iron worth £59.99 free!

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