Rosie Scribble thinks Vorticity vacuum cleaner is outstanding

03/07/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Product Reviews, Vacuum Cleaners

Top mummy blogger ‘Rosie Scribble’  (who blogs here and tweets here) has been putting the Vorticity vacuum cleaner through its paces over the last few weeks. She loved it, so much in fact, that she thinks it’s the best vacuum cleaner she’s ever used. Check out her review below or click here to read the original post on her blog

If Carlsberg made vacuum cleaners

If Carlsberg made vacuum cleaners they would probably be the best vacuum cleaners in the world. They would be a dream to use, they would suck up the entire contents of your carpet except for stray pound coins which they’d safely deposit next to the missing ear-ring they found earlier, and when the job is done they would make you a cup of tea, give you a foot massage and then prepare you a meal, from scratch, with only fresh organic produce, without you having to lift a finger.

The Vorticity isn’t made by Carlsberg so it lacks the ability to produce a hot meal; it doesn’t make tea, nor does it give you a foot massage, but apart from that it is exceptional.

If I don’t like a product, I say so. This. Product. Is. Outstanding.

It is without doubt the best vacuum cleaner I have ever used. It’s also the most expensive, but you get a lot for your money (and I have a 20% readers discount code at the end of this post).

I’ll buy a vacuum cleaner if it does the job well with the minimum of fuss and if it gets positive reviews. I don’t particularly spend a lot of time looking at all the product details but here are a few things about the Vorticity you should know based on my one-month experience:

  • It’s bagless
  • It’s very easy to empty and easy to clean
  • It is quieter compared to all the previous (albeit cheaper) vacuum cleaners I’ve used
  • It comes with a handful of attachments that help reach those tricky corners that often get missed
  • We haven’t tried it on pet hair but it picked up long human hair instantly and we’ve never achieved that result up until now
  • The head of the vacuum manoeuvres brilliantly and is suitable for all floor types
  • The Vorticity works by having two cyclones in the canister and a further 22 in the floor head
  • The results are excellent.

For those who do like reading all the product details, they are featured on Morphy Richard’s product page.

The main downside is that it takes up quite a lot of storage space, but that is something we can live with. It isn’t particularly lightweight but I didn’t have any major problems lugging it upstairs.

It is also expensive at £149.99 but I think it is excellent value for money nevertheless.

Readers can get 20% off the 71082 Vorticity Vacuum Cleaner by purchasing from the Morphy Richards website and using the voucher code RS8220 when you check out.

Morphy Richards has also launched a social community ‘Home of the House Proud‘ featuring recipes, product reviews, competitions and a list of House Proud Friends you might recognise.

We were sent the Vorticity from Morphy Richards free of charge to review. You have permission to hate me a little bit now.

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