New Mummy test drives the Vorticity

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At Morphy Richards, we love mummy bloggers, and it’s great to know what they think of our products. We sent out a Vorticity to busy mum and top blogger Carol Smith, who writes at New Mummy and her product review blog New Mummy’s Tips .

She took it for a test drive and rather liked it – this is what she thought:

I love twitter, I really do, you meet great people and get the best pitches from people!

One day I was complaining about housework (nothing new there) when I got sent this great tweet

@Caroljs If ur ever in a housework mood, we’ve got new products that could make life easier. Wld you consider reviewing this sort of thing?

OK so it’s not quite “we’ll send a team of cleaners over” but I was intrigued. The tweet from a very nice man who was running the @MRLoveYourHome account, which is the twitter account for Morphy Richards and their blog Home Of The House Proud

This is what they sent me….

Vorticity Vacuum Cleaner

The Vorticity Plus Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

This is what Morphy Richards say about the Vorticity….

At Morphy Richards we know people regard vacuuming as a chore. People have less time these days for housework, but still want excellent results. So we have developed Vorticity; a new spin on vacuum cleaners. With its intuitive and simple design it really does give our deepest clean ever.

This bagless vacuum cleaner comes with a groundbreaking floorhead which uses the power of a cyclone where you need it most. It uses the power of 22 mini cyclones to gently dislodge dust and dirt with ease. And Vorticity’s unique new head design glides across any floor surface for our deepest ever clean.

This brand new technology means there is the power of a cyclone where you need it most.

Apart from being on the heavy side (my excuse for not cleaning the stairs) I found that myself really liking this vacuum.

It is really powerful, its picks up everything first time which means no going over the same area. The head swivels slightly which means it vacuums right up to the edge of the wall without having to switch to the attachments. You can tell the difference when you move from wood flooring to carpet, you can feel the power.

The handle extends really easily and the head fits under my sofa perfectly which means again no taking the floorhead off and adding the attachments. I have never found vacuuming so quick and easy.

Other features I like is the handle clips onto the front of the vorticity so it keeps nice and tidy, the cable automatically retracts and is a decent length. The attachment clips on to the handle and doesn’t fall off!

It has a 2.75 litre capacity which is rather large and to empty it you just twist and pull the canister off and empty it, so simple.  It’s pretty quiet for a high power vacuum.

It’s not cheap at £219 .99 but sometimes it pays off to invest in decent equipment, and this is a good investment.

Would I buy it? Yes


Here’s a link to the original post on her blog.

If anyone else would like the opportunity to review the Vorticity, or any of our other products, give us a shout, either as a comment or by using the contact form.

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