Never Loses Suction vacuum cleaner is a hit on QVC

17/07/2012 | Posted in Product Reviews, Household Cleaning

Shoppers have been getting excited about our Never Loses Suction vacuum cleaner and it’s been literally flying off the shelves.

Don’t believe the hype?

The QVC crowd have been submitting some rather enthusiastic reviews, and we thought we’d share them with you, our loyal fans, so you can see what all the commotion is about…

One happy customer gave it a five out of five star rating.

Clean Start

Whow, Whow & Whow again – 5 stars arent enough for this vacuum Cleaner. My MR 2 in 1 arrived 10.41am this morning. By 11am I was vacuuming the lounge. Thats pretty good considering I suffer dreadfully from Arthritis and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I had already vacuumed through @ 7.30am with my existing vacuum cleaner which has now found a new home with my neighbour nextdoor.The quality of the 2 in 1 is exceptionaland not at all “plasticky” for want of a better word.
I rang Morphy Richard to register my Warranty and have now got a full 5 YEAR no NO TRICKS warranty.
Before I put the machine away I gave it a quick polish as it protects the finish and she how has pride of place in kitchen.

Another thinks it’s the ideal multi-tasking cleaner.

At last a lightweight bagless hoover

My house is on four floors and as I have arthritis lugging hoovers up and down the stairs was becoming difficult.
Not only is this hoover light and easy to manage, it is also very powerful and sucks everything up beautifully. I first hoovered with my old hoover which is 3 years old and then followed up with the Morphy Richards. The amount of dust in the Morphy Richards canister was amazing.
I must have tried most hoovers on the market, this one is not only lightweight and effective, but also much cheaper than my other bagless hoover of a well known make.
I think it is an excellent hoover, easy to use and good value for money
This customer’s husband was almost excited as her.

OMG I love it & 5 year guarantee included too :)

Never felt the need to write a review and I buy a lot from QVC ….. Having bought lots of vacuums over the past few years (incl one 3 months ago from the high street which has lost the power to suck up the smallest of things) I was sceptical about buying one from QVC. How wrong was I. My Mum had bought the same one a few months ago and told me how fantastic it was and said it was worth the money. So I bought it and absolutely love it. My husband loves it too which is a bonus. The lead is really long and the ability to detach the cannister and do the stairs is brilliant. One top tip – when you register on Morphy Richards website it currently says you have 2 years warranty. Contact them by email (via the link on their website) and they confirm that in fact it comes with a 5 year guarantee :) Makes it an even better purchase.

The Never Loses Suction vacuum cleaner is on sale on the QVC website for an introductory price £164.88. Click here to take a look at the product on their website or click here or here to read a more detailed blog post about it’s features and benefits.

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